Sunday Question – Are Things Getting Better, Worse, Or The Same?

Talk about your tough questions. Or maybe for some people this really isn’t a tough question at all. For me it is because I tend to try to view the entire world and not just what’s happening in my own life. Sometimes that starts to make me more cynical about things, which isn’t always good, but every once in awhile I’m surprised by my thoughts.

Not today. I’m of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten better. I’m also of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten worse. This obviously means I think things are pretty much the same. Certain things have shifted so that some are better and some are worse, but that just brings everything back to the middle for me.

What’s broken? Politics is broken. Religion is broken. Race relations are broken. Housing is broken. The economy is broken. The ecology is broken. The ozone is broken. The music industry is broken. Social mores are broken. Natural disasters seem to be happening with more frequency. And people are still finding both old and new ways to kill each other.

What’s working? Some people have finally had enough and are embracing their rights to self determination. Technology is getting better. Science discovers some of the coolest stuff almost on a daily basis. People can talk to each other all over the world, making it a much smaller place and, hopefully, gives us all a chance to open up true lines of communication without having to deal with the middle man, which has always been our governments. And blogging… strange as it may seem to throw it in there while we know about how many people have started and killed their blogs, is actually working. Even if it’s something we don’t want to see or hear, it’s hard to shut most of us up if we decide we really want to get our own version of the message out.

To me, maybe living a “centrist” life is just how things are supposed to go. We don’t get to get too high and stay there, and we’re never down forever; at least most of us. We all still have the opportunity to shoot for our dreams and about half of us actually see improvements in our lives. Even when things are really bad, like the earthquake in Japan, you see and hear so many miraculous stories, and you see people from other countries immediately offering help and shelter, and you’re reminded that at the worst of times we see some of the biggest hearts and minds.

Okay, I’m done; what do you have to say? And while you’re at it, would you consider this post as being controversial?

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Question – Are Things Getting Better, Worse, Or The Same?”

  1. Well, I would like to say that the world has changed but the reason for existence is still the same. It’s true, some things get better everyday and some things are getting worse. But for me, the most important thing in this world is our health and it has gotten worse. With all the latest technologies at our disposal, people’s health in general has not gotten better.

    1. That’s an interesting take, Anne, and you may be right. Incidences of diabetes, cancer and heart disease do seem to be rising, yet supposedly we’re getting better health care overall. Strange; I hadn’t thought about this before; great stuff!

    1. Thanks Val; one never really knows, but at least I was ready for it either way.

  2. I don’t think you presented this in a controversial manner and I would agree with pretty much of what you say. I do think that the economic and job situation in the U.S. is getting worse. I think the government is purposely deceiving us about this or they are using faulty data that make things seem like they are getting better.

    Also I think the laxness of morality and the greater acceptance of immorality is going to either cause a breakdown in our future society or cause a extreme reverse in the moral climate as more radically charged ideologies step in to take over.

    But overall for now things to seem good. Is it a lull before the storm?

    Tossing It Out

    1. Arlee, I’m not even sure we’re in the lull before the storm. It just seems to be either getting progressively worse or else I’m turning into the old curmudgeon that misses the old days. Sometimes I’m just not sure. lol

  3. No, not controversial, but topical. I prefer to call the current situation as being different from all my previous experiences and very interesting.

    1. Thanks Rummuser. It’s definitely different than what I’m used to as well, and I don’t like it one bit.

  4. Apart from the fact that Spring is here, everything else seems to go badly. It looks like the Planet wants to get rid of us, politics can’t helps and the economy is going down, not to mention that some say that a food crisis is on its way.

    I do hope that things will be better soon, we all need that!

    1. I’m with you, Mia, although I’d never quite thought of it in terms of the planet trying to get rid of us. lol

  5. It is really complicated question, probably you are right about the technology, but regarding anything else I am not sure. Many people in business are expecting things to start going better in the last 5 years. Currently I am doing SEO on 60+ websites for companies around the work and about 25 websites that are mine. Compared to previous years, sales have dropped dramatically and about travel and holidays, People are searching for a lot of discounts, before they were booking their vacation a couple of month in advance, now everything is last minute deals. I don’t know Mitch, lets think positive and be optimistic.

    1. We can try, Carl, but without some positive actions it’s just a pipe dream for happiness.

  6. The more we stress the Earth’s resources, the more our lives will be changed and not for the good. It has not been fun to watch over the last thirty years. A very short time but look at the population numbers in those years. Ever upwards.

    I do have to disagree with the number of natural disasters. We do learn about them faster but then they fade from our consciousness. Australia is still recovering from floods as is New Orleans from Katrina some six years later. Haiti is still devastated from last year’s earthquake.

    In the US, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and increase in numbers as the middle class gets the squeeze from too much government mandated programs with no funding. Heck, we can barely afford to fill potholes from this winter’s weather.

    I am not too optimistic lately. Yet, they still build new houses like crazy and Wall Street applauds companies who lay of thousands of employees. Something is just not right.

    1. I go back and forth on it all, Scott. Maybe it’s because our news is more instantaneous and overwhelming at times, but it just seems like there are more natural disasters in the last 5 years than there were before, and that’s something we can’t do anything about.

      As to the rest… I’m like you in my lack of optimism, and I don’t like that feeling one bit. It’s a horrible way to live, feeling as though you’re just waiting for the next shoe to fall. Motivation; we need some positive motivation, and some positive things to happen. Like Syracuse winning the national championship; yeah, that’ll do it. 🙂

  7. I think people are in general getting more facts thanks to technology (the internet) and that isn’t making things seem quite as rosey on the whole. I definitely agree things aren’t improving and I’d consider this quite controversial – saying things aren’t getting better!

    1. Thanks for your input Gary. lol Man, I keep wishing for better for everyone, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s coming these days. And I’m at a loss for any real ideas on how to fix or at least realistically address the issue.

  8. Well Mitch,
    Since you summed what happens to the world, I want to say that things are pretty much the same for me, although it seems that my country is going down more and more, and people (which have the support of the politicians) seem to steal more and more in even more obvious ways without caring.

    I know that every country has it’s problems, and nowhere is have, but what can we do if not dream of a perfect world.

    1. We can act here and there, Alex, and at least hope to take care of ourselves and our own little world. At least we can then say we tried to make a difference.

  9. It seems that many of the world’s problems happen because we keep letting a small handful of people push everyone else around. War and terrorism are perfect examples. Natural disasters aside, most negative situations seem to be caused by individuals, corporations, religious sects, and governments. Our ability to communicate through advanced technology should give the good guys the advantage — and it will, as soon as we figure out that being stupid and lazy is a bad idea.

    Your post is controversial, Mitch, because not everyone will agree on the answers. But asking the questions is a necessary step.

    1. Thanks for your contribution, Charles. You’re right for the most part, it is small groups messing things up for everyone else. It’s also a changing society whose mores aren’t the same as they used to be. I mean, even though we had guns as kids, how would we have ended up if we could have sat at home all day playing games on our TVs where we’re tracking and shooting people all day?

      Good thing I was ready for the little bit of controversy I generated then, eh? 😉

  10. I don’t think things are really getting worse or better either. Throughout history, there has always been killing, natural disasters, and economic problems. I think that the difference is now we have the technology to feel connected with these issues. If there is a natural disaster we instantly find out about it and we even see videos and pictures. Years ago we did not have the technology available to get this instantaneous news.

    While technology is great, I think it also makes people think that the world is going to hell, even though bad (and good!) things have been happening for all of human history.

    1. Not a bad way of looking at things, Keith. Every once in awhile I come back to that thought myself. After all, not only did parents kill their children in the past, but it was legal. But things weren’t so global in the past, and it also wasn’t as easy to kill back then either. As to the rest… well, I guess we’ll see.

  11. I don’t think your post in controversial, but then again, I’m not leery of stating my opinion on anything. I like reading opinions that differ from mine. Even if I don’t agree, it’s still mind opening and forces me to expand my thinking. I like your take that some things get better while maybe others are weakening and overall it still kind of leaves us in the middle. I hadn’t really thought about it that way.

    1. Jess, it’s what I do. lol In a way, it’s possible that the news organizations are hoping for the next “big” outrageous thing to throw at us because we’ve become immune to so much. For instance, it’s suddenly commonplace to hear about men who have fathered children with their daughters and it’s lost its shock factor so someone has to up the ante and find men who have fathered children with both their daughters and granddaughters, and I think I heard that one on the news. Stuff like that; the next story always has to escalate, and thus it seems like things are getting worse when, oddly enough, it’s the same thing only different.

      It’s still horrible stuff, though.

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