Sunday Question – Aliens; Friend Or Foe?

Today’s question might seem like an odd one, but go with me for a moment. There are a spate of alien movies coming. Some are going to involve battles with aliens. One of those is going to have aliens battling cowboys; I hope Harrison Ford knows what he’s doing. In another movie that’s a comedy the alien is named Paul, and obviously he’s friendly.


We have this strange relationship with aliens. Whether they actually exist or not isn’t really a question anymore; of course they exist. Whether there are any aliens that have actually visited Earth is another matter. There’s a lot of mythology behind this one, and many ancient pictures have images of alien crafts and alien-like people in them. Unless the artists were stoned all the time, or we just don’t understand the concept, it’s something that could keep you up for hours.

And then we have no less a mind than Stephen Hawking, who not only believes there are aliens but believes some time in the distant future, if we haven’t killed ourselves, we will probably meet up with aliens, and they won’t be friendly. His belief is purely scientific. Since space travel would take a very, very long time to get from one place to the other, even if we could travel at the speed of light (which some scientists, including Einstein, said is impossible, yet other science disproves), and that if an alien culture were to do it then they’d be looking at the survival of their species. In other words, they’re not visiting and going home; they’re coming to stay. And since they’d have the technology to get here, they’d have the technology to just take over as well; nothing we could do.

Of course, it could be us as the aliens, the culture that just has to go exploring and messing with others. I can see that scenario; humans just can’t sit still, and we do love a good conquering or two.

Still, in my mind I have this vision of something like the first encounter between the Vulcans and people of Earth. They’d been watching, they’re mentally superior, and they’re too advanced to just come in and take anything, even if they want to stay. Nope, this won’t be an Alien Nation or District 9 either.

And get this; every major government in the world has a protocol for how to deal with the first alien contact. And trust me, it’s not necessarily friendly either. Then again, if governments believe like Stephen Hawking, they need to be wary.

So I put it out to you; if there are aliens and they did come to Earth, do you think they’d want to be friends or do you think they’d just want us gone, as in Independence Day?

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19 thoughts on “Sunday Question – Aliens; Friend Or Foe?”

  1. I think that’s kind of hard to say. Quite honestly I think it would depend on the race of aliens we’d be dealing with. I think that there would be some that would be friendly and then some that would want us gone. I honestly think it’s unfair to paint all of the aliens with one paintbrush. Just like it’s unfair when we try to paint one race with one paintbrush.

    1. DeAnna, it’s hard to be unfair to something we’ve never seen, let along whether we even know whether they’re real or not. lol It’s just an opinion question after all; if you’re wrong, we’ll probably never know it.

  2. I know that you are a big fan of Star Trek, me too. I hope they will be friendly and share technology as I feel happy now and I don’t war with alien nation, but from a scientific point, I am sure that Stephen Hawking is right, Milky Way is relatively new galaxy, which is near the “possible core” of the universe. So I guess evolution have started earlier on other distant planets, which reminds me a sentence from one Japanese movie (again) which I watched about week ago – “If you’re always worried about crushing the ants beneath you…you won’t be able to walk.” Probably technology is very advanced and they even don’t use radio waves. SETI project was one of the biggest fail in the history of science. I think there was only one possible artificial signal for 10 years. Or may be the other point, we are very advanced creatures in the lonely universe.

    1. Carl, it is kind of a lonely universe, isn’t it? It takes a long time to get anywhere, and since, according to Einstein, we won’t really be able to go faster than the speed of light, it seems unlikely that we’ll have the opportunity to meet many aliens in our lifetime. Still, it’s fun to speculate.

      1. I think science is very close to “warp drives”, actually teleportation is done already with bacterias. Haha, I hope we will see them in this life.

  3. I kind of agree with the first comment by DeAnna above – We just dont know how many species of alien there are from how many places so like humans you could well have good and bad.

    As you rightly say in your article – anyone who has the ability to get here from afar will mean that they have access to technology we could only dream of.

    Putting the boot on the other foot, if we humans discovered another planet full of life our track record will indicate that the likelihood is it would be exploited, polluted and colonised.

    Whatever will be, wil be

    1. Peter, it’s a shame to think of us that way, but I think you’re probably correct. When it comes down to survival, we’ve already proven that on earth.

  4. Knowing how the world runs, I am pretty sure that in the event of a “first contact” our governments would screw up big time, but maybe I am just being pessimist and lead by countless movies showing exactly that behavior.
    When I said “first contact” I had in mind the Star Trek movie with the same name, I have re-watched it recently and I still consider it one of the best of the franchise, but I am digressing.

    1. Gabriele, that is a great movie. Not sure if you know this, but every country has rules for “first contact” with an alien population, and most of it is “shoot first and ask questions later.” So, we might not have the opportunity for a first “nice” contact if it’s left to the government types.

      1. Gabriele, we probably would if the Vulcans hadn’t been watching us and knew what to expect. Then again, there was the one episode of Enterprise that went just that direction, so one would never know.

  5. The way we are and our planet is, they would scoot back to their planet after one cursory look. They will know that we are killing ourselves so, why bother?

  6. I don’t think there are aliens out there, But IF they are, I would think they would want to take over the world or something. Maybe try to eat our brains.

    1. LOL! Tanya, that’s funny! I don’t know they’d consume us, but they certainly could consume everything else that’s on the planet. It’d be interesting to see if they could handle our winters.

  7. I have to think any civilization advanced enough to make the trip would know we’re here and that we’d put up a fight. It seems more likely that they’d look around for some suitable uninhabited planet, or one with life forms that are easier to deal with. On the other hand, we have the best junk food in the universe; that could be enough of a lure.

    1. Oh yeah Charles, I’m betting aliens would line up in droves for pizza; I know I would. 😉

  8. Hello Mitch,

    Like you I too think that if aliens would arrive to Earth won’t be peaceful, because if they have the technology to get here, they sure ain’t here just to visit.

    I always imagine that aliens will come, and kidnap people to do experiments on them and after they will know enough about us, they will mass murder us.

    Or an other hypotheses is that the aliens might control all the world leaders thus practically controlling the world without us even knowing, they could be among us (although I highly doubt it)

    1. Alex, I have to admit that I don’t believe in the experiment thing; that wouldn’t make much sense if they could just wipe us out. Of course, I say that knowing that if it were reversed it’s exactly what we’d do, so maybe I shouldn’t have that much faith, eh?

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