Successful Blogging Isn’t Going To Be Easy

Talk about finding inspiration when you’re not expecting it. I was checking out my man Iceman Baldy’s blog where he had a super short post I’m truncating titled Blogging Inspiration; trust me, the title’s much longer. Anyway, on this particular short post he has a video from a young man named Lamar Tyler, only about 4 1/2 minutes long, and that’s where the true inspiration comes from.

Lamar basically breaks it down in saying that it’s not easy if you want to have a successful blog. It takes time, time you might have to give to it when you’re tired, when you’re not in the mood, or when you just want it all to go away. You put in the time so that you will be successful, you will be able to quit your day job, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Goodness, all that in 4 1/2 minutes? You must watch this video! And of course let the Iceman know I sent you.

Obviously this is a principle that applies to more than blogging, but it’s kind of a good one. When I did my 10-hour experiment a week ago, I stated that it was only an experiment and that I’d probably go back to putting in a lot of time on the computer again. I figure that I really want this blog to be the best, and I also remember writing and saying that people have to be ready to pay the price for any real success in this world. Goodness, I remember that post also linked to someone else, Jacqueline Gates, who had a video pretty much saying the same thing.

When we feel put upon or depressed, when things aren’t quite going our way, that’s the time to really dig deep. Take your time to be depressed a bit, then decide that you’re going to rechannel your energies into being responsible for your own life. Think about the steps you’ll have to take to get where you want to be, then take your best shot at it. As it pertains to blogging, just do it. Don’t put off writing your articles because you don’t think they’re good; write them, continue writing them, and you’ll see yourself getting better. You might already be good but not so confident in your abilities. Go ahead, put it out there, Git R Done (yeah, I stole that from Larry the Cable Guy)!

And if you need help… ask.

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28 thoughts on “Successful Blogging Isn’t Going To Be Easy”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    Thanks to this post, I am motivated to still move on to realize my dreams and goals for my blog. Yeah, I feel depressed sometimes too when things don’t go my way, but after that, I get to think of the blessings that God has given me now and that cheers me up.

    Isn’t it weird when you wanted to write down a new post you can’t think of anything? and if you are not going to write you suddenly have ideas popping up on your mind? I sometimes don’t like that, especially when I’m getting ready for bed.

    1. Johanna, I rarely have writer’s block, thank goodness. What I don’t have is enough time to just write all my blogs and other people’s blogs, mainly because I still need to generate income elsewhere. I guess I’m lucky in one regard, not so lucky in the other.

  2. That’s an excellent video, Mitch. One thing I try to remind myself about is that I can always do more. The answer to the question, “Are you doing everything you can possibly do?” is always going to be “No.” And I guess it comes down to, are you going to let that discourage you, or motivate you?

    1. Charles, we definitely can always do more. At the same time, me being me, I like to guard people against getting obsessed with anything, positive or negative. That brings its own set of issues.

  3. Hi Mitch,

    I read a lot about blogging before I starting writing my blog, and one of the main things that I saw over and over was that for at least the first 6 months (and very likely more) you are not going to get much traffic to your blog, but if you keep writing and keep up your with your schedule you will inevitably get more traffic.

    I think that as long as someone has good content and keeps up with their blog, eventually it will get a lot more traffic, as long as they realize it won’t be easy.

    1. Good point, Keith, but of course part of it all is working the network, aka, blogging community. Because overall bloggers love being social and love interacting with each other. That’s kind of work, but it’s fun as well.

  4. He is right, There isn’t a job in the world that is easy and you can’t make it if you are not ready to dedicate all your time to your success.

    I can relate to coming home all busted and just wanting to relax, but having to work on my website, having to search for new keywords, analyzing the traffic and what keywords are getting the highest traffic. I think that keeping yourself psyched and reminding yourself the advantages of having and growing your online business is a good start.
    Don’t worry we will all MAKE IT!

    1. Great stuff, Alex. You’re right, it’s not easy at all, and sometimes it takes some long hours to achieve your goals.

  5. Mitch, thanks for sharing my post with your readers. Lamar’s video is a powerful statement and he certainly has a passion for becoming the best that makes you think twice about just how serious you are about your own success.

    1. Absolutely Iceman; I’m glad you found it. I’ve also shared the link to the video on Facebook, I like it so much.

  6. Great post, Mitch! I also appreciate your sharing the video of Iceman Baldy. I am all for succeeding, maybe not particularly in blogging, but in my business. But, I would still like to have time for my family. I know that the road to success is not easy, but I want to get there knowing that I was fair in delegating my time to what matters most. I want to have time for work and time for my wife and kids and time for my friends and time for myself. That’s just me, mind you…for other people, especially those without children, it may be another matter altogether. 🙂

    – Wes –

    1. Wes, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in blogging. Same as you, I have other things I’d really like to succeed in, but blogging is one of those things. It was motivational; we all need more of that.

    1. Glad to help give you encouragement, Ron. I’m betting you were already on your way to success beforehand. 🙂

  7. Thanks Mitch,

    The video is great and really high energy, something I’ve been working on so I don’t get that evening slump right when I’m ready to write a post. I rarely get writer’s block, but I do have to be focus enough to let the muse come through.

    Since I started my blog over four years ago, when I knew nothing about blogging and had challenge after challenge, I knew I’d found something I loved to do. Even when my site was hacked, and shut down for awhile, I never ever thought of giving up. This is my baby and I will continue to improve it every moment I have available, including late tonight as I first had to finish some work from my day job.

    Keep on posting.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. I’m there for you, Nick. And I hope others reading comments here stop over to your blog because it’s one I’ve highlighted a few times over the years as one that just makes people feel good. And if I can inspire you to find more of that great stuff, the more the merrier!

  8. I have left one of my travel blogs for quite a while and actually got inspiration from the first holiday that I have had in the last decade. I quickly wrote a dozen of articles, few used on the blog and few other for article marketing. I don’t know, this have never happened to me that quickly, but after a week, I see 100% traffic growth and quite nice sales from affiliate programs.

    1. I bet that felt good, Carl. When inspiration hits we all have to just go for it, be in the moment.

  9. You’re right Mitch; that’s a very good video. Anything worth doing is worth working hard at. But, as you said to Charles, we must avoid letting it become an obsession. Obession just isn’t healthy.

    1. It was a great find Allan, and I’m glad Iceman found it and shared it with us initially. I’m working on my mindset these days.

  10. I agree, it’s not easy to run a successful blog, but it sure is fun, that if you enjoy what you’re doing. So, this year i’ll focus on the fun part, and after that take a look at how successful I have been.

    1. That’s a nice way to look at things, Mia; that’s pretty much how I’ve treated this blog.

  11. This is a post anyone considering a blog or website should read, especially if they are going to start part-time while keeping their day job. Before I was able to do this full time I would come home and basically work my other full-time job. Now that this is my only job I put in 70+ hours a week. I think too many people read stories about people working three hours a week and getting rich and that’s just not going to happen.

    1. That’s absolutely true, Jasmine. You know, what I ran into was still trying to figure just what I wanted to market and how I was going to get the word out. I still haven’t quite figured that one out.

  12. Hey Mitch! I used to think blogs were for geeks and political pundits. Then I started one and I got hooked. Now I have to figure out how to focus on one or two blogs (I have ten). Great connecting with you here my friend! I’ll be back! May the force be with you!

    1. Thanks Roland; good to see you here. I have 4 blogs now, but all are on diverse subjects from each other so it’s all good. Still, it’s not an easy process all the time, as I have to sometimes merge my work time into it all. But if it’s worth doing, it’s worth figuring out how to do it as well.

  13. As we like to say over here in Nigeria, NO BE BEANS! = IT AIN’T EASY @ ALL.

    Lord knows along the way I’ve lost steam when it comes to churning out blog posts but thanks to my new multipurpose blog, I gaining back that steam as I’m practically not restricted when it comes to what I can write about on the new blog unlike my primary blog where I kinda boxed myself into the whole “make money online” thingy 😉

    1. Takes a load off your mind, doesn’t it Chuks? Some people can really weigh themselves down, and you’ve done what I’ve done on this blog by making it simpler. Still, even simpler, it takes a lot of work to get it where you want it to be. Congrats!

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