Subscribing To RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “really simple syndication”, and basically it gives people an opportunity to follow new content from websites or blogs that are often changing what’s being presented on the site. For instance, if you notice on the top right side I have a little icon giving people the option to syndicate my blog, so that they will be informed every time I write something new. I want people to subscribe to my blog so that my message will spread, but there’s reality that many people may not quite know what RSS feeds are.

The video below talks about it in a little more detail, as well as how to use it witnin Internet Explorer. I use a separate program that’s not associated with my browser called Feedreader to put all my feeds into, and it’s free.

After watching that, I hope you decide to subscribe to my feed; I won’t be mad if you do. 🙂 Meanwhile, I can’t take full credit for finding the video, so I thank Barbara Ling for writing about it on her blog.

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