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Like most blogs, this one has gone through a bunch of changes since the first post, which was pretty lame; heck, most people’s first posts are pretty lame. My writing style has definitely changed, but it also changed with my business blog. I tend to believe that, as writers and bloggers, we’re allowed to go through style changes, because when we’re true to ourselves, our readers can feel it.

I have some interesting plans for this blog. Some of the things you see on the sides are changing, or have changed, and there’s more to come. I plan on putting together a set of my favorite blog posts, and hopefully continue updating it as I go along. I’ve already mentioned in the last post that I’m putting together a series on writing a book and the rest of the process; the first installment of that series will commence tomorrow morning, while I’m at a meeting; talk about pre-posting. I will probably be putting together a set of all my posts that have some sort of video on them; I’ll need to think about that one a bit more. I’m probably going to be adding something called Scratch Back at some point, which does on the concept of a “tip jar”, where people can pay for a nofollow link on your site to honor your blog or blog posts while advertising themselves and their websites. Of course, I’m getting the idea of this one from Lynn Terry and John Dilbeck (man, I feel like I’m becoming a promoter for John; I think one of you other guys needs to do something special lol).

There’s things coming, and I figure this blog will always evolve. However, even before I hit my regular stride, there were some posts of mine that I thought were either pretty good or pretty entertaining for one reason or another, and pretty much no one except Sire (yeah, Sire got his plug also) saw any of them. Now that’s what friends are for! Anyway, I wanted to highlight here 5 of my favorite posts from early on that you probably never saw, along with 5 of my favorite posts that contained videos. However, when it came down to it, the videos were easy to do, but my favorite 5 has turned into my favorite 7. So, here we go, highlighting 12 posts of mine that I hope all of you will go and take a look at; you can even leave a comment if you wish to. And, along with some other things I’ve done, I’m thinking this is something those of you who have either older blogs or lots of previous content, should do from time to time. Sometimes, it’s hard for our new readers to know what meant a lot to you.

So, here we go:

This was an early post talking about How Affiliate Marketing Works

This was my take on the dust up that came about when Joel Comm released the latest version of Adsense Secrets and along with it came a continuity option that was hidden, which I was glad I read about before I went ahead and bought the book.

Before I started talking more about internet marketing so much, I asked the questionHow Far Are You Willing To Go For Promotion

Later on, I decided to follow the previous post up by asking How Far Will You Go To Brand Yourself> after attending a local marketing seminar

I wrote this gripe post asking Is It Easy To Comment On Your Blog after wanting to post a comment on some blogs and having them either wanting me to register to make comments or search all over the place to see if there’s a way to leave comments.

Of course, one can’t always talk about marketing online; sometimes you have to talk about offline marketing also

This was probably one of those important and oddly motivational posts asking people How Big Are You Ready For, because most people want to be rich, but many people really aren’t ready for it if it came.

That’s the serious stuff; stuff that wasn’t so serious includes:

One of my favorite TV clips of all time was Harry Belafonte on the Muppet Show singing Turn The World Around

I found this intriguing; people always learn things better when it’s attached to music, and that includes Rapping About Web Design

I don’t know how many people remember this little goofy kid who did this screaming rant that he filmed and put up on YouTube when Britney Spears was going through her meltdown phase. I’m betting that you would be just as entertained by watching this

Man, if you needed a boost in the early 90’s, there was no other song that quite got you there than singing 2 Legit 2 Quit

This last one was just so funny that I really didn’t have to write anything, because no one ever saw it coming

There you go; twelve posts of mine that I hope you’ll go back and take a look at. And even if you don’t, I figure I just gave myself some link love; I’d best not hear any of those comments about “loving myself”. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Stuff You Probably Missed”

  1. hi Mitch,
    I remember reading a blogger several months ago that “complained” that his best/favorite posts were not his most popular posts, so he added a listing on the side of his blog for his favorite posts. I guess you can’t control the tastes or wants of your readers, but I think listing what you think are some of your best posts is a good idea. It’s also good “internal linking”.
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Unused Gift Cards and Stores Going Out of Business

    1. I thought about adding something along the side, but I’m going to go the route of putting it at the top, in case folks want to go that route. But the concept of putting it within a new post works well because people do tend to get curious if you can present them something up front.

  2. Thanks Dennis. Yeah, I figured they might be more prominent up above than on a sidebar. The thing, of course, is always time, but I’m going to get it all done.

  3. interesting post — have been blogging for almost five years. Started as mainly yapping to the universe and never did intend my blog to make money — maybe that’s why my traffic is sparse LOL —
    will be back to read your book writing entries and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog

    Larry´s last blog post..Today I began a new journey

    1. Glad you stopped by here, Larry. Maybe you should do what I’ve done, go back and see if you feel any of your previous posts deserve to be seen again. Certainly can’t hurt, right?

  4. Great recap man!

    Tons of top blogs I have read place the crucial stuff above the fold – it’s all about visibility and as you post more things get lost in the shuffle.. having a “most popular” above the fold is a great tactic to recycle traffic downward through your archives…

  5. Good morning, Mitch,

    You can be my promoter any time you like! (grin)

    As you know by now, I’ve decided to delete the ScratchBack widget after trying it a few weeks. I don’t have anything against it, it just wasn’t working on my site and any widget I can delete speeds up the site a bit. (I’ll be deleting more badges and widgets in the next week or two.)

    I like testing things to see how they work for me.

    Now, I’m going to read your other favorite articles to see what I’ve missed.

    Act on your dream!


    1. Enjoy the reading, John. And yes, I knew you had discontinued yours, but I will be testing it at some point, just to see where it goes. Those of us who try to monetize our blogs are always moving things around, aren’t we?

      1. Yes, we are.

        If we don’t test things, we never know what will work the best on our sites and with our readers.

        It’s like Chitika and WidgetBucks. I like what they are offering and some people are making good money from Chitika. I like the local links on the WidgetBucks widget.

        But, Chitika just doesn’t work for me and my audience and, as you mentioned in your javascript article, too many widgets slows everything down.

        As a result, we have to try to do the best we can while wasting the least resources and still try to balance that against how our readers perceive what we’re doing.

        It’s all a balancing act, and all the parts keep changing.

        Act on your dream!


      2. Yeah, well, I hate that I had to get rid of Widget Bucks, but it just clashed with too many things.

        Chitika works for me because it’s not seen by my regular visitors, so if it’s a problem it’s only a problem with those few people coming through Google search, which is low. Though it’s still a couple of days early to be talking about it, seems my Google traffic is up to 12.7% from that 4% it was at about six weeks ago or so. I’m not quite sure what that’s telling me, but suddenly there needs to be kind of a reevaluation of things.

  6. Ah, that emotional trigger of the almighty dollar hit again, eh Dennis? Well, with that spike in traffic you got, it’s no wonder someone else decided the gravy train might not be such a bad idea.

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