Stepping Up Marketing Efforts

So here it is, the end of the month, Halloween, and I’m taking a look back at the month for only one reason; commerce.

Do you know that, not counting this post, I’ve written 47 entries this month? Man, that’s astounding! At this pace I could hit that magic 300 number by early December, with a shot at ending the year barely under the figure of once a day posting.

Now the other side; how much money have I made off this blog from product sales; zero. Okay, I haven’t had hundreds of thousands of visitors, ’tis true, but this month I will have had almost 2,500 actual visitors, per Google Analytics, and I’m thinking that’s not sure a bad number. Every sales class I’ve ever taken says that you should average at least one sale per every 100 people that come your way; I’m nowhere near that.

Okay, I said I hadn’t sold a product; I’m not really sure if that’s true or not. I did have a couple of folks sign up for the $100 Million Dollar Challenge, and one sign up for Tweet My Blog, but I haven’t seen any indication that any funds have moved into my Paypal account. But that’s it.

So, in November, I’m going to mix it up just a little bit more. Every third post, on average that is, I’m going to post some kind of marketing item, talking about a product that I’m an affiliate with. Now, how am I going to manifest that? I’m not quite sure yet, as I’m just thinking about it off the top of my head. But I figure that I’ve been doing this for almost a year thus far, and I’ve made less money off my blog overall than $100 Million Dollar Challenge, who just started his blog two weeks ago. By the way, you should check it out; he’s kind of interesting reading, I must say.

Oh yeah; I’m probably going to add one of those tip jar programs to the blog also, just to see if anyone appreciates certain posts enough to say “hey, I’ll drop that guy a few dollars for that one”; vanity, thy name might be Mitch! Oh yeah, I can stomach sales; let’s hope some of you readers can also. But don’t worry; the sales isn’t going to get in the way of my other writing, including some more personal stuff and something else I just want to share with y’all; check the next post.

Of course, if you’d like to help put a couple of bucks in my pocket, while possibly learning how to make some money yourself, you can always go back and read my post on 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day, or just click on “Buy” below. Happy Halloween!

20 Ways To Make
$100 A Day Online

by Willie Crawford

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6 thoughts on “Stepping Up Marketing Efforts”

  1. I hope not on mine, other than the little affiliate ads at the end of each post. If I mess up, be sure to let me know where; don’t want to be sending people to the wrong place.

  2. Ah, stuff like that. Well, those two could be related,… if you mess up your car, you might have to ride your bike to work. 🙂

  3. 47 freakin posts dude lol, I see why you tellin me to write more! That’s a lot of posts dude.

    On average, do you find that the folks that read your blog are buyers? Do they buy relevant products you promote? I’m interested to see how your ramped up promos go man.

    Normal Joe´s last blog, – What do you think? Should I Take Over The Cow Pasture?

    1. Truthfully, I’d have to say no, or at least not yet. I don’t think I’ve hit that number threshold yet where there’s enough people to generate tons of sales. I have some folks, though, who have clicked on a few, but mainly the free or very inexpensive things.

      But I still have a lot to say!

  4. I hear ya man, nothing wrong with that. I just notice some blogs have “buyers” and others are more so a community based environment, where they come for good info.

    Nothing wrong with either, personally I prefer to make my money with lists or other sites, anything made from the blog is icing on the cake!

    Normal Joe´s last blog, – What do you think? Should I Take Over The Cow Pasture?

    1. That may end up being my legacy, though I’m going to put as much content here as I can, and we’ll see about it all. Another post coming before midnight; stay tuned.

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