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You see all those things along the top of this blog? All of those are pages that I’ve created to share stuff with y’all. Anyone with a WordPress blog at least has an About tab up there, though some have even more pages than what I’m showing above.

Hide and Seek
by Dar’ya Sipyeykina

Here’s the thing. Sometimes you want to be able to write a page, yet not have it cluttering your list at the top. Actually, you don’t want it showing at all because you have a different idea you want to use it for. Yet, you still have to have pages, and you’d like some flexibility in what you want to show or not show.

The Simply Hide Pages plugin is one way you can go. I’m part of a health care group that’s kind of a consortium of people with different skills that they can offer to providers. I’m pretty much the website guy, even though I have other skills as well. I created their website, and I created their blog. One thing they wanted the ability to do was get articles up on one of their pages. But they were going to be tasked with sending me the entire article and having me create a new page each time.

With the above plugin, I told each of them to go to the blog, paste their article into the box, and save it as a draft post. What I then do is go to the post, go down to the area below that says “custom fields”, type “hide” in the first box, then where it says “value” type the number “1”. That’s it. When you then publish the article it’s there, but it won’t show up above.

What that allows me to do is only have to add a link to the articles page instead of adding lots of individual pages. Now, there’s a benefit and a negative to that. For SEO purposes, one negative could be that a site could lose a bit of the benefit of having an extra page if the blog isn’t hosted on the same site, which in this case it is so they don’t lose anything.

A benefit is if you wanted to create a membership site, or at least a membership area of your site, because you can have pages with your content, make it hidden, and feel confident that it’s not at the top of your blog. Yeah, some people might think to use their posts area for that type of thing, but I’m someone who believes there’s a major difference between what I’d put up as a post and what I’d put up as an article.

Anyway, there’s the plugin, and if you want to use it for any other reason that I haven’t mentioned at least now you know it’s there.

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18 thoughts on “Simply Hide Pages Plugin”

  1. Now you have me thinking about how I might use this feature. But first I have to find out if I can even get the plug-in with Is that right? And what about Widgets? There seems to be a lot of stuff in there that I should go learn about. Thanks, Mitch!

    1. Charles, once again I think you’re stuck because you’re using the free WordPress model. Still, take a look at what you might have access to.

  2. I’m not really sure, Allan. The Comment Redirect plugin is supposed to be used to send someone who writes a comment on your site to a page you want them to see next. There’s nothing written anywhere that I’ve seen where it says you can hide the page, so if you can do that, then it’s an extra benefit of the program no one’s talking about. Then again, I’ve never been redirected to any other pages when I’ve commented on your blog, so I’m confused as to whether it’s actually doing what you’re hoping it will or not.

    1. You were one of the very first who were kind enough to post an actual comment. I installed Comment Redirect afterward, and it only redirects folks on their first comment – or that’s how I have it set up. I’m thinking that if I piped them off to another page every time they’d get annoyed and not visit as often.

      Hiding the Thank You page is something Barbara Ling taught me.

      1. Ah, I got it now. I don’t like redirecting people, which is why I add links to my posts when I can. That way, people come back to the original post and if they’re predisposed to do so might take a look at something I’ve linked to. And if they’ve left their comment or read my post and that’s that, well, I hope they had a good time while here.

  3. Nice tips Mitch, I am pretty skilled with WordPress, but I have never try this option. Actually it will be very useful my my fashion magazine style blog which I am developing now.

      1. Thanks again Mitch, it really looks great. Actually I think this will give look of blogs based on wordpress look like of full website. I like it and with some html play, it can make a miracle with blog.

  4. Funny, my accountability partner and I were trying to do this! I did find a way to hide some pages, although it was in a round about way….

    Jeez, I have to remember to check my Comment luv plug-in…looks like it work for everyone else.

    Gotta love the techy stuff….

    1. Carolee, when I visit blogs and it doesn’t work, I first do a refresh, which works most of the time. If that doesn’t do it then I uncheck and recheck, which sometimes clears it up, and finally if that didn’t do it then I refresh after the recheck and it works every time. Yeah, it’s a pain, so I only do it on blogs I really feel compelled to comment on. I’m wondering if it’s a Firefox issue.

  5. Hey Mitch. I have 3 pages I have that don’t show on my menu and I do that by selecting ‘private’ under the page edit settings. So why would you chose to use a plug in instead of doing it that ‘private’ way to hide your pages?

    1. Here’s the difference, Karen. If you select “private”, then that post doesn’t show anywhere, and I mean absolutely anywhere; you’re the only person who can see it. With this plugin, the post is live, just not showing up at the top of the blog. That way, I can post that link anywhere I want to, on another site for instance, and people can see it if I so choose. If you have a private post, you can post that link elsewhere, but no one will be able to view it if that was your intention.

      1. Actually Mitch that’s not true. The page is actually live but unless you have the link for it, it won’t show. On my Twitter page I have the link to a page on my blog that you will only see if you come from my Twitter page or enter in the link directly. If you go to my site you will not see the page listed on the menu. So it is live you just have to know the link.

      2. Karen, you know I had to go check, and that’s interesting how it works for you. It doesn’t work for me, and it didn’t work on my client’s site, and I’m wondering why. Oh well, if it works for you then you obviously don’t need this plugin.

  6. I use this for some of my smaller niche blogs, basically when you want a landing page as a static front page to your blog – the home page tab shows up twice in the navigation bar so this plugin helps you hide on of them

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