September Income Report – A Fluke!

Back in January when I wrote my last income report, I said I wouldn’t be writing another one of these until I made $500 through online stuff in one month.

Piles of Money
by Thomas Hawk

Well, September turns out to be my first month, although not quite how I ever thought it would pan out. It was my best month ever with Adsense, made a couple of sales I hadn’t expected, and I find that I like seeing the money coming in like this; I want more!

So, without further ado, how did I make my money in September online?

Flipped Website – $300.00
Adsense – $197.47
Infolinks – $24.70
Commission Junction – $20.00
Product Sales – $15.95
Google Affiliate Network (Barnes & Noble) – $3.24
Kontera – $0.47
Bidvertiser – $0.48

Total – $562.31!

Just to get it out of the way, for those of you who saw my post on Google picking on me, I made 14 cents on this blog from them in September; not a big loss.

The selling of one of my websites was interesting, I must say. It came out of the blue (not saying which one it was for now) and I almost just deleted the email. Then I thought about it and realized I just wasn’t going to ever have the time to do it justice, so I let it go. It took about 2 weeks to finally get the transaction done, mainly because he needed someone to help him with setting up the new site, and of course we didn’t know each other so the level of trust had to be overcome. But we got it done. Website flipping won’t be something I do on a regular basis, but I have one more site that I might try to build up some and eventually sell it; we’ll see.

Most of that Adsense money and all of the Infolinks money came from one site in particular, which has turned out to be a gold mine for me. It does prove in a way that you can make some pretty good money on niche sites. The GAN sale came from one of my newsletters. The other two… actually, one came from my finance blog that I forgot I even had one of their ads on, and I have no idea where the other one came from. And the CJ payment came from someone buying a year of hosting from 1&1 through me; neat!

And that’s that. Now to go back into the cave on this type of reporting until it happens again; I hope it’s not another 2 1/2 years before it happens. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “September Income Report – A Fluke!”

  1. Congrats Mitch. I’ve read about flipping websites but am trying not to get diverted from what I need to do on my first blog! And I’m definietly not selling it at the moment although what it is advertised as being worth is something to think about lol
    I went to trade fair today and found some great products to sell on my site so hopefully in about a month I will have up a shopfront. Just in time for Christmas shoppers 🙂
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Smart move, Pat. I think your blog will do well in that niche and adding products supporting that niche is smart as well.

      1. My niece and I are planning some lavender parties too. When I told the wholesaler my idea she smiled and said that’s how she got started (she owns the lavender farm and makes all the organic lavender products) and was thrilled I was starting up as she is too busy to do that anymore. I am looking forward to see how it all goes. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll keep you posted.
        Patricia Perth Australia

  2. Imagine if you could travel back in time and tried to explain this post to someone from 1980, or even 1990. I can’t say I understand most of what you’re doing, but the possibilities make my head spin. How about you? This is exciting stuff.

    1. I understand it all Charles, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it. lol Truthfully, the only part different is the site flipping, and all that means is that you put together a website on a certain niche, lots of pages, get some traffic coming to it, then see if someone’s willing to buy it out from under you. It’s actually not a bad thing to do if you have the time and can get the traffic, and you can monetize it temporarily or just leave it alone and let the person you sell it to monetize it; that is, put ads on it and try to sell stuff.

    1. Thanks Klaus. Love making money, but now I need to find another way to get that extra $300.

  3. That’s awesome Mitch. What exactly is a flipped website? Don’t go spending it all in one place.

    1. Trust me Karen, I won’t. What it means is that you create and then build up a website, and once it’s going then you sell it to someone else and move on to the next one. There are lots of people who do it for a living, but it’s a grueling way to get along if you ask me. It might take the equivalent of 20 hours building a site initially, then a bunch of hours putting content on it. Some people pay for articles to help them build it up, and if you get a bunch of cheap articles you can put one together, but I’d hate that kind of thing. Then if you can get enough traffic, you’ve got a nice little cash cow you can sell to someone who wants a website they can put products and the like on without having to create anything, and there you go.

  4. Good on you Mitch. Spotted a couple of mistakes in the post though mate. Reckon making all that money has ruined your concentration 😉

    1. Well, I certainly didn’t want mistakes staying there. Actually I just got new bifocals, and I’m having some difficulty learning how to see out of them. Course, if I go blind making money… nah, that wouldn’t be worth it at all!

      1. Yeah, I got those not so long ago, although I got the ones without the line down the middle. Takes some time getting used to, but I must admit mine didn’t affect my spelling and stuff 😀

      2. Do you wear contacts most of the time? I thought you had good eyes. I’ve worn glasses since I was 8, and this is probably the biggest change I’ve had since I did wear contacts. Not going great, I must say, but I’m not giving up on them. And it wasn’t spelling; can’t misspell 2-letter words. lol

      3. 😀 I know, I was only picking on you. I started wearing glasses when I went to teacher college because I couldn’t see the board. I probably needed them when I was eight but I was so paranoid about getting them I memorized the last two lines of the eye chart, while others were getting tested, so that I could fool them.

        When I finally got glasses all those years later it was like I was seeing a new world.

        Used to wear contacts but stopped 22 years ago I stated getting up 3am.

  5. Congratulations! I remember the first time I received a check from google in the amount of $101, I thought it was bogus so I held onto it for a few weeks and then I saw this dress I really wanted and thought, “let me see if this check is legit.” So I went to the bank and sure enough, it was good! Sadly, I haven’t seen one since although I believe my content is stronger than ever.

    What I am starting to get are a lot of new product folks wanting me to review their products for baby boomers. What do you think about that?

    By the way, flipping” is what my husband is doing in real estate right now. It can be a very lucrative business—hope he can bring home more than $500.

    1. Thanks Bev. If he had to create the real estate I’m thinking it wouldn’t be as much fun. lol As for the product reviews, I only do them if I get to examine the product & write whatever I want to write about them. And, of course, full disclosure, since it’s now the law. I’ve actually written about a couple of books that came my way based on that on my other two blogs, here and here. And for a few affiliate products I got to see first as well. But if someone wants to pay me and I get to be honest, I’d do it.

  6. He is acting as the general contractor and that’s not fun–plus he’s getting his own hands dirty by doing some of the repairs. He says it’s something he knows he had a hand in–excuse the pun. After spending most of his life as a Computer Security Analyst, he’s decided to try something new.

    As for the affiliate products, I agree that I should see them and draw my conclusions based on my observation but there should be some compensation with that because my time is valuable.

    One more thing…why don’t you do a seminar of getting paid to blog? I’d host it.

  7. Situation looks nearly the same, I spend too much time on SEO, my Adsense earnings from my financial blog hit to top this month, as well I flipped 1 website for reasonable money.

  8. Congratulations on hitting the $500 marker. I was hoping to start hitting that myself by the end of the year, sadly I went and fell in love so that put a huge spanner in my work rate as I spent more time with her than working. 😛

    1. Man, that love thing can really get in the way sometimes, can’t it Dean? 😉 Good luck with that, and with more money later on.

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