Rethinking Adsense On My Blog

This is not about to be a rant against Google Adsense. I’m actually appreciative of the opportunity I get to earn a little bit of change here and there from Adsense on my website, and now that I’m earning money faster than I used to with it, I’m not looking to have it gone from my life any time soon.

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However, I am thinking about reducing just how much Adsense I have on this site. To that end, I’ve already done it, replacing the skyscraper ad I had on the right side with my Widget Bucks ad instead. But I still have two sets of Adsense on the left sidebar, and I’m thinking about removing the second one, the lower one, and putting a block of 125×125 ads in that spot instead.

Why am I thinking this way? Well, I’m coming to the conclusion that blogs are not conducive to great earning potential from Adsense. Blogs really are more participatory than static websites. People come to read, and then they come to comment (okay, big hopes at times, but go with me here).

Sometimes people will look at the box ads you have if something catches their eye, or if they’re in a buying mood. But people don’t usually look at the Adsense on your blog, especially if they’re used to seeing the same thing on their blog.

As a for instance, I looked at the Adsense blog on the main page of this blog. Every ad talks about how to make money with your blog, including the one ad for Adsense. The second block is actually more interesting, but I’m figuring that if the main box, which is in a prime spot, is being ignored, then the second block is also being ignored.

I may keep two ad blocks, but move one right into the posts itself. There’s a WordPress plugin that actually will pop that in for you, though I haven’t explored it yet, and I’m thinking that if I have it directly in the posts that it might be seen better. However, I’m hesitant to do that until I see what either Kontera’s ads or LinkXL ads look like, which are supposed to be integrated into my content.

By the way, almost two weeks on each of them, and not a single ad has shown anywhere yet. I’m wondering if I’m not writing about anything that their advertisers could talk about; heck, that article on music sites, and the one on health should catch someone’s attention, one would think, but they’re both new.

Anyway, if I do it, I’ll do it over the weekend some time, and I may not announce when I do it. But if I write a long post, and something looks different, and you’ve read this post, you’ll get it.

13 thoughts on “Rethinking Adsense On My Blog”

  1. Despite advise to the contrary, I have resisted the temptation to put in some ads in my blog. This post makes it appear that I did take the right decision. What do you think would I lose in terms of cash by not putting in some ads in my blog?

    rummuser´s last blog post..Health Check.

    1. I don’t want to discourage you from putting ads on your blog, Rummuser. The trick is in trying to figure out what kind of ads to put on your blog, based on the types of visitors you have. I don’t think you lose anything if you don’t put ads on your site except possibilities of making some cash here and there, possibly big cash, but more probably bits of cash here and there.

  2. Wise decision Mitch, I believe you can get a more from 125×125 ads.

    Norhafidz´s last blog post..Share Your Voice Write A Post

  3. OK buddy boy, once and for all get outa my friggin head LOL.

    Actually you hit a prime adsense key with, “especially if they’re used to seeing the same thing on their blog

    This is the one aspect that most (especially beginner) marketer/bloggers just don’t get…

    You are NOT going to make anything more then mere pocket change if your target is other marketers/bloggers…period.

    Adsense (and others like it) is PRIME for the average *joe/jane surfer* looking for info in search engines.

    They have absolutely no idea what adsense is…all they “see” is more links for the info they are searching for.

    Dennis Edell´s last blog post..UPDATED – We Will Stay Do-Follow, But…

    1. Exactly Dennis. And I had it reinforced by reading a post in Gary Conn’s blog yesterday. And, as you can see, I still have one Adsense block, but it’s down the page, and I’ll be popping in more 125×125’s on the left, though it seems this theme isn’t wide enough to double-line them on the left, as I can do on the right. But that’s okay; too much of a “good” thing isn’t necessarily good, right?

  4. Exactly. it’s good to see you’re hooking up with Garry also…honestly, I’d go to him over Joel Comm any day of the week for adsense advice.

    Assuming I used adsense lol.

    Dennis Edell´s last blog post..UPDATED – We Will Stay Do-Follow, But…

    1. Well, they come at it different ways. I’m betting Joel was first, and his book has a lot of good stuff. But I have to admit being more impressed with Garry the more I read.

      1. Well, it might be true, but Joel did write the first book on the subject, so you can’t negate that.

  5. This post makes me feel better. When I launched my blog, one of the first things I did was to apply for an AdSense account, which was denied by Google due to their slang interpretation of a word in my URL. I was a bit devastated as it screwed up my business plan a bit, but then decided to try and focus on building traffic/readers rather than on putting up ads.


    1. Adsense does have its criteria, and that does include language, so I’m not surprised. Still, there are plenty of other advertising options you could use if you decided to monetize your blog in some fashion.

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