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Most blogs these days have ads, and unfortunately, most of us don’t take the time to look at anyone else’s ads because, well, we do have our own. However, I’m someone who does take a look at ads, because I want to see what other people might be marketing and how they might be doing it; learning how to be a good internet affiliate marketer is difficult work, after all.

It’s occurred to me that basically there are two types of ads; product ads and advertiser ads. Product ads are, well, marketing products. For instance, if you look at my blog, you see that along the left side there I’m marketing products, starting with mine, then a couple of books. Some of my blog posts will have specific product ads, such as my last post (and I’m buying those suckers one day soon). Sometimes the product ad looks like an advertiser ad, but it’s a product.

When we get to specific product items, such as computers, jewelry, or items like that, only myself and Sire, of Wassup Blog, seem to have actual items that we market, though his are more consistent than mine, as I have mine rotate on the side via TTZ Media, and within specific posts I decide on a product through Commission Junction and post it here.

Advertiser ads are promoting advertisers, and I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs have those, including mine. For instance, over on the left again, you see advertisements for, National Geographic Store, Lapworks, etc, and in some posts, like this one, you see I end the post with an advertiser ad. Those take you to a page where you can look around and buy something.

But those aren’t the only types of advertiser ads. Though I noticed that I don’t have any right now, there are advertiser ads that market the advertisers themselves. For instance, on Caleb’s blog, Market Secrets Blog, he has ads that market Adbrite and Pepperjam network, two that I haven’t tried out yet. On Sire’s blog, he has ads that market Onmarketer, Chitika, and ClixGalore. Yan’s blog Thou Shall Blog, he’s marketing Oiopublisher and Market Leverage. Even on Darren Rowse’s blog, Problogger, even though all of his ads are actually sponsors, he’s marketing Inlinks, LinkWorth, MLTV, and some others.

My question comes in wondering which types of ads for most people actually work for you. For the few of us who own up to our monthly blogging or online income, I don’t see all that many of these ads working all that much for anyone. It’s because of this that our friend John of 21st Century Affiliate Marketing has said that he’s beginning to remove almost all of these types of ads to try something new, which he hopes will help stimulate online sales. Indeed, though I like having lots of different types of ads and products on my site, and other sites, it seems that these items rarely get all that many clicks, let alone sales, and yet I’ve noticed that I have clicked on some of the items listed above as advertiser ads, mainly because I’m thinking about marketing by using them to see how they fare. So, my impetus is purely as a test market, and not necessarily because I’m hoping to buy anything. But I believe that, when I actually decide to sign up via one of these links, if I got there through someone’s site, they get some kind of monetary reimbursement from it.

Anyway, I’m wondering what y’all think of things like this? If our goal is really to make money with our blogs via affiliate marketing, it almost seems that the best way to do it is to write good content, try to jump up in some kind of rankings such as PR or Alexa, which seem to mean something to advertisers, and sell advertising on your site, ala Problogger. Visitors drive advertising, which is why I tried earlier this year to do my RSS subscriber contest, and goes back to a conversation I’ve had lately with our friend Mirjam of Me Myself And I Blog, as we’ve been talking about this issue of massive traffic that we both wrote about. Indeed, trying to obtain that kind of traffic just might be the only reason one may not care as much about targeted traffic.

So, share your thoughts and feelings on this topic, if you will. No, I didn’t get into the contextual ads specifically, but I consider those as product ads, even if the products aren’t always so clearly defined, because they’re not trying to get you to go back to the site itself to help market them.

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21 thoughts on “Product Vs Advertiser Ads”

  1. Glad you enjoy that plugin. lol

    As to the other, yeah, one could go the other way, but then I couldn’t have done the type of comparison I did if I’d gone your way. But private ads is something I think many of us shoot for in some fashion.

  2. In my opinion, having an established blog, with great content and lots of visitors/subscribers etc etc, makes all the difference.. I remember hearing ShoeMoney (on track to make 3/4 million this year) say 75% of his income was from ads… but look how many visitors he has..

    And it doesn’t really mater WHAT product he offers, it’ll sell because of his established blog..

    I think early on is the toughest time to get advertisers to work with you.. but with patience and time, you can do very well!

    1. Good point, Jake, but the truth in advertising is that some ads draw better than others, and even with Shoemoney’s 75% income, I’m betting that one style works better than another for whatever reason.

  3. I reckon product ads work if you use them in the right fashion. I’ve had more luck when I took the time to pick the right products for the right occasion, whereas now, due to time constraints, I just settle on one, plonk it in the post and hope for the best. Naturally this method isn’t as productive.

    Sire´s last blog post..There Is No Way In Hell That A Man Can Please A Woman

    1. I think you’re correct, Sire, in looking for those right circumstances and selecting the proper product. It’s kind of hard to do with most of what we write about, however; or so it seems to me.

  4. I go with both types, but what Mitch calls ‘Products Ads’ sometimes brings in lifetime percentage of revenues from just one sale!

    As Sire said, it also depends on the “occasion” which I interpret as meaning the particular economic cycle, holiday time, type of post, etc.

    it almost seems that the best way to do it is to write good content, try to jump up in some kind of rankings such as PR or Alexa…

    Well, this is the way way for attracting what Dennis calls ‘Private ads’…it just depends on your particular blogging plans.

    One thing that I have sought out lately is to reach for more newbies (and there are plenty of them to go around!) because the average internet marketer knows he/she can just bypass your aff link no matter how you mask it. This is what happens alot especially if the internet marketer in question actually likes your content which lead him to the particular link 😉

    1. You’re right, Caleb, people can bypass your links if they know how, which is one reason we try to build up a rapport with our visitors so that even if they know how to do it, they don’t mind helping you out a little bit.

      I think my content is what’s gotten me my Alexa ranking, though it could be how much content I have rather than what I’m writing. Still, it is what it is; it can always be better, but at least it’s moving in the right direction.

  5. Well just for added encouragement, my site MSB just jumped from PR1 to PR2 from content writing and consistently going after backlnks and this was while I had almost a week of my site being out of commission due to tech glitches!

    Of course, I realize that I need to focus more on getting better quality backlinks 😉

      1. Yea, I of all ppl know that…but hey, don’t kill my buzz LOL

        Caleb (Market Secrets Blogger)´s last blog post..The Buzz Killer

  6. boys boys, calm down now ROFL
    thanks for the mention Mitch, only just saw it now because I´ve been a bit distracted this past week … I wonder if my boyfriend would make for a good secretary hahaha!

    all interesting stuff here and as usual giving thoughts for future posts …. the buzzkiller

    ps… I´ll try and make the effort of putting up that comment edit button… just for you 😛

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Update on the Case Study

    1. Good deal, Mirjam; while you’re at it, uhhh, adding that threaded comments plugin wouldn’t hurt my feelings either. 😀

  7. guess what … I actually have that installed but it some how isn´t working …. I feel the dreaded upgrade coming up to a newer version of wp

    I better get a bottle of wine out and spend all night updating and “improving” my so lovely blog ROFL

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Update on the Case Study

    1. Just don’t overdo the wine, otherwise you’ll be artificially happy and we’ll all enjoy some interesting comments from you later on. Sometimes technology isn’t our friend at all! lol

      1. hahaha, haven´t touched the wine yet, but I have added the edit comment plugin, just for you Mitch ROFL plus it got me to have a look at a few others.

        Didn´t get to the threaded comment plugin, still couldn´t get it to work even with the update, and I kinda don´t wanna go in to change the core of the theme …. so I added a “quote” plugin instead enabling you to respond to comments directly.

        That´ll do for now, let´s open that bottle!

        Mirjam´s last blog post..8 WP Plugins to Improve Your Blog

      2. Well, as I was getting all of your test emails, I was wondering what the heck you were up to. lol Hey, we take what we can get; enjoy that bottle (I have cake, which my wife is presently hiding from me).

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