Problems Getting Into Google Adsense Account

So, just what is it with Google anyway?

Every once in awhile, I’ve had problems getting into my Adsense account. It will tell me that I have a Google Adsense account and to log into it, but it just doesn’t work.

Once again, tonight I’m having that same problem, and it’s irking me to no end. Usually after a few tries at it it’ll pop back and start doing right, although I have no idea what I’ve done. This time, it’s just not letting me in at all.

I went to the Google page and saw where, it seems, there’s a lot of people complaining about it this time around. Google says they’re working on it, but Google is one of those sites where they don’t often answer people’s questions. Kind of like how some of us complain about big time bloggers never responding to comments on their blogs. It reminds me of putting in my request to get my page rank back, knowing that they’ll never write me to tell me if I get it back or not, just that it’ll either show up one day or it won’t.

But not being able to get into my Adsense account is problematic. I can’t check my revenue. I can’t change any of my ads, nor add any new ads. Basically, I can’t do anything, and that stinks as much as the first week of August when I, and many other people, weren’t generating much revenue, if any at all, without any explanations from Google.

Anyone else having this problem tonight? Man, I hate when my money is being messed with. This stinks, so I need to take steps to get rid of the stink. What do you think about my ad below?

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Update – I finally found a workaround for this issue. It seems Google is doing something with the logins and acknowledges that they’ve messed up; in their own way, of course. So, the workaround is to log in, and if you get something telling you to go back and log in again click on this link and it’ll take you there:

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Update 2 – You know, Google’s just messing up these days. The above fix worked only for a day. Then they came out with a new messages saying to go to this site,, change your password, and all will work again. I went ahead and did that, and it’s working once more. I hope this is it.

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8 thoughts on “Problems Getting Into Google Adsense Account”

  1. I had a different problem throughout the day. Every single time when I log on to my Manage Account, I had to punch in the password once (though it was remembering it all this while) and again when I click AdSense from my Google Manage accounts screen, it would ask for password for the second time. This is happening since yesterday.
    .-= Ajith Edassery´s last blog ..Pros and Cons of Posting several times a day =-.

    1. It’s just messing with all of is, isn’t it Ajith? Just asking, but how are you getting into your Google manage accounts screen/ I keep wondering if they’ve changed something up on me.

      1. Mitch,
        I have all my Google services/tools linked from one Google a/c. So this manage account dashboard ( shows them all – ie. AdSense, AdWords, Alerts, Analytics, Blogger, Docs, FeedBurner, Groups, iGoogle, Orkut, Reader, Sites, My Subsribed Links, Webmaster Tools, Website Optimizer, Youtube. – all from one page. This is how I usually log on to various Google services.

        Of late, it’s asking for the password to log on to this even when I have asked it to remember the same. Further, when I click on AdSense from there, it asks for pwd again.
        .-= Ajith Edassery´s last blog ..Pros and Cons of Posting several times a day =-.

      2. Hi Ajith,

        Yup, I was afraid you’d tell me that page. It’s still not letting me into my account. 🙁

    1. Hi Wil. I kept trying that, and it just wasn’t working last night. I’m really irked by all this.

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