Post #802; An Interesting Period

Well, talk about a strange period. I wrote 102 posts actually in just over 3 months, to the point that I’ve gone a post over and this one is actually #803. It’s a far cry from how I got to post #701.

Over the past month, what I’ve done is written a bunch of posts in advance because of the social media workshop I had coming, and then when I had a couple other things that hit my mind, including that post last week on the process for updating Twitter Tools (discontinued 10/12), I inadvertently went past the number without realizing it. No matter; I actually do these particular posts more for myself than anyone else so I can chronicle where I’ve been and where I’m going.

First, let’s stick with my norm, which is to indicate what my top 5 categories were for the month:

Blogging – 17

Sunday Question – 14

Social Media – 13

Personal – 11

Marketing – 8

“Sunday Question” was a new category for this period, as I realized that calling it “personal” just didn’t quite work. On it’s own, it should probably always make the top list since it inherently has at least 12 posts for its category for now. I’m thinking of running it until the end of the year, then evaluating it to see if it’s worth continuing. Sometimes it garners pretty good conversation, while other times people are somewhat reluctant to state their opinion on my questions. Hey, onward and upward.

One interesting thing I recognized for the first time while checking the stats for this post is that when I go into Google Analytics and pull up the individual posts that had the most activity during the period, it automatically resets itself back to a one month review, and I’d never noticed that before. Therefore, some of the numbers I’m going to post here are going to look skewed against past figures, but that’s okay. Actually, the funny thing is that when I changed the dates, only one article changed from what was in the original list. Three of the articles on this list were on the last list, and the one before it as well. And this time, as opposed to the last 100, there is one article written during the period that’s on the list, tied for 5th. Here’s the list:

Cleavage – Yeah, I’m Going There – 4,691

Webshots – 377

Getting Google Desktop To Index Thunderbird – 309

Top 100 Singers Of All Time – 151

Should Sexting Be Illegal? – 151

I’m still amazed that article on “cleavage” is still going that strong; how amazing is that? The “sexting” article is the newest one, written in June, and the one on Google Desktop, written in November 2008, continues to be a big draw, even though I’ve written a newer one since then.

As for the posts with the most comments on them, I had one that really kind of took off, but otherwise comments were actually down this period, strange compared to activity. So be it; I’ll need to continue to work on things that people can comment on I suppose. Here are the top 5, though it’s going to be 6:

When Things Get Personal On Blogs – 58

Are Americans Stupid, Or Do We Just Not Care? – 46

My Hot Tub Adventure – 33

Sunday Question – How Much Do You Like Yourself? – 32

Anniversary #13; Hanging In There So Far – 30

Formatting Your Images On Your WordPress Blog – 30

During this period, I started talking more about the concept of influence, as I realized that to realize a lot of my goals I’m going to have to increase my influence both online and locally. I also learned how to add feeds to this blog, my other blogs, and some of my websites, that show the most recent posts from my other blogs. That’s my attempt to increase the visibility of everything I have across the board.

So I’m on my way, and I hope that over the next 100 posts, actually 97 posts I guess, I get into more topics that y’all will enjoy and learn from and share your thoughts on. I want to be as big as one of my favorite new blogs to visit, Twist Image by Mitch Joel. Check it out at your leisure.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

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12 thoughts on “Post #802; An Interesting Period”

  1. And of course, your mentioning in every possible post a version of this “I’m still amazed that article on “cleavage” is still going that strong; how amazing is that?” wouldn’t have anything to do with getting more views, would it, lol!!!

    1. No, I don’t think my mentioning it once ever 3 months is enough to generate that much interest in it. If I were that influential I’d start telling people to send me money. lol

  2. I like the Sunday Questions. The posts are thought provoking and get me thinking.

    Haha, It’s awesome that the cleavage post has so many hits. Lol.

    1. It’s just amazing, Keith. I certainly never saw it as being that intriguing a post, but it’s keeping traffic coming. Too bad I’m not making any money from it.

  3. i would say you are a wee bit mad – i struggle to do one post per week, you are a human blog article factory LOL

    1. I like that, Peter; human blog article factory! Doesn’t roll off the tongue all that easily, which might help make it memorable. 🙂

  4. Because I am a subscriber to your blogs, I read MOST of them. Most of them go over my head so I don’t bother to comment on them but I do enjoy reading the comments from other folks. I don’t personally feel you are talking to me in your blogs. You have an audience for that. I just read them because I know you.

    1. And I appreciate that, Bev. Most of your posts aren’t for me either, as you gear most of them towards the lady baby boomers, but I do check them out.

  5. Honestly I like all the topics Mitch, usually it is very interesting, it doesn’t matter what disco or SEO or internet marketing. Nice presentation.

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