Post #501 – Way Ahead Of Pace

Some of you saw Post #500, which means of course that this is post #501. This is the one where I recap what’s happened over the last 100 posts.

First off, I’m more than a month ahead of when I got my first 200 posts done, which means I should easily hit my 600th post before my anniversary date, December 12th. Not that I’m necessarily shooting for it, but with my potentially new way of posting, it’s possible. Then again, I ended up going on a major writing jag to hit that number back then; I’m not going to intentionally push myself to hit the anniversary this time around.

Oddly enough, something I wrote in my last post, about talking more on personal things, I actually did for the first time in these last 100 posts. Once again, I also end up with six rather than a top five, with two new categories and two dropping. One that dropped drastically, which I have to think about, is Marketing, where in the previous 100 I wrote 15 posts about, and this time around only 3. Marketing is what will help my businesses survive and grow, so I need to get back to that. Meanwhile, here’s the top six:

Blogging – 23

Internet – 15

Personal (new) – 8

Research – 7

Writing – 6 1/2

Product (new) – 6 1/2

There was a lot more diversity overall on what I wrote about, and I added a new topic, social media, which there might be a growth on as I now know all my previous posts about Twitter and Facebook needed to go under that.

Next, the posts of mine that were visited the most during this time period, which incidentally was 4 1/2 months. And, just like last time, only one post was written during this period; seems my older posts retain a lot of juice and popularity. I might need to go back and monetize those posts. Anyway, here’s the top 5, along with the visits:

Getting Google Desktop To Index Thunderbird – 334

Top 100 Singers Of All Time – 236

Nameboy (new) – 157

Cute Things Falling Asleep – 124

Next the posts that people commented on the most during this time period:

April Income Statistics – Getting Better, Getting Worse – 59

Smoke Not So Much – 51

Google Health – 44

Bloggers Can’t Hide Behind Fake Names Anymore And Defame Others – 42

Michael Jackson Follow Up – 36

I found it interesting that this time around, everything was just so different that the previous times I’ve done this report. No duplicates as far as one post ending up on more than one list; not quite sure how to interpret that.

In one way, I already talked about some changes I’m going to make over the next 100 posts. One thing I said I was going to do in the previous 100 that I didn’t do was to break up the long posts into two posts. It just didn’t look right, and none of the topics really warranted it. I also said I was going to advertise my affiliate programs more; nope, didn’t get around to that either. But with my supposed new focus, maybe that will change up. I did start including more affiliate links into my posts when the words matched up, especially on my “lists” posts.

I’m not sure many people link within the content as much as I do, and I make a conscious effort to do it also. One thing I need to think about is based on some things I’ve been reading lately from both Problogger and Lynn Terry about repurposing old blog posts that may not have gotten much attention in the past. They say rewrite the posts and either post them anew or make sure you link to them and get the benefit of age out of them. I have linked to many of my older posts, but I’ve never thought much about rewriting any of them. Yeah, time and money; always comes down to that, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, since I hit that 100 subscribers on Feedburner it’s gone down slowly, and my Technorati ranking is dropping fast also. More reasons to change some things up, try to be fresher. I want to grow; then again, who doesn’t?

That’s all I have; on to #600!

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  1. Man, you sure go into a lot of effort when writing your posts Mitch. It’s interesting to see how things have panned out since the last recap, and while I’m sure there is a lot that can be learned from it, I don’t think I will be following your lead on this one.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Sometimes It just Doesn’t Pay Being Jack =-.

    1. More than you know. I made a correction in your comment also, as you typed “sire” instead of “sure.” See, I take care of you. 😉

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