Number 301, A Year To Remember

When I hit milestone number 201, I said that my goal was to get to number 300 before I’d had this blog a year. This is post number 301, and I wrote post number 300 two days ago, on the 11th, and I started this blog on December 12th, so I hit my goal; how about that!

As I did with my recap of my first 100 posts and my second 100 posts, I’m going to offer a recap of how the last 100 posts went, obviously my biggest output of posts in such a short time (less than 60 days), and compare it to at least the last 100 posts in some fashion.

Interestingly enough, four of my top five categories are still here, with the order changed, but there is one new entry, that being writing, as I had my book writing series, which can now be accessed all together by clicking on this link, or on Book Writing at the top, just as I did with my blogging tips series. Overall I wrote 8 posts on writing, which places it in 4th place. The other topics were:

Blogging – 26

Marketing – 23

Internet – 10

Computing – 7

Next, a quick look at comments. The first 100 posts had around 100 comments, and I was very happy to report last time that the second 100 had 486 posts. The third 100 posts have had,… 1,344 posts! Okay, some of those are my responses back, but so were the others, which means the figure is legitimate by comparison. And I also acknowledge that it’s not only the 100 posts within this period that got responses, but that’s not important either. I think the activity has been amazing, and I appreciate every one of you who have gifted me with your comments, and I hope you continue gifting me with even more comments as we move forward. The top five (actually six, since I have a tie, two ties to be more accurate) posts that received the most number of comments were:

A Point About Commenting On Blogs – 45

Dofollow Page Rank Discussion – 37

I Want More RSS Subscribers – 33

My Gripe With Blogger Blogs – 33

How To Be A Prolific Writer

Broken Link Checker – 29

Oddly enough, the post that got the most visits in this time period wasn’t one I wrote, but one that a guest writer, Jerry Low, wrote, called 9 Instant Tips On How To Leverage The Power Of Squidoo, so congratulations to Jerry on that one, a post I couldn’t have written because, until I read it, I didn’t know anything about Squidoo. My most visited post was the one on Dofollow Page Rank Discussion that I mentioned earlier, but a strange number three in the list was the viral post of the Dance Off between Barack Obama and John McCain; I knew folks loved to be entertained from time to time. 🙂

I doubt that over the next few months I’ll be able to write with the speed and consistency that I’ve written this past 100 posts, mainly because, as you know, I’m in Reno on a consulting assignment, and I’ve just started a new blog called Top Finance Blog that I went through a lot of trouble in getting it going, and I hope y’all find it in your busy schedules to visit and offer your opinions on what I post over there.

In my mind, as we count down the days to the end of 2008, I view this as a very successful and fun year. I treasure the friends I’ve met here, and I’ve read some wonderful entries on all of your blogs also. So, everybody, get up and dance for a few seconds, as we’re joined by the Peanuts crew; see you on the flip side!

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13 thoughts on “Number 301, A Year To Remember”

  1. Congratulations Mitch! 301 posts a year translates to one post a day except on Sunday! That’s something really really graet. I am still posting max 4 per week.

    Mind sharing your next goals? I guess, you should have subscription and monetizing goals next


    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..Global Recession and Current State of the MMO Blogosphere

    1. Actually Ajith, I hadn’t set any goals, but it’s something to think about, which will be released at either the end of or beginning of the year. Better start working on yours also.

  2. Mitch,
    Congratulations on 300 posts in under a year. Wow. And thanks for detailing how your comment volume grew and what posts were of the most interest (measured in comments).
    Finally, thanks for the Peanuts video (once of my favorite, my wife loves to dance like that). I’ve already watched that Christmas DVD twice this season with the kids, and we’ll probably see it again before Christmas. Go SNOOPY!
    ~ Steve, aka the Peanuts-loving trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..Trade Show Secrets

    1. Thanks Steve. Hard NOT to like Snoopy, no matter who you are. And also thanks for the heads up on the “dofollow” thing; I’ve taken care of that.

  3. Congratulations, Mitch.

    You’re making real progress and I’m enjoying reading what you write.

    Maybe now I’ll be able to keep up better.

    I wonder if I’m going to create some goals for my blogging. Don’t know yet.

    Act on your dream!


      1. Good morning, Mitch.

        I was just teasing about setting goals related to blogging.

        I’m a firm believer in goals and action steps. I always analyze a project and define precisely what I need to do before starting it. I’m a very left-brained analyst when it comes to things like this.

        I posted a comment on the blog post you referenced, too.

        I wouldn’t get even a small portion of what I do completed if I didn’t have a plan and the exact steps I need to take to accomplish it.

        I was forced to learn these things many years ago when I took on a project I really wasn’t prepared to manage. I learned quickly that goals were only part of the story, especially when more than one person is involved in accomplishing something.

        When it comes to blogging, I don’t set goals like post 5 times a week. I think in terms of getting page one placement on the search engines for a particular topic or keyword.

        I’m trying to also include the idea of reading and commenting on several blogs and forums on a regular basis. That’s what I meant when talking about setting goals for my blogging. It may be time to make a list of blogs and forums I want to visit and define the action steps I want to complete every day. The goals would be better placement in the search engines and more visitors to my sites. The action steps would be visiting a predetermined set of sites and participating on them every day or week or whatever.

        I haven’t done that, but I’m beginning to sense that it can be an important thing to do.

        Will I actually do it? That’s the part I don’t know right now. 😉

        Act on your dream!


      2. I’m starting to see you in many places, John, so I think you are taking the commenting on other blogs to heart. Truthfully, it’s only fair, as you’ve seen me write about in the past. And if people like what you write, then they’ll visit you, and that can’t ever be a bad thing.

        As for the goals, I figured you were just pulling my leg on that one, but I went with it anyway. 🙂

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