Number 201; The Next Update

Wow, I’ve reached 200 posts already, and I’m ecstatic and somewhat surprised by that, although I shouldn’t be. I made a new commitment to blogging and trying to earn more money and share more information and, in general, just have fun here since the last update, and I think I’ve done that.

When I wrote post Number 101, it was days under six months since I’d created this blog. It’s taken me about 4 1/2 months to write the second 100 posts. I’m not going to rehash everything I said on that post, since I just gave the link to it, but there are some things that changed drastically, and some that didn’t.

One thing that changed, though not as I’d have expected, were the general topics I wrote about. Four of my top 5 this time around were on the original list, but the orders have changed. My number one topic before was Marketing; this time it’s Blogging, with 25 posts about it. I’m sure a big part of that was when I wrote my Blogging Tips series, which really got me going on the topic. The other four top contenders were:

Internet 15

Marketing 12

Entertainment 10

Computing 8

Another thing that changed is the number of comments. At the time I hit the first 100 posts, I had about the same number of comments. For the next 100 posts I more than quadrupled that number, actually almost quintupled that number, with 486 comments on those 100 posts. That’s phenomenal, and I’m ecstatic about that, and I know that most of that traffic was driven from my going and commenting on other blogs. That’s been a lot of fun and very worthwhile also, and I thank all of you who have come by and posted comments, and allowed me to find your blogs and comment there also. Of course, I have to thank CommentLuv for a big part of that, because seeing topics that might interest you enough to go visit has been critical to my success and my fun. My top 5 posts in this period that got the most comments were:

Do People Ever Check Out Your About Page

What Will You Do To Get More Traffic

Fear Of The Hack

Website Outlook

Top Commentators Plugin

As a quick sidebar, the page that got the most comments was the second most visited page during this time period with 61 visits, but the number one visited page only had a couple of comments, but was visited 188 times, and that was my post called Be Responsible For Your Own Life. It resonated with people, but I guess they just didn’t want to touch such an emotional post. And really, I’ve spent more time over the past few months trying to be more personable and trying to reach out more to people, be real, while still maintaining my goal of generating income and being informative.

A quick mention of income, if I may. Google Adsense hasn’t been my best friend on the blog, but it’s doing something. I’ve probably made about the same amount of money through Adsense the past 4 1/2 months that I did the first six months, around $8. However, I’ve generated some other income through a couple of my affiliate ads, and now I even have some Text Link Ads showing up, though I now have to figure out why they’re not showing on every page, only the home page (always something, right?). The big boys don’t have anything to worry about from me just yet, but who knows, maybe I’ll soon move into the realm of being invited to speak at conferences, and get paid for it; yeah!

All in all it’s been a wonderful ride, and there’s plenty more to come. The diversity of the blog is like the diversity of my life; many interests, many things to say, many things to share. Then again, it is called “I’m Just Sharing” after all; and that’s not a link, just a highlight.

Mitch Mitchell signing off, and looking forward to the next 100 posts šŸ™‚

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    1. I’m actually using Text Links Ads, Sire. It starts up with a plugin, then you pull over a widget, and you’re good to go.

      1. Actually, it’s not so weird anymore. I went back to the site to check, and it’s recommended by Text Link Ads themselves, saying their advertisers normally would rather only be on one page, though you have the choice to put them on all the pages. That’s why I selected it, and I guess it’s because the advertisers would have to pay for each page their ad was on and that’s too much money for them.

      2. You’re missing the point, Sire. I get paid for the ad just being there, whether it gets clicked on or not. So, if they only want one page, and I still get paid, no big deal.

  1. “Well blog” Mitch. 200 posts is huge, congrats on making yourself to it. Waiting for more from you šŸ™‚

    NorhafidzĀ“s last blog post..Should I Say ā€œWinner Winner Chicken Dinnerā€?

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Dennis. It’s been fun, and I’m going to hope to keep generating even more fun.

  3. Hi Mitch!

    Just passing thru, and I want to endorse your comment on CommentLuv. Traffic comes from serious link-building and CommentLuv produces really good keyword-rich back links.

    Great Stuff!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rhys. CommentLuv earned Andy an award for best plugin, so he’s obviously getting lots of endorsements for it, and desrvedly so.

  4. Hey Mitch,

    Congrats on the 200th post! Thanks for your advice on my blog as well.. =)

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