November Report; Be Very Scared

Time for the November blog report, which of course details how this blog did for the month of November. It should be interesting to compare it to the October report, because I added a bunch of programs, but it’ll be interesting for a different reason than one might imagine.

I do want to start with this, though it has nothing to do with the blog. I made just over $42 in general from Adsense in November, which is easily my best month. I made most of it from my medical billing site, which I introduced on this blog in early November. I didn’t quite double my best month to date, but I came very close. So, niche sites can generate pretty good monthly income.

Now, to this blog and its stats, starting with income. For the month of November, this blog earned $20.37, which is up almost $11 from last month. I made $12.00 from Text Link Ads, $6.83 from LinkXL, $1.31 from Adsense, .13 from Kontera, and .10 from WidgetBucks before I pulled it from this blog because it was affecting the speed of the blog. So, it’s going in the right direction, but I obviously have way more work to put into it.

Now, some other stats. Per Google Analytics, I had 1,602 visitors to this blog in November, up 432 from last month, another high for me. Per my ISP, I had 19,105 unique visits, up almost 7,000 visitors from October, which had been my previous high. That’s not so bad, if you ask me. I also added this widget, which you can see to the right, and as of right now it’s saying that this blog is ranked 284th under the category of internet marketing blogs; I’ll take that also. I’m ranked at 119,551 on Technorati, 163,921 on Alexa, and 445,334 on Compete, which I still don’t care about. LOL

So, everything’s moving in the right direction, and I can only have high hopes as we move into the holiday season, but based on my own analysis, December stats usually go down because people are concentrating more on the holidays than on being on the internet reading stuff. Still, I’m happy with the progress, and hope y’all continue helping to support me on my ventures. And I’m really close to post #300, which I’ll hopefully have an opportunity to hit at some point in the next two weeks. I could have hit it by Friday if I hadn’t had to go on the road; the things we’ll do for money.

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8 thoughts on “November Report; Be Very Scared”

  1. Great news on an extra 7,000 unique visitors to the blogs this month. Would you say that has helped raise the website earnings or have you changed your ad campaigns over the past month?

    1. Hi Khaled. It pretty much has to be related to more visitors, since it seems that it didn’t drastically go higher because of all the extra stuff I added.

  2. So the traffic is building up which is a great news. Even I am working on arriving at the best monetizing strategy. TLA is a big no-no for the time being due to PR worries…

    I am thinking of Private ad sales now

    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..Right Time to Start Your New Self-Hosted Professional Blog

    1. Ajith, I’ll tell you the truth; if my search engine traffic ever gets to even 15%, I’ll think about it at that time. Right now, that doesn’t seem to be where it’s coming from, so PR doesn’t mean so much to me. Being listed on search engines in general does, though, and a loss of PR doesn’t affect that at all.

  3. hey Mitch,
    Thanks for sharing your numbers. I question the “blogging gurus” who claim to be making thousands a month, but your numbers seem very real. It’s also interesting and valuable to see how the different programs work. Anyway, I look forward to your 300th post. And don’t give your November earnings to those Reno casinos! 🙂
    ~ Steve, aka the trade show guru

    Trade Show Guru´s last blog post..King Corn

    1. Hi Steve. Actually, I don’t doubt those guys are making the money they say they are, but I also don’t think it’s as “pure” as what I’m trying to do, at least not anymore. For instance, though I’m earning some money from TLA, Problogger is actually sponsored by them, even though he says he doesn’t allow paid links, and John Chow also has sponsors. So, that’s not quite the same as putting affiliate ads on a site and trying to generate income from that. Still, I’m not going to say that if I ever got that kind of traffic that I’d turn down the money, obviously. I’m not a fool, after all. 🙂

  4. Hey Mitch, that is some pretty good news. You’ve surpassed my November earnings and I think I have more blogs than you do. Reckon your are just pulling in the right clicks. I may have to stick pretty close to you mate to see if some of that earning potential rubs off on me.

    Sire´s last blog post..Does My Bum Look Big In This?

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