My Top 10 Twitter Social Recommendations

There are a lot of lists around that tell you who’s the top this or that. Most of the time you see the same names over and over with no real imagination or forethought on just what those things mean.

Day One Hundred Twenty Nine
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Yes, I’m trying to get onto some lists; I’ll tell you that right now. I’ve said on more than one occasion that influence helps you get places, but if people are overlooking you, even if you’re doing well, then it’s interrupting your opportunity to play the real game of life.

It was with this in mind that I saw another top 50 list last week of people you should be following on Twitter. I knew many of the names but I checked out many others. Sure, they have high Twitter follower counts, but they don’t talk to anyone; what fun is that? With 5 blogs and a host of social media outlets I could be posting something different probably every hour of the day for close to a year without repeating myself. It might even boost my influence to a degree but would that make me a great social media or Twitter person to follow? Don’t you see Twitter as a place where it might be nice to talk to someone here and there and know that they’ll talk back to you?

That’s what I’m bringing you today. The 10 people on this list aren’t all the most loquacious folks in the world, but they talk to people, share conversations, and in their own way get involved. I’ll tell you up front that all of them aren’t for everyone, but all are intriguing in their own way and will talk to you. And yes, I’ve talked to all the people on this list, and some of the names will stun you but hey, today’s my day for name dropping. 🙂

By the way, I’m not hyperlinking the Twitter links, but if you use Firefox did you know that you can highlight the link, right-click, then tell it to either open the link in another tab or window? The things you can learn from blogs!

In no particular order, along with their Twitter links:

Beverly Mahone – I’ve written about Beverly often here and even did an interview with her here. She’s a marketing person who’s talked to some very famous names, including a name that’s on this list, and I’m in two of her books.

Frank Woodman Jr – Frank is an accountant based in the Midwest, but he not only shares lots of links, he’ll talk to you, and real conversations. We’ve had some interesting conversations that have lasted hours.

TS Meyers – I’ve known this guy for almost 15 years; ouch! We met through Usenet and did email conversations, ICQ and other chat programs, and now talk all the time on Twitter. He works the overnight shift at a facility in Nebraska, and since I stay up late he’s almost always around. And he’s brilliant; you won’t put anything over on him.

Bev Thomas – I’ve known Bev since I got into the internet, also meeting her in a newsgroup back in 1996. She’s wonderful but very political, and very liberal. She pulls no punches so if you’re on the other side you won’t like it much. She’s also brilliant; lawyer, IT, accounting… multiple degrees, been on both sides of the country, karate… If I could only get her to eat more. lol

Kathy Ireland – Yes, that Kathy Ireland! She followed me first, which was nice and uplifting, and I had to tell her I had her calendar and pictures from when she was a Sports Illustrated cover model. She’s really taken off and has made her money in brilliant ways as well. Very smart, and she’ll talk to you as well as promote causes on Twitter; just ask Beverly about it.

Jenn Pedde – Jenn is a local lady who now lives in NYC but I consider her more of one of us than them. She works as a community manager for 4 large universities on both sides of the country and is really into social media and has given me some interesting perspectives from a younger person on privacy and other things. She runs a weekly Twitter chat for community managers along with…

Kelly Lux – Kelly, another local person who works for Syracuse University as the community manager for the iSchool, whatever that means. lol But she experiments with lots of things social media, travels across the country representing the university in its social media exploits, and what’s really cool is that she was at NASA Headquarters when Curiosity landed on Mars, as she tweeted the event.

Mariel Hemingway – Yes, that Mariel Hemingway, and once again I had to tell her I’ve loved her career from way back when she was a little girl… I love Twitter! She also followed me first and has talked to me and a lot of other people and she has her causes as well.

Kelvin Ringold – Kelvin will be shocked if anyone tells him he’s on this list but he’s a real talker, especially to the ladies. lol He’s all about positivity and motivation, has a daily newsletter on positivity, and will talk to you if you reach out to him.

Randolph Harris – I have to admit I don’t know Randolph all that well but he’s another young guy who will talk to you about almost anything. He’s in Cali which means he’s another late night guy I can talk to; I really need to learn how to go to bed earlier sometimes. lol

There you go. You can follow many other people who will never interact with you or you can talk to some people who will talk to you and you might actually learn something. “And that’s all I have to say about that” – Forrest Gump

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14 thoughts on “My Top 10 Twitter Social Recommendations”

  1. Mitch,

    Thanks for including me. I can definitely vouch for 3 people on your list. Kathy, Kelvin and Randolph are absolutely WONDERFUL when it comes to engaging with others. I think once you show others you will engage them, they will be more inclined to RT for you and connect their friends with you.

    Kathy Ireland single-handedly boosted my book promotion almost overnite.

    You, by the way, are TERRIFIC too!
    Beverly Mahone recently posted..Team Up with BAMedia for a Worthwhile Cause and PublicityMy Profile

  2. Thanks Mitch, you really do some interesting research and the Social Media is sooo current – you’re right about following people, what’s way more important than their number of followers is whether they like to chat, share and communicate over a period of time. It’s not everyone – including me – that spends a lot of time on Twitter, but it’s good to know there are some admirable
    conversationalists out there, and I think you’ve picked out these ones as special – so thank you for just spreading goodwill to all your followers 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted..MLM Attraction Marketing Works!My Profile

  3. Well, well, Mr. Mitchell. First telling people that I’m actually blogging, and now this! You keep this up and I might have to be beholding to you. But thank you very much for the mention. I appreciate it. And you were right; I did forget what you said about a blog post on the 7th. Just happened by via serendipity. Wishing you the best of success sir. Have an awesome day!

  4. I see you’ve been rubbing shoulders with some of the rich and famous. lol It really is cool they followed you first because it would be pretty tricky to find any famous people willing to socialize with ordinary folk: not that you’re ordinary. lol

    I do enjoy Twitter but I really don’t spend as much time there as I used to. You have some pretty interesting people on the list and I’ll make it a point to follow each one, although I’m not as conversational as you – not even close. Yeah, I’ll admit it. 🙂

    BTW, See how I tricked your spam control. I got that middle initial in, didn’t I? lol
    brianDhawkins recently posted..Are All Types of Interaction Equal?My Profile

    1. Brian, you did get around it; by any means necessary right? lol Yeah, it always shocks me when a big name follows me, and I’m shocked more when one stays connected because so many people follow you, then you see a week later they’ve stopped. But these folks are all engaging; I like that.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will definitely look in to this. At the moment I do not spend that much time on twitter, but I think I will start using it much more now. Nice to see that even the rich and famous still like a good old conversation! Looking forward to reading your other posts!!

  6. I think you have shared several times that Twitter is your favorite social network. Excellent list Mitch, I think this is unique article and I will definitely check the accounts.

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