My 2011 Goals And Other Stuff

About a week and a half ago I took a look at my 2010 goals to see how well I’d done and found that I had done better than I expected to do for the year. Unlike Sire, I like setting goals so I have something to measure myself against later on. I always believe that if you see progress that it inspires you to try new things, and if you don’t then it might give you impetus to try harder. It might; we’ll leave it at that for now.

I’m not going to go back over last year’s goals again, since they’re at that other link. Instead, I’m going to list my five goals for this year, not only for this blog but for my internet life as well:

1. Earn $5,000 on the internet overall. This is always a tough one, but when I look back at this year I know that I’ll have come close to making $2,000, if not more. So, maybe it’s attainable; who knows. My only question is whether I’ll count webinars in there. After all, they’re done on the internet, although they’ll be representing my overall businesses so it might not count.

2. Earn $500 on this blog. That will definitely be difficult. I made less than $50 from this blog in 2010 and it was my best year. It’s one of the things on my mind when I was writing the post about what people want for their blogs. There will be more on this subject later on.

3. Get this blog up to around 50,000 on Alexa. Heck, it crossed a major threshold this year, although actually just in the past month, and it’s steadily gone up. I see the relationship between writing more posts, or at least consistent posts, and the ranking, so I think this one will be attainable as well.

4. Write at least two pillar articles. What’s a pillar article? Well, Yaro Starak defines it, in my words, as a long article that actually details a process for something that will have residual benefits over time. His initial post on the subject said articles more than 500 words, but it seems some folks believe you need to get to at least 3,000 words for a real pillar article. I’m not sure I want to go that far with it, but who knows, right? I know it’ll be an article my buddy Beverly probably won’t be reading, but it’s an interesting concept over all. And heck, it might be what I need to have an article that can surpass the infamous cleavage article. Turns out that was probably my pillar article for 2010; I’m so proud. lol

5. Increase my influence through this blog towards helping other business goals long term. I think that’s fair overall; a little something for you, a little something for me. What kind of business am I hoping to create? First, my professional speaking business. I already have two scheduled locally this year, but those aren’t paying so they don’t count. I thought about adding a new blog to my SEO site but that would be starting something from scratch that I already do here, so I’m not going that route. Instead, I’ll work on finding new ways of creating interest in this blog, especially locally, in my quest to increase my influence, which I wrote about a lot this past year.

Okay, there are five goals I’m shooting for. But I did add “other stuff” to the title of this post, didn’t I? One of those things is that I’m not going to be adding a product to the end of every single post in the coming year. Over 3 years I’ve made two product sales, and both of those came via a post that talked specifically about that product. Dennis once questioned this process of mine, and though I don’t think it’s such a big deal overall, I figure I can use my time in other ways. The images will be staying, though. I think an image breaks up my posts nicely, and sometimes I get to add a second one. By the way, today’s image is a gift I got from my friend Scott this holiday season, a lava lamp, something I’ve always wanted; thanks Scott!

Talk about advertising on this blog has been a topic over the years. I’m not going to stop advertising, but a few things will probably be eliminated. The affiliate ads on the side might go. Some of the products might be added to a sales page on this site that will have links to products I’ve talked about that I market, like that book to the left on 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day Online, which actually helped me figure things out and was worth buying. I’ve also talked in the past about my Services & Stuff site and things I need to change about it, and I think I’m going to work on setting it up more as an online store while still retaining some of what I’d originally set out to do.

One thing I’m going to do is more reviews of stuff such as books that I think would be of interest to some folks here. After all, I do read enough, and I’m planning on creating a sales page of only books I’ve read and recommended in some fashion on my S&S site, and I’ll probably link to it from this site as I have some of those other links to the right for specific affiliates.

All that, and hopefully I’ll still be entertaining, thought-provoking, educational, and all around unpredictable in the coming year. My hope is that you’ll benefit more than I will, but I want to benefit as well.



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19 thoughts on “My 2011 Goals And Other Stuff”

  1. I am streamlining in 2011. I tried to do too much in 2010 and it didn’t leave me any better off financially than the previous year. I am going back to my first LOVE–something I know I do well. And as a good friend of mine says, “I’m moving onward and upward with Grace.” I wish you well in attaining your goals and if you don’t mind, I’d love to post some of your articles on the BDN site as an educational resource for our readers.

    1. Bev, you can always repost any articles you see fit, just let me know so I can stop by. And I hope we both have great 2011’s.

  2. Hey, all those years my daughter had a lava lamp in her room and I never knew you wanted one until a few months ago. I am so happy I got it for you and found one in the right color, too.

    I will be re-capping my 2010 goals this week and setting new ones for 2011 the following week. Some are ongoing, some will be easy to track and others, like some of yours, will be a bit nebulous. I need to work on them some more. I would like each one to have a stated result.

    Don’t forget the game is on late tonight. I’ll be there with the family, look for me on the Telly!

    1. I’ll be watching; I have the alarm set to remind me. And I’m looking forward to seeing your goals as well.

  3. Nice goals Mitch. A bit tough and hard to attain but still, its doable and attainable! Basing on your blogging attitude and personality, you will reach your goals in due time.

    1. Thanks Ron. Actually I think only one goal is probably truly unattainable, and yet if I hit it, wouldn’t we all be pleasantly surprised? 🙂

  4. Mitch,

    First off best of luck with all your goals for 2010! In relation to meeting your goals for this site have you considered any CPC content? Since I added it to my site in August I have more than doubled my earnings. My site is pretty specific but I have found it has worked, maybe worth a shot? (I use Shopzilla)

    1. Thanks Anto. As to CPC, I’m thinking I already have that with the CJ ads I’ve been running and some of the products I’d been putting on this site, with almost no results. That might work best with niches unlike mine, which of course is no niche at all. lol

  5. I think it is possible to achieve this goals, Mitch. For this blog, may be you should try AdSense, I know it sounds trivial, but with some smart placement, you can easily hit $20-50 a day. About one of the points, I think you have already achieve that, helping a lot of people and businesses. Regarding Alexa ranking, do not bother at all.

    1. Carl, you must have forgotten about my post where I mentioned that the Adsense people have banned this blog from playing in the game because of that cleavage post. So, that won’t be happening any time soon, and by that I mean “never”. lol

      1. I think I have missed this post. Yeah, Adsense start playing dirty, I heart few colleagues talking about Adsense start locking accounts like crazy. May be try other contextual networks. I am also can not say that I am doing very well on Adsense.

  6. Hi Mitch

    I too have set my goals for 2011. Figure if I publish them as a post they will be out there and will serve as a check list as the year moves on.

    Haven’t set income target but have set what I hope to achieve in regard to my blog. One definitely happening as a techie friend is helping me with it. Will be to set up my opt-in newletter that I will send out once a fortnight.

    All the best for 2011 Mitch. I’m really looking forward to what the blogosphere will hold for all of us in the coming year.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. I have been reading a lot on goals, as this is the time of year most talk about their up coming goals for the new year. One post I read really hit me–they said to put post-it notes up where you will see your goal every day to remind yourself of them. I liked that, maybe you can do that too 🙂

    Good luck in 2011 I hope you surpass all of your goals!


    1. Thanks Shannon. Actually, I tried Post-It Notes once for some other things and found myself more irritated than anything else because I don’t like things on my monitor blocking me from seeing it all. I actually put my goals in my Palm so I have them with me and can constantly remind myself of them. Good luck to you on your goals as well.

  8. I see your blogs and various businesses always changing and moving in new directions. Maybe it’s appropriate that you used the lava lamp in this post, because it’s also never static — something new is always bubbling up to the surface. It’s going to be a great year, Mitch!

    1. Ajith, after all these years, I agree with you that ads aren’t going to bring big money in. That’s why I’m changing up my strategy for this year.

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