MJ, Legacies And Loss

Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my being in business, and I did both a video and a blog post on my business blog.


Today is unofficially known as Leon Day in some circles of the country, Eli Wallach passed away at age 98 (great actor; you young folks need to look him up), and it’s also the 5th anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson.

I have spent most of the day listening to Michael Jackson songs and watching some Michael Jackson and Jackson Five videos. You know, when you listen to the songs it’s hard to believe that so many years have passed since he’s been gone because every song sounds fresh and new. Truth be told, this is probably what every generation feels when they listen to the music they love, thinking they’re actually younger than they are because they can remember where they were or what they were doing when they first heard the songs that made them feel wonderful, which happens for most of us when we’re younger.

Want to know a truth? For probably the first couple of years, after the first few days of shock, I couldn’t listen to any of his music. It just freaked me out, knowing that a new MJ song (that he approved) was never going to be released again. Also, I felt like my own mortality was in question because he was only a year older than me; if he had all that he had and left the world like that, what did it say for my chances?

All of us go through stages like this when family members pass, and probably when someone famous, that we never knew but admired for one reason or another, goes away. I have to admit that sometimes it extends further for me. For instance, there have been a couple of bloggers who have passed away that I miss here and there, and at the time I lamented their loss.

Most of the time we probably won’t know that someone we read all the time has suffered a life ending demise. We might think that they’ve just gone away, decided not to blog anymore or participate on social media anymore, and we get on with our lives. There’s really nothing else for us to do because, when all is said and done, probably 99.95% of all relationships we make online will end without much of a resolution. Think about it this way; how many people who used to visit you blog when you started not only don’t stop by anymore, but aren’t even blogging anymore? Do you know what happened to them?

Scary to think about isn’t it? Want to add to the fear? It’ll probably be you one day, and if you have a significant other, he or she probably has no idea how to tell anyone you won’t be back, let alone will even think about it. My wife has no presence on social media; if I go, the overwhelming majority of you will never know it. I’m betting it’s that way for you also.

I think that’s why we grieve a bit when famous people we know and like pass away. For everything they had they couldn’t stop it, and we also think that if they weren’t famous then they’d be just like us, with a few family members sad that we’re no longer around but us not making even the smallest dent in life. What’s our legacy right?

What’s our legacy? Well, for me it’ll be my blogs, my videos, and other articles I have on the internet. I think that’s another reason I keep creating so much stuff and putting out so much stuff. I think someone will care at some point, and maybe one thing I write will help someone or help change their mindset or make them feel pretty good, even if it’s just for a short period of time. One can only hope, right?

See, even in death Michael Jackson’s got me thinking about stuff. Let’s see if my sharing the song below, my favorite song of all time, gets you thinking about you legacy also:


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13 thoughts on “MJ, Legacies And Loss”

  1. Hey Mitch, I’ve often wondered about my legacy. I’ve actually though a couple of times to register my domain for multiple years so if I do kick the bucket a portion of me will continue on.

    Now that you mention it, when I do go my videos will live on for heaps longer. In a way that is a comforting thought.

    BTW, I found an error in your seventh paragraph. 😉
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    1. Good catch; I’d have never caught that. I usually update 5 years in advance but I think I remember a service one can sign up for that will send out a notice if you don’t check in regularly. Can’t trust that though.

      1. Yeah, about time I caught one. It\’s a rarity on your blogs. 😀

        I usually renew my domains on a yearly basis. Have to check to see if there’s an option for multiple years.
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  2. There is a situation on Facebook at the moment Mitch with a girl who was running a book club I was a part of. She did not use her real name on Facebook or on her website. She just stopped posting in March. What does that mean? Of course my mind races to the worst scenario. :/
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    1. Troy, one just never knows, especially on social media. Course, you could always check her blog, if she has one, to see if she disappeared from that also… if you care. Still, you might never know; freaky right?

    1. Carl, at least you have a son. I have no kids or anything, and if I was overly concerned I’d do something about that. However, I’ve rectified things in my mind that I’ll leave my words and my copyrighted musical material and that’ll have to be that.

  3. Hi Mitch,

    Wow, five years already. That shows how fast time flies. I remember first hearing about his passing on tv. I had to do a double take! I honestly do not think anyone will ever achieve the level of fame and popularity that Michael did.

    I guess my children will be my legacy. I’ve never given it any thought. I just know that when I’m gone, I’m gone.
    I do wonder about my facebook pages and my website. I know that when my domain and hosting expire my site will be gone(if I’m still training when I go??). And if I go before my wife I’m pretty certain she’d be able to have the facebook accounts closed. But who knows, she might leave them up as a memorial. It’s something we’ve never talked about or given any thought too. Taking our health and youth for granted I guess 🙂
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    1. Got you thinking didn’t I Aaron? lol One of those strange things that I never learned until I was married way too many years involved the reason why I should have had life insurance way earlier. I was healthier when I was younger and could have gotten a way better monthly deal than I have now, and if I’d chosen the proper insurance I’d actually have been making money by now.

      As far as legacy, I think you’re doing fine. Yes, you do have children so that’s pretty cool. And at least your wife knows about Facebook; my wife… clueless. lol

  4. I think most people, no matter how famous, are destined to be forgotten. Michael Jackson will be remembered longer than most, but it seems likely that even he will eventually fade from memory. Eli Wallach was a very successful actor, but ask people who he was, and most won’t know. A couple of years ago, I asked my kids who Bob Hope was, and they had no idea. All it took was one generation.

    Great video. (But we didn’t dress like that, did we?)

    1. Charles, most of us didn’t dress like that; I know I didn’t. lol You know, I’m not sure he’ll be forgotten. There’s something different about music than comedy. I mean, we remember Mozart and other classical musicians, and even now some of us can listen to jazz standards from the 30’s and 40’s an enjoy them immensely.

      As for the rest of us… once again I force myself to deal with my own mortality and insignificance in the world, even though I know that I have my small pool of folks who I can talk to on some sort of regular basis and hope that, at least for a few moments, I sometimes make an impact on their lives. 🙂

    1. That’s really nicely said Ismail. I don’t have kids or grandkids but I often share stories with people that make me laugh or made me feel good. And even though the people I mention in the stories won’t often know about it, I always like to think that wherever they are they’re smiling because they can feel something positive being said about them.

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