Michael Jackson Would Have Been 55 Today

Wow, can you believe it’s been four years since Michael Jackson passed away? Four years and three months, and today he’d have turned 55 years old. Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream speech and the march on Washington DC, and I tried all day to make a connection between the two things, but it just wasn’t there.


It still freaks me out that he’s gone and that no new music, other than that one song months after he was gone, has been released since. He’s actually still in the news with the lawsuit his family has going against AEG and that’s horrid stuff to be sure. However, I figured that since I don’t want to deal with that I’d instead share some links to stories or things I’ve written on this blog that involve him in some fashion; my own tribute of sorts if you will. I make no promises that the videos on some of these posts are still live; YouTube’s always cracking down on someone. 🙂 Here we go:

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, written a year before he passed away.

I included a reference to the first live performance of Billie Jean when talking about my top 5 presentations in history; how the heck did I not include Dr. King’s speech referenced above?

I wrote this piece the day after he passed away, after I’d had some time to collect my thoughts.

In this post of my favorite singers, you know who was at the top.

I talked about my thoughts on the 1st anniversary of his passing.

Savorite disco songs? You know he’s in this one. 🙂

Did you know just what kind of impact We Are The World was around the world? Michael Jackson won a Grammy for this.

I asked people during my Sunday Question Series who their favorite entertainer was; yeah, mine’s easy to guess.

Later I asked what people felt was the last great album. Mine is the best selling album in history; now who did that again?

Ah, favorite songs from the 60’s; freaky that the first Jackson Five song that went to #1 was in 1969…

I answered 30 questions about music I liked, and MJ came up more than once.

Finally, I wrote a post about what motivates me and I not only mentioned Michael Jackson but included a video that leads to one of his most motivational songs ever.

There you go, my little tribute on his 55th birthday.

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15 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Would Have Been 55 Today”

    1. Arlee, it’s hard to recognize how each of us handles our pain differently. Michael kept having surgeries to try to alleviate the pain and couldn’t; that’s scary. Overall I deal with pain pretty well, but as I get older I’m not averse to grab a couple of ibuprofen here and there, whereas when I was in my 20’s and 30’s the idea of taking any pill for pain wasn’t even an afterthought; wasn’t happening. And trust me, I’ve known some pretty serious pain here and there. That and the pressures of being him; so sad…

  1. Hey Mitch,

    Okay, so I’m really late getting by here but I did want to check out this post.

    I knew you were a big Michael Jackson fan but I obviously didn’t realize just how big. I’m going to tell my age here (which you already know) but I’m a year older then he is so I did grow up with him.

    Who didn’t like his music? He really was one of a kind and I hate that life lead him to an early end. It really does break my heart and I can’t even imagine the pressure that the entertainment industry has on some people. I know he was a perfectionist and I’m sure went to all levels to be the best. People had a hard time telling him no.

    As we both have lost our fathers and we know looking back that it’s now been years I knew this time would come too. I do a lot of “I can’t believe it’s been that long”. Time seems to fly by these days and don’t blink or it will be 10 years from now.

    We did lose a legend when Michael passed away and I do hope that he knew how much he was loved.

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    1. Great comment as always Adrienne. Yeah, there’s this thing about age that makes us more introspective, especially when we’ve lost someone. You’re a year older than Michael, I’m a year younger, although back in the day they’d taken a year away from him so I’d thought we were the same age. You’re right about the music; even folks whose style was totally different seemed to give him a pass because he was… well, he was Michael Jackson! 🙂 As I’ve said about lots of other artists, there will never be anyone else like him.

  2. Hye Mitch, very nice tribute to MJJ. He was one of my fave artists, too. I still have 1/2 of his HIStory album CD (don’t know what happened to the other CD in the set) and I listen to it at least once a month. Even my grandkids love Michael Jackson; they have the Wii teach-you-how-to-dance-like-Michael programs and boy how they love it!

    I can think of some admittedly loose connections between Dr. King’s speech and MJJ: Jackson not only followed his own dream but did so in a way that helped others of all nationalities follow both him and their own dreams; “We Are The World” literally had folks from around the world “walking” hand-in-hand.

    Thanks for sharing the tribute.
    Vernessa Taylor recently posted..Hot Desking: Musical Chairs For BusinessMy Profile

    1. Nice seeing you again Vernessa. Yeah, for all the things people think they knew about MJ near the end of his life, they have no clue what he meant to the music industry, race relations, and taking care of people in need all around the world. I’m not sure I could ever find enough words to convey just what he meant to me but I gave it my best shot here.

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