March Statistics; A Dichotomy Of Success

A new month, some new statistics, and, as I said, a dichotomy of success to talk about.

First, here are the actual numbers, only talking about what made me money:

Adsense – $101.63
Paid Advertising – $25.20
Kontera – .84
LinkXL – $2.50
Chitika – .06
Infolinks – .32
Commission Junction – $0, with qualifications
Grand Total – $130.55

Let’s look at a couple of things above. This was my first month making at least $100.00 with Adsense, and I’m proud of that. Almost all of it came from my Medical Billing Answers site, and as long as that one stays prominent, it gives me something to build on. The Commission Junction thing, well, if you remember yesterday’s post about the affiliate who hasn’t paid me, you see that I actually made sales that I didn’t get credit for, and if I’d gotten credit I’d have made at least $60 this month, which would have prompted my receiving a check in April; that’s irksome, but I’m doing what I can there. Overall, February was still my best month ever, but this month easily could have been.

I still have my gripes about Chitika and Kontera, with the low sales, but I’m going to make a change. I’m going to remove Kontera from this blog, which has been somewhat irritating for some visitors anyway, and I’m going to use it on alternate pages on my Reviews Of Everything site instead, as I already have Infolinks on that site. I haven’t even had Infolinks a month yet, but that’s not the issue here. I’m thinking that type of site is more geared towards this type of text marketing, so that’s where I’m taking it.

Also, though I don’t want to do it, I’m thinking that I may move my leadership book and my leadership CDs lower onto the page, while still keeping my one internet marketing book up there at the top, and moving some other things around. We’ll see about that one, though; after all, traditional wisdom still says it’s always better to market your own products first, but talking about leadership and motivation may not work as well with this kind of blog, although it should! Yeah, I said that!

And there we are. Not so bad, a slight step back, but with qualifications, and it’s on to April.

Hank Aaron Hand Signed 8x10 Photo - 3000 Hit

Hank Aaron Hand Signed 8×10 Photo – 3000th Hit

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13 thoughts on “March Statistics; A Dichotomy Of Success”

  1. Way to go Mitch, especially with the Adsense. I haven’t worked out all my statistics yet but I know that My adsense went up 150%. I’ll mention why in the post I’ll put together at a later date.

    Too bad about CJ. I hope they come to the party soon.

    Sire´s last blog post..Getting The Most From Your Ad Space

    1. Thanks Sire. I hope they come with it also, because that’s money I don’t have that I earned.

  2. Your adsense numbers look really strong. It’s too bad Infolinks isn’t panning out as well. The values are low so it might be hard to compare, but I’m curious what sort of numbers your seeing between that and kontera in terms of ECPM.

    1. Well, both get very few links, and I just think it’s because neither one really zeroes in on a product, which could partially be my fault because the content doesn’t quite lend itself to the ads. But if one is supposed to use a word or phrase only one way, then who among us could actually see much benefit?

  3. Thanks Dennis. I like that it’s generating nice income somewhere, because that’s something we can all learn from.

  4. Hey Mitch,
    Congrats buddy… I had a so-so month without much improvement. The income stood at something like $150 and consolidated income for the last quarter was ~$410

    I need to really put a strategy together for AdSense, private ads and paid reviews. I am not going for affiliate prods as my niche wouldn’t attract much.

    Your medical billing answers seem to be the right niche for AdSense and the Finance blog can be used for great paid reviews. Those two alone should take your income above $200 in the next two months, I guess.

    Good luck and thanks for the update.


    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..Why a Dedicated Blog for Paid Reviews is not a bad idea?

    1. Thanks Ajith. However, I won’t be doing any paid reviews. Like this site, for me, I’d rather write whatever I want to write without wondering if someone paying me for something likes it or not. But paid advertising,… yeah!

  5. hey Mitch, good job on the adsense, I know of a few sites that give really good information on adsense (for free) and if this is something you want to improve on, I think you should read…

    (not sure how you stand on putting links in comments, but I assure you I have nothing to do with either site, just that these are run by extremely knowledgable people who really want to help people making money. )

    Don´t be fooled by the design of that second blog, it is making hundreds daily through adsense ;)If you scroll down a bit, you will find some adsense lessons that could help you increase the income 😉 and some interesting study cases

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Update on the Case Study

    1. Thanks Mirjam. I don’t care about links in comments, but of course Askimet does, so I found it there and pulled it out. And thanks for the links; I’ll be checking them out, although I got better at Adsense after reading Joel Comm’s book.

  6. you´re welcome 🙂
    ps, thanks for pointing out I´m not a “he” ROFL

    Mirjam´s last blog post..Update on the Case Study

    1. I think it was initially a typo and he just couldn’t get away from it. But it was funny. lol

  7. Hi Mitch,

    Congratulations on your good income for March. Well done especially your adsense. BTW thanks so much for helping me with my plugin problem the other night (your morning). You’re quite the plugin savvy pro that I could never be.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog´s last blog post..8 Top Internet Marketing Tips

    1. No problem, Peter; always willing to try to help out.

      As for the income, it was a pretty good month, considering where I’ve been, but nowhere near where I want to be yet. But I have time. lol

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