Maintenance Day

I hadn’t planned on making today a maintenance day. What happened is that I was going through my email and came across the email telling me about another affiliate dropping me because I’m in New York state; sigh,…

Anyway, I went looking for that particular affiliate throughout my blog, and as I went along I noticed other things that were off here and there. That included a few links that were discontinued that were shown to me by Broken Link Checker, but it turned out to be a heck of a lot more.

For instance, I saw how many of the affiliate products I add at the end of my posts had the images suddenly missing, either because those products were discontinued or the company added a different program to the mix; I wish they’d tell a body. Also, I came across many other affiliates which had been discontinued, that I hadn’t thought about, so I had to replace some of those ads.

One thing about doing maintenance on your blog is that it will bring some posts back to your mind that you hadn’t thought about in awhile. For instance, I’d forgotten that I’d written a post way back in March on publishing one’s own book, which I then followed up on in November as the final piece of my book writing series.

I also found many instances where I hadn’t typed the HTML code all that well, so I’m glad to have had the opportunity to fix those errors. It probably wasn’t until August when I started looking at every post before publishing it so I could see what things looked like, and I’m glad I do that now.

Still, I realize that I’m going to have to do two things. One, I’m going to have to create something that will be at the top of this blog that lists all my posts on making money online. I think putting them all in one place will make it a very valuable resource. Also, I’m going to have to pull out the spreadsheet and log all the affiliates I’ve used at the end of each of these posts so I can keep track of them and make sure I’m not leaving anyone out, as, it seems, some of these affiliates have rules for making sure you use them within a certain time period; weasels.

So, think about looking back through your posts to see what needs to be cleaned up and what you may be able to change around. Of course our buddy Dennis has a link error problem that he can’t find, so I’m sure he’ll find that using the time to go back through his posts may help him find it, though he’s hinting at a contest of some kind, which is sneaky, but I like it. 🙂 Also, I did all of this work this afternoon, and just a few minutes ago I read this post on Blab Web on the same thing. I guess great minds do think alike.

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2 thoughts on “Maintenance Day”

  1. No problem, my man. You deserve it, and of course you need lots of help to find your broken link. 🙂

    1. At least they do for the blog owner. I’ve noticed, obviously, that it’s not perfect. It highlighted this one site as a broken link, but the link works, so I’m not sure why it’s doing that.

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