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Okay, this time I got the video from Chris Brogan, and it’s a video put on by a group that calls themselves EpicFU. It’s all about Twitter apps first, then an interlude of some freaky stuff, some advertising, then more about how to use Twitter for different types of stuff. Overall it’s pretty good information, and follows up a previous post where I introduced Tweet My Blog.

Anyway, here’s the video; thanks Chris:

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13 thoughts on “Lots Of Twitter Information”

  1. I did notice the cuteness factor and I definitely wouldn’t throw her out of bed if she farted. Heck I reckon I could even keep up with the chatter. 🙂

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  2. I like the revision3 shows but never really get into epicfu. will check this ep out.

    I like the diggreel and diggnation for funny videos.


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    1. As I find things I check them out and, if I like them, repost them here. But I don’t always go searching for someone’s consistent posting of video; not sure why. I did like this one, though.

  3. I actually understood her, but she does zip through things fairly quickly, for sure. She’s cute as sin, though. 🙂

  4. What can I say Mitch, my greatest downfall is that I am a sucker for pretty women.

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  5. OK, cough up, who’s been whispering into your ear about me.

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    1. You know where I read about it. I won’t mention it here, though, because I like to keep our anonymity, if you know what I mean. 🙂

  6. Sorry can I follow her on twitter? =P

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    1. If we could only find her I’d follow her on Twitter. It would certainly be presented much slower. LOL

      1. LOL well said well said… She’s probably too fast to be followed.

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