Karma And Intuition

Did you know that I’ve uploaded 75 videos? Did you know that I have had just over 2,000 views? That equates to around 3 viewers per video; that’s a horrible ratio, and I don’t have to tell you that.

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The question might be why do I keep doing videos if no one is watching. I do them because I should. I have this intuition that by creating videos some day a few of them just might become popular; not Gangnam Style popular but popular enough so that people will watch one, think it’s not so bad, and share it with someone else. Sure, they’re not overly polished but it’s real and honest and me.

I also feel this karma surrounding me that says “hey, you should talk about this, whether or not you blog about it”. Remember my last video on being an expert? Remember my last point in that post about being willing to share? Sharing isn’t always about the written word, even on blogs. Audio, video, images… whatever it takes, if there’s something there you wish to share, it’s all good.

Why am I talking about karma and intuition today? Because I think most people go about their lives waiting for things to happen to them, good or bad, without paying attention to that little voice inside their heads that says “watch out” or “hey, this sounds really good”. So many people make bad decisions when they knew better, including me. However, I also make a lot of good, safe decisions, some where others might say I played it too safe, but I’d rather be too safe than too risky; I’d like to stick around this big ol’ Earth for a little while longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

This isn’t a blogging tale; this is a life tale. Some people eat too much or eat the wrong things when we all know better because we’ve read and listened to experts tell us about it. Some people still smoke when there’s no doubt it’s going to give 95% of the population either lung cancer or emphysema. Too many people play the lottery every single day when everyone knows the odds of winning the “big one” are worse than the entire population of the planet.

Some of those examples aren’t too bad; others are horrid. We know, but we don’t listen to our intuition, thus we don’t put out the right karma, that sense which tells us whether we’re going to be peaceful or not. Some folks have it going on; they’re doing exactly what they want to do, when they want to do it. But what about the rest of us? What will it take for us to pay attention to ourselves?

Frankly, I don’t know either; that’s why I made this video. I hope it gets at least 20 views, but I know better; my intuition is telling me so. Still, here it is:



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17 thoughts on “Karma And Intuition”

  1. I am a great believer of the Karmic effect on all human activities. I am also a strong believer of following one’s intuition as long as the moral grounding of the individual is on a strong platform. I cannot be anything but, because there is no other logical explanation for many of the phenomenon that we see around us.

    I inevitably watch the videos that you publish and am glad to know that I am in the elite group of your admirers.
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    1. Peter, I don’t see karma as a religious thing, thus believing in it is just fine. Heck, if people don’t believe in it & aren’t paying attention then they’re setting themselves up for consistently having bad things happen to them. Gotta listen to one’s own warnings, that’s for sure.

  2. Mitch, I have to say I agree with you on this one. I’m a smoker myself, I venture through life making very idiotic decisions. This includes eating nothing but meat and potatoes,Leaving work early just because I can. I find myself doing a lot of self-destructive things. No, I don’t harm myself. I just don’t think before I act. Florida weather sure is the worst! But the Air conditioning never feels so good! As for your gambling, You only live once,Mitch. Sometimes you just gotta go flow! Sometimes, it bites you in the butt. But what you got out of it was an adventure and a story! Money is there to live and adventure with! – Scott Craighead

    1. Scott, the funny thing about me is that I always know I’m going to get a story out of it, no matter what happens, and thus sometimes I go through with things I know I shouldn’t for that reason. Luckily, I always know when to stop as well, and my behaviors are so safe that I’ll never get into any real trouble… on my own that is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sire, they play state lottery everyday, and in a weird way it’s a game with them. Most of them don’t have computers either; strange how that works out. lol

      1. We’re not that bad here as we only have them 4 days out of the seven. I don’t think lotteries can be as addictive as the pokies though. No flashing lights to hypnotise people ๐Ÿ˜€
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  3. Keep videos coming, Mitch. I am one of the people that is subscriber and watching your videos. It is a lot better to do it and have a little results than not doing it and not have any results. I always trust my intuition and most of the time, I am correct. Well, karma I don’t quite believe in it, but certainly there is something when things cross and overlap. However, I think you have had a great time there.

    1. Thanks Carl. I did have a nice time, even though my intuition kept telling me to take my money and go home. In this instance I didn’t feel I could really lose anything I wasn’t prepared to lose thank goodness. But at other times, I listen and keep myself safe and free. Glad you watched the video; I agree with you there.

  4. I think it’s more how you yourself feel about doing better things than karma. I found it to be fulfilling to make good choices.

  5. I love your attitude Mitch: doing what you think is right, over what works in a monetary/popular sense. I have to admit to never watching one of your videos – I have a good excuse though: I only use my computer for work – never entertainment – I don’t actually have any speakers attached ๐Ÿ˜ฎ – I know, kind of lame. I’m surprised the ratio of people watching your video’s is so low though; I always assumed a video lended a professional “feel” to a website/blog and people preferred a watch than read. That is intriguing, I’d be interested to know if other blogs have a similar ratio to yours; perhaps people come here expecting to read, rather than watch, and that accounts for the low views. Whereas if people go to youtube its the opposite.

    1. Richard, you never know what will catch on with the public. In general though views of most videos are drastically low. One would think that the number of subscribers would mean that you’d get at least that many people watching your videos but it turns out not to be true because at least half the people are probably connected in a hope that you’ll connect back with them & watch their videos. Unbelievable that you don’t have speakers attached if it’s a home computer. Then again, what you’re saying is that you see blog commenting as work and not entertainment since you’ve been here and on another of my blog’s a few times; now that’s an interesting commentary of its own…

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