June Statistics; The More Things Stay The Same

Once again, time for the monthly statistics for the previous month. This month, depressing and odd; here we go:

Adsense – $86.10
Commission Junction – $.07
Google Affiliate Network – $1.00
Paid Advertising – $35.63
Total – $122.70

Last month my dollar total was $123.97, so I’m going in the wrong direction, even though Adsense went up. Not sure what happened to the little bit I was getting from some of the others, but some odd stuff has happened.

One, I think Widget Bucks dropped me. I’m not sure, but I went to sign in to check my dollars and it says it can’t recognize my email address. Hey, based on what I wasn’t making from them, it’s not all that bad, but still,… I wonder if I have forgotten an email somewhere.

Two, I dropped Link XL as one of my affiliate programs, and I’m thinking about dropping another one. I had someone contact me who had been an advertiser from LinkXL way back when, and every once in awhile I was earning something from those folks. Turns out they’d dropped advertising but forgot about it, and were having problems with their site for some reason, but knew it was coming from my site. The only way I could get the sucker to go away for good was to end my association with LinkXL. Once again, not like it was really generating anything except off these folks who were trying to get away from them.

The one I’m thinking about dropping is someone called the Gold Affiliate Program. It’s one of Shawn Casey’s things, and I’ve only gotten maybe 7 or 8 clicks in almost 4 years at this juncture. Of course, I only have the links in one place, so maybe I need to pop them on here for a couple of months to see if anyone is interested in them. They’re products about internet marketing; I’ve only purchased one of them and it wasn’t bad; pretty much all I have to say about that.

I’m also thinking about just dropping Joel Comm’s products also. Since he took the Adsense book and turned it into a freebie, trying to sell a course instead, it’s lost its overall appeal for people, and it’s doing nothing much for me.

And I’m possibly thinking about dropping TTZ Media, which are those products you see there to the right under the top talkers. According to their stats, I’ve only had two people click on them in the last six months. If that’s true or not, that’s not good at all, and I can probably use that real estate for something else, maybe the Shawn Casey things. Something new to think about.

The reason I’m thinking about dropping them is so I won’t have to check them anymore. Sure, I could just keep them around and hope to make something out of them, but their track record is horrible, and the potential income is fairly low even if someone decided they just had to start buying that stuff.

Oh, one last thing. Visits went up from May, but only by 36, though that’s from one less day than May. However, the early part of the month had more visitors when I was writing more, so I still think it depends on how much I can write. I did gain more subscribers, though, as today’s number is at 90, my highest ever. Shooting for that elusive 100; I hope it’s this month.

Anyway, another month has come and gone, and it’ll be interesting to see how things progress as I work my way through July.

Michael Jackson – A Remarkable Life

Price – $13.98

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24 thoughts on “June Statistics; The More Things Stay The Same”

  1. I see you still maintaining over $100 a month. Keep it up man. You will find what works for you and the income levels will rise.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Blog Comment System =-.

    1. Thanks Deneil. I’m now at the point where I need to figure out how to increase the income. Time for the next level.

    1. Well, we both know I’m not going the paid review route, but I have to figure out how to push up the online earnings, that’s for sure.

      1. Consider me competition rather than opposition, Sire. Then again, the way you’ve come on like gangbusters in our chess games lately, maybe I need to start thinking of you as my opposition. 🙂

      2. Sure is. In our case, there is no one dominant player. That makes it exciting every time; I may have to write about the site.

  2. Why no mention of your ebook in the top left corneror the ad unit right below that?

    Also wondered about space that could be better optimized: Top Spots.

    Doesn’t seem to be doing much in terms of visitor benefit. Is there are business/personal benefit for keeping it?

    Also, I didn’t know you were a health guy until I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled (wink) to the bottom of the page to see that you had other ebooks!

    Ever do click thru testing to see what resonates with visitors?

    1. Natasha, I didn’t mention them because I didn’t sell any of them. That top spots thing is still on trial, but it might be sunsetting at some point also.

      I’ve actually written about why my other books (one of those is a real book, by the way, the other a CD) are down that low. I had them in the prominent top spots, but they’re not really pertinent to what I talk about on this blog. They are in the top spot on my business blog, though.

      As far as click through testing,… not quite sure what you mean by that, but I will say that the blog gets almost no clicks on stuff, although this was probably my best Adsense month with the blog. After all, I have so many careers that my testing is fairly basic stuff. If you want to see some of what I’ve done over time, check out my Research category. I’ve certainly written enough about things. 🙂

  3. Hi Mitch.
    That’s already a nice income statistics. Maybe you can improve on affiliate marketing. Your adsense earning is good. Keep up the good work.
    .-= Vic-BusinessAccent´s last blog ..How to attract more money into your life =-.

    1. Thanks Vic. I’m still working on how to get the affiliate marketing thing down better.

  4. always enjoy reading your comments and posts!.. they are helping me with my adsense.. got $240 last month, a record for me! thanks

  5. hey Mitch 😀
    Seeing that in your comment on my blog you said you do read your own blog, maybe it is time that you also have a closer look at your layout and put more attention into which products and services should get the best spots on this blog in order to up your earnings.

    More isn´t always better …

    Personally when looking at your layout, I always get a bit dizzy because of the way all your sidebar space is used, and at the end of your posts it is not always a relevant product that shows up, if you know what I mean …

    And even though you didn´t ask for any feedback or tips, I think those are two areas you could possibly improve on 🙂
    .-= Mirjam´s last blog ..More Prizes To Be Won on Redgage This July! =-.

    1. Hi Mirjam,

      Truthfully, none of that stuff is for people who read all the time. Not only that, but even the stuff that’s pertinent never get clicked on. As I’ve said often, this blog isn’t necessarily for making money, but if it does, it’d be a boon. My other sites are more for making money, so I try harder with some of them. This one is my play thing, my baby, the one I get to have fun with. And it’s for reading, which, as I said, I’d still read it.

  6. Mitch, I was wondering, what’s the CTR of your google adsense? As the $86.10 per month is not a small amount!

    1. Hi Wil,

      I’ve never paid attention to that, but I went and looked. Overall, it’s.85%, but on the site that makes the most money, it’s 2.16%.

      1. Hmm…, the your Google adsense’s CTR is in the normal range, which is between 2% to 5%. You will earn more, if you can increase the CTR, Mitch!

      2. Hey, I first have to increase the number of visitors, Wil; easier said than done for that niche.

  7. Well, your earnings are not low to me. Yes, we all would love to earn mega bucks and it would be nice, but the fact is that you made over $100 and thats ok.

    You seem to have many affiliate programs that you advertise. Maybe just concentrate on the ones that bring in the bigger money and try and promote them more to get your earnings up.

    If I look at your May earnings and compare it to June then you made more although it is just by a little margin.

    Try and play around this month and see what works for you.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Premium FlexxTheme Theme =-.

    1. Hi George,

      Everyone is concentrating on this blog as the money making machine, and I keep telling everyone that I’m not worried about this blog’s money making capacities, but trying to make the money in other places. None of my affiliate programs seem to bring in money anywhere really, which means I’m not promoting them properly and need to figure that out. Adsense seems to be my baby.

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