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How about a quick moment for a little bit of motivation? Who knew it could be so controversial?

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On my business blog, I posted something this evening about a motivational movie that’s just been released on DVD called The Opus Movie, which is sort of a follow up to the movie The Secret.

Anyway, in that post I mentioned another motivational movie that I used to have on my business blog, which I removed because it was getting the wrong kind of attention for that particular blog. Well, I’ve always resented that I felt like I had to remove it, so I’m putting it on this blog. It’s called Johnny The Bagger, and it’s a little motivational movie about a Downs Syndrome boy with a job who starts doing a little something that his community falls in love with. The controversy that started on my other blog was whether or not the story was true.

I could have cared less, but that didn’t seem to sit well with some people. I researched it and found information that seemed to prove it, testimonials from people who said they knew him, and of course the woman who produced the story works with Ken Blanchard of One Minute Manager fame, so I thought it was all legit, but still some folks wanted to argue.

The business blog wasn’t the place for that sort of thing. However, this one can be, if someone so chooses to be a pompous windbag who can’t just enjoy the message and meaning of something as touching as this story is, true or not. So, without any further ado, I’d like to introduce here, the story of Johnny The Bagger:


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6 thoughts on “Johnny The Bagger”

  1. I believe it Mitch and I found it very inspirational. What I find surprising is that people would rather disbelieve this sort of story rather than believe it and let it affect their lives. Morons.

    I can say morons on this blog can’t I?

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    1. Yes, you can say morons, especially since I used “pompous windbags”. It is nice, isn’t it? You just don’t know about people sometimes.

  2. The thing is that I can see what a great effect finding something like that in your shopping bag.

    We used to have packers, I used to be one, but not any more. Either the checkout operator does it or the customer does.

    Sire´s last blog post..Registering For Derek Gehl’s Free Webinar

    1. I was a bagboy when I was 13 or 14 years old myself, and I never would have thought of that. But I actually enjoyed that job, oddly enough. And yes, I can imagine how people would react to that sort of thing from a kid.

  3. Mitch,
    I thought it was a great story and I liked the movie….a Professor was on Oprah’s show recently talking about how rude people are to each other these days and he has written a book about it and I thought this is true …He used a quote in the book “We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace” by someone named Peggy, I am trying to find the author as I think the quote has a lot of truth. Don’t we all like to be seen, listened to and appreciated…Thanks for sharing with me Today.

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    1. Hi Patricia. That would be Peggy Tabor Millin who gave that quote. And I agree with you, all of us like being appreciated, and I appreciate that you took the time to stop by and leave a comment here.

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