I’m In The Local Newspaper

Since most of you don’t live in the Syracuse, NY area, you will have missed this, especially because many of you also aren’t following me on Twitter (why not; don’t you see the big blue bird down there on the right?)

Anyway, yours truly made the local newspapers on Friday, but the article actually showed up online last week. I wrote about it on my business blog, in conjunction with some other stuff, but realized that I hadn’t included it here. Anyway, click here to see the brief story, and don’t let the picture scare you; the photographer told me to sit like that. lol It’s a brief story about people who work on maintaining positivity in their lives; I do that, but if you read what I say there, I admit that it’s not a 24/7 thing. It can’t be; if we don’t have down times, we never know what the really good times are. Check it out.

See, I can write short posts. šŸ™‚

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26 thoughts on “I’m In The Local Newspaper”

  1. I don’t know which impresses me more–the fact that you’ve gotten positive press coverage or the fact that this post is SHORT! šŸ™‚

    Congratulations on the press coverage–and it was also good to see another Twitter buddy Kelvin. Do you two know each other?

    You need to write a post for my blog on how you got the coverage. I’m sure my readers would enjoy it.

    Beverly MahoneĀ“s last blog post..The Weak Job Market Hits Home

    1. Yes, Kelvin and I know each other; I’m the one who told him he should be following you. We even had breakfast this morning.

      Actually, how I got in isn’t all that exciting. A friend of ours works for the newspaper, and when he heard the reporter wanted to do that story, he recommended us. Not much more to it. šŸ™‚

  2. Whoo hoo! Good for you! I hope you bought two copies of the paper. One to frame and put up in your office and the other one for your publication scrapbook!

    DeAnna TroupeĀ“s last blog post..Book Review: Selling In Tough Times

    1. I did buy two copies, but truthfully I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. I’ll have to think about your idea. Thanks DeAnna.

    1. Thanks Sire. Even when I tackle tough issues, I’m usually pretty positive that things will work out just fine.

    1. Thanks Steve. My name has been in the paper before, but it’s been at least 33 years since the last time my picture was in it.

  3. WoW, congratulation, Mitch! It’s big achievement, as it won’t easy to persuade the reporter to do the interview and put it on the newspaper!

    You’re certainly building your road to fame here…

    1. Actually Wil, this one was really easy because she contacted me and asked me to be a part of the story. šŸ™‚

    1. For sure, Nikki; and I’m not sure how you missed it either, since I sent it to you a couple of times. lol

  4. I think that’s pretty cool you was in your local newspaper.

    You wrote a short post, I was surprised when there was no more to read. (I prefer your long posts though)

    Deneil MerrittĀ“s last blog post..June 2009 Goals

    1. Thanks for commenting, Deneil. In this post, I was talking about myself in a different way than I usually do; I wasn’t quite sure what to say. lol

      1. You welcome. lol, I understand what you mean. It can be hard to write about yourself some times.

        Deneil MerrittĀ“s last blog post..June 2009 Goals

  5. Congratulations. Have you seen any positive effects from it like more traffic or subscribers?

    Anyone interested in getting mainstream PR should check out the short videos Jeff Crilley puts up on YouTube or buy his inexpensive book Free Publicity available at JeffCrilley.com.

    Jeff was the “gloom and doom” reporter for Fox 4 News in Dallas when I met him but has since opened his own PR agency. I see his domain now forwards to a new site but there is a link to the book at the bottom of the right column.

    I loaned my copy to someone and didn’t get it back so he sent me a replacement copy. It is a concise, excellent source of tips that really work for getting on the news or into the papers. The videos are great too – and free.

    Internet StrategistĀ“s last blog post..How to Create a Successful Blog Based Business Part 1

    1. IS, I didn’t get anything here because they didn’t mention my links, and only people who know me would have known how to find me online. I got calls, though, and some emails; it stunned me to see just how many people actually read the local newspaper, because my wife and I don’t. So, it’s pretty much just been a lot of fun.

  6. Hey Mitch,

    Sweet. Think about a launching a little PR campaign, approach some papers and magazines, use this piece as leverage…


    1. Hi Alex. It was actually in the newspaper already, and we only have the one in town. Don’t really have a local magazine, so I’m kind of at a loss where else to put it except on my blogs, which I did.

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