I Love Infographics But You Won’t See Any Here

As some of you may know, in recent months I’ve fussed about guest post requests and link removal requests that I’ve been getting a lot of email about lately. There’s one more email type that I’ve gotten a lot lately as well, although this isn’t quite as irksome.

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People send me email for 4 of my blogs (they never send anything for my local blog) sharing a link to an infographic they’ve got, wanting me to see it and then asking me to share it with my readers. In essence, what they’re trying to do is get me to write an article and link to their site without their having to pay for it, free promotion if you will.

As sneaky as that is, truth be told I love to look at infographics. I’m not artistic by any means, and that includes having the mindset to know how to put one of these things together so that they look visually stunning. Not that all of them do but many of them do, and when I have the time I like to go take a look. However, I also write every one of these people back and tell them the same thing; I don’t put infographics on my sites so I won’t be promoting them.

Truthfully, I may have promoted one or two in my past, but nothing lately. However, I can’t conceive of every putting an infographic on my site for one main reason.

They tend to take up a lot of valuable real estate that’s called my blog writing space and, well, let’s face this fact that almost no one wants to visit a blog post that not only has a long infographic that’s sometimes hard to see, but then have to consider going through a long blog post as well. So most of the time when you see big infographics there’s little content because no one wants to look redundant.

As I said, I’m not against infographics, and it’s possible that some people might benefit from them. And if you’re lucky to know someone who can create a cool app that makes those infographics a little less cumbersome while still being seen by everyone (such as the one on post by Marcus Sheridan), that becomes a game changer and, if that became available for everyone, I might even consider changing my own policy in the future.

But for now y’all are just going to have to make due with my miasmic rambling missives of fact and opinion; I hope we’re all up for it. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “I Love Infographics But You Won’t See Any Here”

  1. Free promotion? I never thought about it that way. But you are right (then again, infographics aren’t easy to make, and they do present the information in a nice manner, why not share it? Perhaps along with a post that we have already written?).

    I haven’t shared any infographics on my blog – I don’t know why. If I think of a post, I usually don’t think about infographics. Everything else is good – text, video, podcast or a mixture of these.

    I do agree about the size – some tend to be long (And wide..width is a problem). Marcus’s idea seems like a feasible solution.

    I do plan to use infographics in the future. It could be useful for presenting my experimental data and for my stats page (I plan to create a page where I list all my blog experiments and the results; I am calling it the stats page for now :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your view on Infographics, Mitch 🙂

    1. Good stuff Jeevan. Truthfully, if I had articles for those infographics things might change in my mind, but the infographics I’ve always been asked aren’t on topic with anything I do, and, as I said, I’m not giving away free press for anyone unless I’m doing it for my own purposes. Now that might seem a bit selfish but I think I’ve shared enough links on all of my blogs so that no one should ever even come close to thinking that I’m selfish.

  2. I like the infographics as well, but have not used any of the requests I’ve gotten either. Maybe someday if I get way lazier than I am now I might succumb to using them, but for now I don’t seem to have enough post space to say the things that I want to say.
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    1. That’s where I am Arlee. I mean, for my homepage I like to highlight my last 3 articles. Can you imagine how large the homepage would be if there was one of those monster infographics?

  3. Hi Mitch
    I have read in You Can Win by Shiv Khera that “There is no free lunch.” Sometime i also get this kind of mail but i don’t care and delete it. I don’t have time to give some something free. One has to pay something for what he/she demands.:)..

    1. Nice thinking Suraj. You know, I always think it’s better if I decide to write on a topic and find an infographic that I can share by at least a link rather than someone writing me and asking me if I’ll share theirs.

  4. Your are right thatiIt is your choice to share these kinds of info-graphic posts on your blog or refuse them. It is true that nowadays infograpic posts are very helpful and effective to get good figure of traffic and business but it is also true that those people who are sending your these infographic posts to share on your blogs will ask you to remove them after sometime. When they realize that they are not getting response from these post they beg to webmasters “please remove my post from your blog”. I will appreciate your policy about this guest posting.

    1. You know Maria Jean, I hadn’t thought about the possibility that some day they could come back and ask us to remove those links. Another good reason not to use them. 🙂

  5. Hi there Mitch!

    I find your post very attention-grabbing. I harmonize that the decision lays upon us. We can use infograhics in our pillar since it will help readers to understand your post. But sometimes, some visuals are very puzzling (I have to be honest). They are not conscious that the infographic that they produced was overloaded.

    So I suggest them to create a simple but catchy one.

    1. I’d have to agree with that Metz, some are overwhelming and way too dense to be easy enough to understand. That’s one of the failings of some of these things; you need a large monitor to view them properly.

  6. I don’t put many infographics on my site at all. I think I’ve only posted two, one I did myself on a joke post and another one that I can’t really recall right now.

    People always ask me why I don’t make infographics. Honestly I don’t find them that interesting.

    There’s definitely a skill to making a good one. Many of the ones I see are poorly made, in the sense that it takes me longer to decipher the icons and graphs than if they would have just written it out. Some are so long that I just give up before I get to the end.

    Not all are this way but I seem to come across the bad, unreadable ones all the time.

    I never get asked to share them on my site, though. I likely would if it was a well done companion piece to something I was already writing about. Aside from that, probably not.
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    1. John, you have your own artwork, which I like, thus you don’t need any infographics. And if you’re like me, what would your infographic be about anyway? I’m not sure either of us could benefit much from posting someone else’s infographics all that often, but if I did, it would be because I needed it rather than be request.

  7. I’d never heard on an infographic – had to wiki it – of course, it made sense when I read a brief description of what it is. I have to say, the examples on wiki are not as pretty as the image you have provided Mitch. I have to say, however, apart from looking pretty, I fail to see the attraction of them, and why anyone would email them as some sort of “bait”. Finally Mitch, why exactly are people wanting you to remove links? I am guessing it’s something to do with Google.

    1. That’s exactly it Richard. Sites showed a downturn in their rankings, supposedly hired someone to review why it happened, and lo and behold, the answer is too many links to places that don’t quite match up to the site itself. Thing is, a lot of that stuff is nonsense. Take my finance site for instance. Every article is on a financial topic, so if your site is financial in any way, having a link on my site can only benefit you. Now, if you’ve left links in comments, then that’s on you as you probably paid someone to leave those links, in which case it’s not my problem. That’s the thing; it’s never the person who actually wrote the comment asking me to remove anything, but their representative of sorts; phooey! lol

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