I Hate Logging In To Comment

So there I was, reading another blog post and thinking I had something I wanted to share. So I go to the comments and get hit with it once again: “You must log in to comment on this post.”

And so it goes. I hate logging onto blogs to make posts, so I do it rarely. I know why people are doing it. They’re trying to keep comment spam out of their midsts, and think it’s the safest way to go. Instead, I’m betting they get very few comments on their blog and wonder why.

Those of us who blog like the idea of people commenting on our blogs; that is, unless you’re Seth Godin. Therefore, it’s imperative that we don’t make it hard for people to be able to comment on our blogs. At the same time, we have to protect ourselves from the spam, which can be voluminous. What I did was sign up for Akismet on this blog, which seems to protect me a great deal. Also, asking people for their name and email address when they sign in isn’t a bad thing, even though that’s more of a WordPress thing that something for me. By adding the CommentLuv thing, it also gives people a chance to comment and highlight their own blog by showing their previous posts; that’s a good thing also. And I also give them link power by setting up my blog to be a Do Follow blog.

On my business blog, I added Bot Check, which makes people put in the number they see in a little box first before their post will show, along with another protection program called Bad Behavior, which helps protect against spam.

In essence, I have so many other ways to protect myself that the last thing I need anyone to do is actually have to log in. Now, they can still log in, but by not having it as a requirement for participation, I think it makes it easy for people to play along. I only wish everyone else who wants you to log in had it that easy. Oh well,…

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13 thoughts on “I Hate Logging In To Comment”

  1. Hi Mitch:

    Thanks for reading Boston Red Thoughts. And your are exactly right–I get far too much junk as it is to allow people to just randomly leave comments.

    However, I will say this–one you sign up and your 1st comment is approved, you can comment as often as you like.

    Hope you continue to read Boston Red Thoughts, even if you decide not to comment.

    Thank for the mention today tho…;-)

    Go Sox!

    Christine E.

  2. Hi Christine. That’s one of the issues with having a Blogger blog, which is why I opted to go with a WordPress blog on my own server, so to speak. I read all the time, and gave you a shout out last year during blogger day, or whatever it’s called; it’ll be coming up near the end of the month again. So, maybe one of these days I’ll overcome and sign in. But, since you popped in, let me just say that I’ll miss Manny, but if he really didn’t want to be here then it’s for the best.

  3. Actually Mitch, I also find it irritating and I rarely leave a comment on those blogs. I employ spam karma to filter out the spam comments and akismet as well and I find that they do an excellent job.

  4. Mitch:

    I remember the shout out from last year..:-) I actually use WordPress–so I am going to talk with by webmaster about some of the things you mentioned in your post. I would love the loosen the rules on the whole sign in to post thing–but every time I have, all I get is garbage, which is unacceptable…:-)

    Be well….

    Christine E.s last blog post..August 1, 2008: 1,067 and Done…

  5. The thing is, Sire, there’s so many plugins for WordPress blogs that all it takes is a little effort and knowledge and you can stop almost all spam. Right now, I can’t think of one spam post that’s ever made it to this blog, and I think I’ve only had one or two on my business blog this year that made it through the filters.

  6. I remember your talking about that issue, Sire. I’m not sure I’ve had that many to really worry about thus far.

  7. It looks really good, Christine. Now I can hardly wait for the playoffs so we can finally talk to each other. 🙂

  8. Hi Mitch,

    Having to log in to comment is one of the main reasons I’m transitioning my primary blog from johndilbeck.editthispage.com to 21stCenturyAffiliateMarketing.com.

    The former is powered by Manilla (from Userland Software) and offers lots of great things that I don’t really use to the fullest extent.

    To comment, one has to log in. I’ve been told by many people that they didn’t comment because of that.

    The same thing happened with some of my blogs on blogger.com.

    So, I set up the new blog and I’m already getting comments. Not bad for a brand-new blog.

    It’s quite a coincidence, but this morning I added CommentLuv, DoFollow and the RSS footer plugin recommended by PotPieGirl.com to my new primary blog.

    A few days ago, I added SezWho in the hopes of attracting more active commenters and to enable ranking articles and comments.

    I would like the option for following comments via email. How do you do that on this blog?

    In summary, I agree about having to log in to comment. I find that I do it much less frequently now than I may have in the past.

    Act on your dream!


    1. I’m sorry I missed this post, John, but you’re absolutely right. I just visited two blogs in a row that made you register to comment; it’s as if they really don’t want anyone to comment, and those blogs have very few comments on them. So many other ways to protect oneself than going that route.

      I’ve always been able to follow comments by email with Word Press, but I always visit the blog to comment back to people, though one can set it up to respond to those folks through email and the blog at the same time.

  9. You’re weren’t kidding when you said you hate logging in! You even wrote a post on it.

    Love it.

    The Lazy Slacker´s last blog post..I Found It, My Search For Perfect Spam Blocker For Lazy Slackers Like Myself

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