Hyperbole And A Half

What the heck does that mean? I have absolutely no idea. Luckily, I don’t have to have any idea. I just have to highlight this new blog I’ve discovered through someone on Twitter, and has jumped into my top 5 favorite blogs of all time.

Of course it’s called Hyperbole And A Half, and I’m sorry to say that looking at the About page doesn’t tell us anything new. But it doesn’t have to because it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in, well, probably years on a blog.

What makes it so funny? We start with this post titled Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts. The blog is a mixture of macabre funny story and pictures drawn by the author. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet except to know that it’s produced by a female, and I think she’s married.

It doesn’t matter; it’s funny as sin! I was laughing out loud, and brought tears to my eyes. The images are so great and flow with the story perfectly. The posts are long, but mainly because of the images; I was going to print it out for my wife and it would have been 24 pages long; that wasn’t happening. So I popped the link on her computer and I could hear her laughing pretty early into the story, as she’s not a speed reader, even though the images help move things along.

This lady has violated everything I said I didn’t like with Blogger blogs. She has it ranked well because of, well, her instead of Google. The post I’m highlighting above has more than 2,000 comments; are you kidding me? Almost all of her posts have more than 1,000 comments. And so far, they’ve all been funny, and that’s enough for me. I don’t know if any of them are true or not; I figure the latest one about Wolves probably isn’t true, but the dog story… that sounds about right.

She’s definitely an artist, and she has a “store” page where she shows a couple of her items, then has a link to her actual sales page where, if you hover over any of the images, they kind of come to life; try it out. I’d never heard of Zazzle, but it looks like a neat way to sell your stuff.

Trust me; go check out this story, and try to tell me you didn’t laugh out loud; if you didn’t, you’re not a dog person.

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27 thoughts on “Hyperbole And A Half”

  1. Ahh… you have found a treasure! I have been reading Hyperbole and a Half for some time now and find it to be my go-to source for hilarity. And I agree that Dogs Don’t Understand, was a stand-out post. I also especially enjoyed the one about the god of Cake.

    1. Allan, I enjoyed the Wolves story; the drawings were hilarious, and I could see that kind of story actually happening. lol

      1. Hmmm… wolves? I must have missed that one. I’ll go look for it.

  2. Mitch,

    I was so happy you shared this blog link with me. That Dog story, along with the amazingly evocative images, had me rolling on the floor. I mean, the poor, clueless dog was a mess and the other one will need canine therapy, for sure.

    The About page ranks as one of the all-time greats. The author is a master of the understatement.

    And, bottom line (as she mentions in her FAQ), you can’t trick people into liking you. She has thousands of comments because her blog ROCKS!

    Very inspiring.



    1. Thanks Mitch. I’m glad to highlight that blog because, as you said, it’s funny as anything. And the drawings prove not everyone has to draw characters like Marvel or DC to make it in this world. Course, I still don’t think I’d want her seeing that pig picture I drew. lol

  3. That blog is somehow connected to theoatmeal.com. Seen it via theoatmeal page, it was linked at the very bottom (footer) of theoatmeal.com (go check it out).

    I think, they are related or stuff. Well its for us to find out. Maybe an interview for that site and the owner will do? What do you think Mitch?

    1. That would be nice if someone could score it, Ron. You thinking about trying to contact them?

      1. Ron, I’d love to do the interview, but I doubt she’d even respond to the request, or probably has done it in other places already. Still, who know, she might see this post one day and stop by to say something about it.

      2. Well, I think I have to jump in there, and make some comment about her site being reviewed and receiving positive feedback here at your blog. It might do the trick hehe. Will let you know If I already did that thing.

    2. By the way, I don’t think they’re aligned with Oatmeal, Ron, but maybe they know of each other, which would make sense. I remember writing about Oatmeal here as well.

      1. Well, I think they really know each other online or personally. The oatmeal.com do have a link at their footer pointing to hyperbole and a half blog. The oatmeal won’t make or do that link if he doesn’t know much about the owner or the blog itself. Anyway, its just another speculation and guess of mine.

      2. I’d agree that I think they know each other; both are very funny people, and their style is close. After that, though, very much different.

  4. OMG! Hyperbole and a Half has been a favorite of mine for a while. My friends tend to be a macabre bunch, so if the humor is just wrong, we love tossing it at each other.

    Welcome to the fun!


  5. When I saw the title of this post, I thought that this will be something related to myths about internet marketing. After I read and visit the blog I also laughed a lot, very nice and funny drawings.

  6. I read the post Mitch, kinda awesome I agree, gonna add it to my Google reader right now.
    Doesn’t happen often to read something for sheer fun, we’re all so focused on business-ish blogs that sometimes some laugh is all we need to de-stress a bit.

    1. Exactly Gabriele. We could all use more fun in our lives, especially the kind that makes us laugh out loud.

  7. I read the post you linked to and I also read the last post, her stuff is awesome. I don’t remember myself ever being scared of monsters from my closet but I like the plan she concocted, although it failed miserable.

    And I don’t understand how her simple drawings can be so funny :), i think it’s because of the stories she is telling.

    1. Alex, I was scared of monsters in my closet, and I knew I could keep them away by covering my head up with my blanket, which I did often as a kid. lol

  8. I was searching for dog-related comics on google and I found your blog…this link is awesome! I am both a dog and a cat person (I don’t take sides!) and this really made my day…now if I could only find its feline equivalent too…

  9. I’ve been meaning to write about her blog for a long time but keep forgetting, so thanks for doing this. Her posts are hilarious!

  10. I’m so excited! I used to read that blog..then got busy and lost track of it. Hysterical! The moving story had me almost bawling with tears of laughter.

    1. Glad to bring it back to your attention, Melinda. I’ve been going through some of the older posts as well; what a wild ride!

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