How Goes A Webinar

As you know, yesterday I gave my webinar, and I’m just glad there were some people who signed up for it, because it would have been lonely without them. Truthfully, though, I’d have gone through with it even if people hadn’t shown up, mainly because I will be putting it up for sale at some point, once it’s cleaned up and edited a bit.

Here’s what happened overall. I called in about 30 minutes beforehand. After the Monday run through, I realized that I had to do some early setup work to make sure everything went well. This was a mix of Powerpoint and web pages, which I think is pretty neat. However, on Monday’s test, of course one of the websites went down during the test, and I knew if that happened live that it would mess me up. This time, I took no chances.

Also, you know I overcame the audio piece of things, which worked out great. All we now had to do was hook up with each other. The organizer, Renee, did some things after we connected, and I mentally prepared for it. Now we were just waiting for the magic start time.

Even without anyone calling in yet, I went ahead and started at 11:01; I wanted to start right at 11AM, as I’m kind of a stickler for time, but I didn’t have that control. I figured people would call in when they got around to it, so I went ahead and started. I got to 3 1/2 minutes when Renee suddenly piped in, saying that our first person had joined, but was having problems with the audio. What could I do? I was stunned, because you’d never have done that for one person if you had multiple people on, but Renee was worried that no one else would be able to hear either. I didn’t like it, but I understood.

So, it was about a two minute pause as she helped this lady get sound; no one else popped on during that point. When it was resolved, I started from the beginning again. It wasn’t easy; my rhythm had been broken, almost like trying to stop in the middle of urinating (yeah, I went there). Still, I do presentations for a living, so after a minute or so I got back to my normal self, and the webinar went on. People did eventually pop in, and I got some interesting questions along the way when I took breaks. Oddly enough, no one wanted to speak live, but the software had a chat feature where people could write in their questions, and Renee would read them to me during each break, since only the organizer had access to what everyone was writing.

I knew I wanted to stay under 90 minutes, yet get close. It came in at 83 minutes; not bad, considering I didn’t have a lot of questions. It was 2 minutes shorter than the full test we did Monday afternoon, but that’s okay, since we were simulating things on Monday. The thing about doing a live presentation is that you always want to make sure you have enough material so that, if no one interrupts you or asks questions, you only have maybe 10 minutes of time left, and no one will ever care if you get that close; well, unless you’re asked to do 30 minutes or less. If you practice speaking, you learn how to go faster if you need, or how to stretch out when you’re drastically short. I was just fine.

Anyway, it was a pretty good experience. I had no glitches, except for that early stoppage, and I guarantee that won’t happen again. But I do see more webinars in my future.

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  1. You guarantee no technical glitches?! As someone who has managed several webinar presenters and trained same, I almost immediately let them know that there WILL be a tech issue…guaranteed.

    If not this presentation, then the next one. If not you, then your attendees. If not your computer crashing, then the webinar software.

    Despite the group of folks that I run with being highly technical and very well versed in their subject matter, learning webinar software often seems daunting at first and the biggest worry is some sort of crash.

    Hey, it happens so just create a Plan B (then tack on a Plan C-E just in case) and you’re fine!

    Will try to jump in on your next webinar, Mitch! Happy holiday in advance, BTW

    1. Hi Natasha. I’m not guaranteeing there will never be any more technical glitches. The guarantee was that there would never be another interruption that stops me in the middle of a presentation and makes me have to start again. That wasn’t technical; that was a process error, a lapse in judgment, and we talked about it later on. I’ve been on webinars that haven’t gone perfectly, and you know that’s technology messing things up. But it’s like baseball; if you teach your team how to play great defense, you’ll always have a chance to win the game.

  2. A webinar has some technical glitches always! Hence one cannot guarantee about ‘no glitches’. This is mainly because of the technology that involved in a Webinar.

    1. As I said to Natasha, Steve, I’m not guaranteeing no glitches. What I’m guaranteeing is that once I start, I’m never going to have to stop, then start again because of a non-technical issue. That is the one thing I do have control over.

    1. It was certainly unexpected, Sire. Luckily, I was able to pull it back together and move forward.

  3. hi Mitch,
    I don’t know anything about giving a webinar or being interrupted during it, but I do know about “trying to stop in the middle of urinating” (yeh, I went there too 🙂 ). I just hope if I ever do give a webinar that I don’t get interrupted. I think I would react like Sire. ~ Steve, the let-me-finish! trade show guru
    .-= Trade Show Guru´s last blog ..Does Blogging Regularity Matter? =-.

    1. “The last me finish”; now that’s funny! You know, though, I’m thinking you should do a webinar on putting together successful trade shows.

    1. No problem, Wil. It will be going on sale, if you’re interested, once it’s been edited.

  4. You’re doing great, Mitch! Because you were able to manage the technical problem during the webinar.

    1. Thanks Patrice. We’ll hope for a better performance next time. I’d like to know, though, why everyone showed up late; that’s kind of odd.

  5. Hey Mitch I was in a webinar once. I really enjoyed it! I’m glad everything went well for you and everyone enjoyed it. To bad you don’t update us at blogengage I would have joined in that’s for sure!

    I actually wrote and article about my experience with that particular webinar,

    Let me know if you will be doing anymore.
    .-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Need ideas for your next blog topic? Be sure to check out this article! =-.

    1. Thanks Brian. Actually, I signed up for Blogengage, but I don’t get to it all that often, just like some of the other blog services. I’m going to have to start making sure to include those in with everything else I do.

      Nice article, by the way; it got everything correct.

  6. I would love to see all our member voting more!

    It seems to be a major issue!

    Life is busy and if you don’t have time Mitch I understand that!
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    1. Quick question; does BlogEngage have a small banner or link like some of the other services do?

  7. I have attended many webinars and I find them really helpful. With my busy schedule it is so convenient to be able to get educated while on the internet. Thanks for the article!

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