Hesitating In Donating To & Participating In Causes

More than 4 years ago I wrote an article on my business blog titled Why I Usually Donate Anonymously. That trend has continued for me, but there are now more reasons I hate giving money, even though I still pick and choose when I do & to whom I give.

Giving is Good at Windsor
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A secondary issue is when there’s a petition going around for or against something that you possibly believe in. I’m not a big protester in this regard, but sometimes I’ve been moved enough to put my name on something. I’ve found that now that doesn’t seem to be the wisest thing to do all that often either, for more reasons than one.

In the video I talk about this more, but I do want to ask some questions that I didn’t get to in the video. One, when did deciding to be a part of causes become internet marketing? I ask that question because I’ve yet to hear one internet marketer say “just because someone gives you their email address or buys something from you doesn’t mean they want you to contact them again with your next product.” As a matter of fact, often there’s this grab for email addresses so you can pound people into submission with products and the like; oh my goodness!

Two, does the money increase or decrease when people keep hammering the public with marketing material? Are there people who actually give money to a cause, or multiple causes, once a month because of the marketing? I know people who tithe to their church, and I guess passing around the plate every week could be like this. My mother donates something monthly to a local ambulance service but they never asked her for any money, and another friend of mine donates money to KlanWatch monthly; I don’t know if they asked her. But are there really people who buy from someone every month or week because of all those emails?

I’m thinking and betting that more people are like me. Unless you’re getting information as well that you love I can’t imagine you like getting blasted all the time. If I’m wrong then let me know. In the meantime here’s my video rant on the subject; I hope you check it out and of course give me some likes or shares if you agree. I always forget to ask for that. lol



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15 thoughts on “Hesitating In Donating To & Participating In Causes”

  1. I am a fan of donations myself but i rarely do them as i don’t like the person which are coming to collect this money. We had some social cases, with some sick children and the collectors we’re really bad looking and had some shady id hanging on their neck. I rather go and donate personally to some orphanage or something when i can rather than to give money away to any person who claims that they are collecting for kids.

    1. I hear you on this one Radu. These days you can do that, stay anonymous, maybe meet some of the people being helped, then go home and know you did a good thing.

  2. I like to donate but mostly we are confused that we are donating to the right person. If you are cheated for one time you will be unable believe anyone for next time .

    1. Ravindra, when it’s a large organization we usually know who we’re giving to so that’s not my issue. I will always be suspect for the smaller fund raisers unless I know the person or the situation more specifically.

  3. Ha haaaaa!

    Yeah right like we’re supposed to ignore all the cases where some of these organizations steal the money or a very small amount of it actually gets to the people in need.

    Shout out to Wyclef, come on man.

    That’s why I support Feed my starving children.
    They have a record of giving 90%+ of the money to those in need. ALSO they sell stuff that people in the villiages make to help them help themselves. #PayItForward
    Darnell Jackson recently posted..It’s all about YOUMy Profile

    1. As I said Darnell, I’m not against giving money to good causes. I just don’t want to become a “touch”, to use an old phrase, for everyone who needs money, especially my money, on too regular a basis.

  4. Mitch,
    The jury is still out for me when it comes to donating to causes. I do believe in helping worthwhile causes but there are SO MANY of them out there today and not all of them are legit.

    Recently I set up my own crowdfunding account to donate to a Homeless Veterans Project in my local community. The online fundraiser didn’t do very well at all but the offline event brought in the money we had hoped to raise.

    I also believe RACE has something to do with whether people will give. Why someone would donate thousands of $$$ to a young white woman who LIED about having cancer is beyond me.
    Beverly Mahone recently posted..Aging Must Be Politically CorrectMy Profile

    1. I hear you on that one Bev. In a way, that’s like the people who give all this money to televangelists like Pat Robertson; really? And yet, there are a lot of people who give money to those guys standing on the corners holding signs, and race doesn’t seem to be a factor as to who gets money or not. Now as to who gives money… 🙂

  5. I am a giver and have never been a receiver. I would like to keep it that way. I also dislike being hit over and over again by appeals and tend to send them to the trash bin rather than even read. I don’t seek donations on my blog nor do I recommend.
    Rummuser recently posted..C’est la vie ! This is Life !My Profile

    1. I’m with you Rummuser. I’ve never pushed for donations on this blog or any of my other blogs, though I have mentioned that I’m on the board of an organization and left a link to it if anyone has ever wanted to check it out. I think it’s been proven over and over again that we, the people, will come together to give money for big time causes. I gave money during the concert to raise money for Hurricane Sandy & I’ve done the same for other charities like that. Sometimes I wonder if doing that put me on a list but I’m just not sure.

  6. Commenting from a charity lunch abou to start so short:
    They can
    Make decent money on those blasts. Cheap to send, only need a small fraction of small donations to make a profit. Same as panhandler math. Why TV preachers stayed on.
    To avoid blasts best to donate to the big and reputatable, think Red Cross types, your church, or direct to those in need, cover your housekeepers car repair, your brothers rent, that sort of thing. The guilt tripping middle charity, unless you have good history with them, they are the flyby night email blasters who probably use the majority of funds for their own organisations.

    1. Interesting points AH. Giving to those you know in some fashion is pretty cool and could allow you to be anonymous at the same time. Course I don’t go to church, but there are legit events such as walks for diabetes and cancer that will accept anonymous donations at the event instead of your having to pledge ahead of time.

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