Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Reality Check’

For once, I get to scoop the blogger nation; well, most of it anyway. As of right now, it’s the date of the official release of Guy Kawasaki’s new book Reality Check.

Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

You may be asking yourself how I get to scoop you if the book just came out. Because I read the book back in May as a test reader and early editor, and already had a copy of the book, though in an incomplete Word document form, and just today I received my free copy of the book in the mail; signed! I actually talked about it back then, when the only regular reader I had was Peter. 🙂

What’s the book about? In general, he covers it with his subheading: The irreverent guide to outsmarting, out-managing, and out-marketing your competition. Basically, it’s a business book, a start to finish book on how to run a business, how to present yourself in front of others, how to interview for the positions you want, and basically how to be successful.

Each chapter of the book begins with “The Reality, such as the Reality of Innovating, the Reality of Marketing, and the Reality of Competing, and quite often in those chapters he refers to an action as “The Art Of, such as the Art of Execution, the Art of Selling, and the Art of Firing, important if you’re ever going to be a leader in business, because, unfortunately, leaders often have to fire people.

He educates us with all of these items in the book with humor and stories, some of the stories his, some stories of others, and there are interviews throughout the book, short ones, with various people he’s known throughout his life. One thing I particularly liked about the book is that each chapter begins with a quote from a famous person. The quote beginning chapter 62, which was originally chapter 63, may upset a few people, but trust me, it fits with the theme of the chapter, that being the Top Ten Lies Of Partners.

It’s a very good book and a very good read, and it’s going to be a bestseller; trust me on this one. Guy’s a very smart and driven guy, and a man of his word. Buy this one; heck, my name’s in it! 🙂

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