GoogleRankings Is Dead; For The Most Part

One of those little inside things I’ve always had going for my SEO business is that I had a Google API so that I could use GoogleRankings. This little tool allowed me to put in keywords and see where I was ranked for those keywords (SERPS); that was wonderful. When I wrote a post about this little SEO Project I undertook, which actually ended up working pretty well but took longer than I had expected, the way I was able to check my rankings was through GoogleRankings.

Now, why I was ahead of a lot of people is that Google had stopped giving out APIs some time in 2006. They said they weren’t really going to support it anymore, but would continue running the service. I thought that was great since I had my number.

Suddenly, it stopped working. I had thought that maybe there was a glitch somewhere, so I didn’t worry about it. However, when I checked again today, now I was wondering what was up. So I did my search on Google, and lo and behold I learned that they’ve totally shut down my SOAP API service. This meant I could basically check GoogleRankings for Yahoo and MSN, but nothing else. Because they weren’t updating it, they weren’t ever going to add Bing, and actually MSN had pretty much shut down, as well as Ask. And then, just after midnight, they shut down the site totally; GoogleRankings is no more.

So, what will I use next? I’m kind of at a loss. I found a couple other sites, but none of them worked. And I mean that literally; it’s not that they didn’t give me what I wanted, they just decided they didn’t want to play. I will find something, though; I have to have my information. Anyone have any ideas out there?

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10 thoughts on “GoogleRankings Is Dead; For The Most Part”

  1. Mitch, try using rank checker from Aaron Wall’s seobook tools. It works like a charm for multiple keywords and provides SERP from google, live and yahoo. You can also export the history to csv. But I am not sure from which datacenter it grabs the results. Check it out and let me know how it works..

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    1. Hey Mack,

      Just checked that out, and it’s great! Heck, I just might have to write about this bad boy soon. Thanks! 😀

    1. Hi Jake,

      Actually, they said that a long time ago. What they will do, though, is verify that if you put them in that it’s what the website is about. And if you create your description page then that’s what will show up on Google, otherwise you get whatever Google thinks it wants to put there. Some guys think that’s better to do; I don’t, as I like to control my message.

    1. I just checked out the sales video, Donace. Is this one you’re already using? At $149, it is kind of steep; I’d have to think about that one for a long while.

  2. Hi Mitch,
    I haven’t been at GoogleRankings in a long, long time. I find that life is much more peaceful when I don’t check my page rank or my rankings. 🙂
    Sorry to hear they are no more. Things change I guess…
    Steve, the trade show guru
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    1. Well Steve, I don’t check mine all that often, but when I’m doing SEO work for others, having it there certainly gave me an advantage for awhile. But I have to admit I like this Rank Checker thing even more.

  3. Hi, i use SEO elite software to check my rankings, is quite expensive but if you are going to spend money on this kind of tools i would recommend you this software since it also checks competitors backlinks, analyze competitors all in Anchor all in text and all in Title keyword density and more. There is always the free options like google webmaster tools, yahoo site explorer and bings webmaster tools, they all provide relevant information about rankings and backlinks

    1. Thanks Francis. I ended up going with Rank Checker through, which was free as well.

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