Goals For A Social Media Strategy

Two posts ago I asked the question Do You Have A Social Media Strategy? I acknowledged that I didn’t have one, and a few steps I was going to take towards having one. I wanted to talk this time about goals, because without goals, a strategy is just a hope. I also wanted to clarify that these goals have nothing to do with this blog, but my traditional businesses.

So, what would my goals be? How would I define these goals? And what about Naomi (that’s for the Electric Company fans in the crowd)? And finally, what are the ramifications of those goals versus my wish to do some other things just because I want to do them? For instance, if I set a business goal, will things such as this blog or some of my political and racial positions impede any benefit a social media marketing strategy might entail?

That last one is the most important one, believe it or not, at least as it pertains to Twitter. I have a definitive political position. I also obviously call out racism wherever I see it. Politics is dangerous because you never know who you might irritate on the other side; you also never know who might irritate you. During the 2008 election, I eliminated a lot of people from my Twitter stream because of some of the outright nasty stuff, including lies, that were being said about people I was supporting. I didn’t mind anyone taking a contrary view; we don’t all agree on everything after all. I wasn’t putting up with certain types of decorum, however. Because I don’t put up with certain decorum as it pertains to people I support, I also won’t act that way against anyone else; well, most of the time anyway. And that becomes a major issue; will my political beliefs, and my penchant for calling someone out on a racial issue, hurt my social media marketing? And if so, how much do I care?

Question answered; I don’t really care. I go out of my way almost always to be as kind as I can. However, there is idiocy in the world, and every once in awhile we have to call it out. The people who usually follow me believe as I do, and those that don’t usually don’t stick around. So, as far as Twitter is concerned, I’m okay with it all. Luckily, I don’t get into politics on either LinkedIn or Facebook, so it’s all good.

The next step is in defining my goals; what do I want to get out of whatever I do. That makes a lot of sense, because how can I set my goals if I don’t know what I hope to achieve. Me being me, I have a lot of things I want to achieve, and each of the three ways I hope to achieve it offers something different. But the overall defined goals are:

          * More brand awareness of my businesses

          * More brand awareness of who I am

          * More consistency in clients and income

On the surface that might not look like a lot, but it is. I have two businesses, but I have many different services I can provide through those two businesses. One is set up for more success, the other isn’t. I also want to market myself, as I keep pushing on my goal of being a professional speaker and presenter, and I speak on a multitude of topics as well.

Social Madness

The last part is every consultant’s dream, that being to make at least a consistent amount of cash, more money than we made working our regular jobs before we became consultants, so we can spend more time becoming more proficient as what it is we hope to do. The way I make my money is in short spurts; I make a lot of money very quickly, then I make a little bit of money for awhile until I get another opportunity to make a lot of money again. Sometimes those gaps between large money go much longer than is comfortable, so I need to shore that part up, and if I shore it up enough I won’t have to worry about the large gaps anymore.

This means that, at this juncture, the final piece is planning my goals, or steps, to achieve what I want to get to. I’m not putting that part down just yet. To me, this is the longest part, the part that needs more thought so that I’m not haphazardly throwing things out without the full plan. I also figure this is enough for anyone else who’s been thinking about setting up a strategy, who might be reading this and thinking that you want to try it along with me, to now sit down and plan your strategy as well. If you do decide to try something, I hope you share either here or on your own blog; I’d love to see where you’re taking it.

By the way, there’s a great possibility that I might be presenting a live seminar in July and August on this topic, which is why I’m now thinking about this entire thing. After all, it makes you much more convincing if you’re actually gone through the entire process as well. Right?

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15 thoughts on “Goals For A Social Media Strategy”

    1. You achieve your goals by at least giving them a try. The “when” depends on the progress of the goal, which can’t be determined before the goal has been put into action. Kind of like not knowing specifically when a tree might fall in the forest; you know it’s going to happen some day, but you’re not really sure. Even if you push on the tree, it’s not going down. Now, if you have the wherewithal to bring a plow then maybe you have more control. As it pertains to social media, there are no plows other than fame, and in that case, if you already have fame you don’t need to do any social media marketing.

      1. It depends on what the goal is and what one is capable of. For instance, if I said I wanted to lose 100 pounds in six months, I do more damage to myself in trying to get there and most probably I’m not getting there anyway. If I said I want to lose 5 pounds in 60 days, it’s reachable, but it might leave too much leeway, kind of like giving kids homework on Friday that’s due Monday and allowing them to wait until Sunday at 8PM to start.

        I tend to think that most people either won’t start a project or will give up quickly because they set goals that, for whatever reason, they can’t reach. I’m fighting giving up working out because I’m not getting the results I want but I’m pushing through. Think of goals you’ve had and what’s happened to them. I don’t get caught up analysis paralysis either. When I define my goal, then I’ll implement it and watch it and see if it’s doing what I want. If not, I’ll tweak; if it is, then I’ll be happy and move onto the next thing.

        Hey, at least I’m brave enough to put it out on a blog; most folks won’t even think about doing it. ;-P

  1. OK sport, you have the “what”, albeit a bit broad, now I want to see the “how”, get on with it! šŸ˜‰
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..6 Blogs ā€“ 6 Blog Themes. All the Same or All Different? Itā€™s a Branding Issueā€¦ =-.

    1. The “how” waits until I actually have “done” something. So, that post will be awhile.

  2. No retweet button?
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..The Future of DEDC ā€“ Part 4 ā€“ FINALIZED!ā€¦..? =-.

    1. Didn’t you read the comment I wrote to you on that last post about the retweet button?

      1. Not that I recall.
        .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..Comment Replies ā€“ Do You Even Notice? =-.

  3. @Mitch,
    Good follow up of your other post on the social media strategy by going ahead another step with goals (or planning to have them). In my case, I have never had a proper social media strategy or goals not because I am anti-social but I just hate it. e.g. Twitter, I discontinued it as it was getting more and more difficult to track. However, I am reasonably active on facebook which is out of my real interest.

    Coming back to the goals, I guess without proper SMART goals nothing will be successful. Especially as a consultant or speaker, you make money when you help your clients make money. I do not know your plans well, however one comment from the first part. Sometimes the strong political/racial stands need to be played down and be more diplomatic. This is something that I learned at my work as well. Just like your case, some of my comments on twitter in the past immediately reduced my fan-following lol.

    Would be more interested in your detailed goals, if they are shareable.

    (Btw, I removed the tweetmeme thingie as well because it was causing invalid XHTML on my homepage which i didn’t want to happen)
    .-= Ajith Edassery@Make Money OnlineĀ“s last blog ..What are good Keywords for SEO? =-.

    1. Good stuff Ajith. I removed it for pretty much the same thing, only it was on all pages and not must my homepage. Plugins that require you to add extra code to your themes can mess stuff up.

      My detailed goals aren’t ready yet, and at this juncture, I’m not sure I’d share them anyway. Thing is, I’ve been fairly open on this and my other blogs on many things, but there are some things I’m going to do that aren’t up for debate, and since I know people love to debate you on things that they’re not going to do for themselves, I figure why put myself up for that review. However, at some point I might share results; we’ll see.

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    1. John, I know nothing about reddit, I must admit. One of these days I’ll have to take a look.

  5. Goal setting is always important in anything you want to achieve, be it business, life or any other aspects of life. It gives you the drive to go on to achieve the goal you have been setting for yourself. some may give themselves a time frame, some may not. Keep on posting ideas like this. I have learn something from you.

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