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As you know, I’m promoting this webinar I’m giving next Tuesday on Social Media, SEO and your Business in 90 Minutes. Today I got a look at the technology for doing it; I’d like to tell you a little bit about it.

My friend Renee, who owns the software, came over with her laptop so we could do a run through. I really had no idea how it was supposed to go, as I haven’t participated in lots of live webinars. I have been on a couple, and I know that things haven’t always gone great. Still, this was a first, using Go To Webinar, which I guess is based off Citrix software.

She signed on and downloaded the software to her laptop. It brought up the page, she signed in with her username and password, and she was good to go. She gave me what I needed to sign in, and I came to my computer and did that. I also tried using the headset that came with my Dragon software, which wouldn’t work on this Vista computer, and thus the headset wouldn’t work either; heck. Instead, I had to call in through the phone just to be able to communicate.

Once I was on the webinar, there was this window that opened, and I was seeing what was on her computer. Then what she did was make me the presenter, and she was the organizer, which she was always going to be. How odd; I was suddenly in control of things. The problem I had was this window that was open via the program wasn’t doing anything for me; it was in my way. However, she reported that she was seeing everything that was on my computer; how interesting that was.

What did I do? I lowered the window so I could see my own computer. I couldn’t close the window, otherwise it would kick me out of the program. However, once out of my way, though, things were great. I could hide my taskbar from her, but I would still see it on my computer. I could work on my Firefox instead of needing to use IE. This is going to make everything easier than trying to put it together as a powerpoint file, and I can show all the things I want to show live, which will work great. That is, unless my computer freezes up; no, that won’t happen.

We tested things for about 15 minutes, then shut it down to move on to other things. The plan is to allow everyone to download the outline so they can see where we’re going with things as I progress. The outline is almost complete. The next part will be practicing and rehearsing; that’s what I do as a professional speaker, and that’s what I’m going to do with this presentation. Many people don’t know what it takes to be a real professional speaker; maybe one day I’ll write about that, but not now. What I will say, though, is that I will be prepared, and I will do my best, and that’s all I can ask of myself.

And, just to toss this in there, I’ve been interviewed once again, and it’s been posted on Clickkt Dot Com, written by a young man named Toan Nguyen Minh; thanks Toan!

I’m putting through my request again, as I’m really pumping this thing up; help me get the word out to those people who have small businesses, or people who just might want to know more about how they can use certain social media options to help their businesses and websites.

Become A Professional Organizer Webinar Series

Price: $399.00

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12 thoughts on “Go To Webinar”

  1. Good luck with the seminar Mitch Im sure everything will go very well. The interview was very good, never find it easy to talk to someone on the few occasions I have been interviewed in the past (2), just get very nervous and forget what I intended to say. It must take a while to follow 100 blogs I couldn’t imagine keeping up with that many websites per week.

    1. Hi Khaled; thanks for the kind words. Interviews never bother me because either people like what I have to say or I don’t, but I say it anyway. So far I’ve been lucky.

  2. I never really feel prepared for an interview, and I think I stumble around a lot, even when I know the answer. I guess I just need to be a little more confident in myself and my answers.

    1. Exactly, Bob. Of course, it probably helps that I’m also a professional speaker, having spoke once in front of over 200 people, but I don’t think there’s anything where, if I didn’t have an idea of what I was talking about, I couldn’t communicate it well in an interview. If I felt that way, I wouldn’t do the interview to begin with.

  3. Hi Mitch, good luck with the promotion. Having already an experience with speaking in front of an audience, I’m sure you’re gonna do fine. I’ll let know about the seminar those of my friends who are having small businesses of their own or would like to settle up one. The idea sounds really interesting.

    1. Thanks Mike. I hope there are no hitches to the process, as it’s my first, but I know it’ll be successful in any case.

  4. Thanks Mitch for including my link.
    .-= Toan Nguyen Minh´s last blog ..Have You Downloaded 31 Days To Build A Better Blog WorkBook? =-.

  5. Unfortunately just like authors who have been identified for their work, I think there has to be an expectation online as well (if not more so) that you can be found and recognized. While it’s easy to hide your identity in one post, there are constant social media and comment trails that tie back to a blog. Just be honest and genuine and you won’t have to worry!

    1. I never worry about such things, Dina. I haven’t tried to hide myself, and I pretty much say whatever I want to say, though it’s tempered. I still want to be famous and well known, and one day, I’m going to get there.

      1. You definitely will! What do you want to be famous and well-known for? Blogging? Rockstardom?

      2. Truthfully, I don’t care what I get famous for. As long as the money comes with it, I’ll be flexible. 🙂

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