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Although I first mentioned it here, I didn’t talk much about either Feedburner or Feedburner Feed Smith, so I’m going to talk about both of them now.

First, most everyone has heard about Feedburner, but that doesn’t mean everyone. Basically, if we have blogs, or webpages that will be constantly updating information in some fashion, it’s a good idea for us to have some type of RSS (random simple syndication) on our site so people can subscribe to our content. That way, when we update something, they can receive it in some fashion, most probably through a reader, instead of having to constantly come back to our site to see if we’ve added anything new.

Your blog may already have something set up for you using RSS1, RSS2, or Atom, and that’s fine. However, the problem you have is that you don’t have any way of tracking to see if people are actually subscribing to your blog. That’s where Feedburner comes into play. What you do is put in your web address and it will create a unique Feedburner address that you can put onto your site, and it will then track and calculate statistics for you. What you can also do is add a way for people to subscribe to your feed by email, something I’ve just recently added. Now, if you want it coming from different email addresses, you’ll have to create multiple accounts. I decided that I’d rather track all my Feedburner accounts from one place rather than having to sign into two different accounts, but I might change that up later on down the line, because people will receive my feeds from my business email account, though they’ll know which blog it’s coming from and should probably click on the blog link if they wish to leave a comment.

If you already have something else, one of the other RSS types, you’ll still have no idea how that’s performing for you. That’s where Feedburner Feed Smith comes into play. Now owned by Google (who also now owns Feedburner), this WordPress plugin takes all your feeds and combines them into one place, so that if someone decides to pick one of your other feeds, Feedburner will still track it.

Most SEO experts and internet marketers will tell you that you need to know what your traffic figures are and where they’re coming from, and Feedburner will tell you that and more. They have some extended statistics that you can subscribe to for free if you choose to, and since it’s free, why wouldn’t you. To me, this is a must have feed and plugin to have.

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12 thoughts on “Feedburner & Feedburner Feed Smith”

  1. Feedsmith is indeed a cool plugin. I am however, facing an issue while commenting here (first problem on some other blogs as well).

    – The commentluv link shows the feedburner link rather than direct site post link (this means a redirect link from feedburner)
    – Even now when I try to make this comment, it is still showing my 3days old post and not the latest.

    Not sure if this is an issue with the commentluv version, or feedsmith setting issue or your server’s timestamp.

    But feedsmith seems to work just great!


    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..Compete.com – Traffic and site analytics solution

    1. I’m just glad it all worked out, Ajith, so I’m not going to remove the other post. I know Andy’s been doing yeoman work on CommentLuv over the past few weeks.

  2. Sorry for the repetition (you may remove this comment) – I saw that when updated it showed the latest post but while selecting it was a real old post.

  3. I use Feedburner too, and find it really useful. The numbers always feel kind of rough though in the sense that they fluctuate a lot from day to day – I’m sure that doesn’t mean that there are that many people subscribing and unsubscribing all the time – must rather be something to do with the way they generate the count. Any idea how they calculate it?

    1. No, I don’t have any idea. But if you check those numbers, or any numbers, on a daily basis, you’ll drive yourself nuts. 🙂

      1. Well, for those guys, it’s immediate money in and out of their pockets; I’d panic also if I were them.

  4. Yeah my feedburner counts fluctuates big time. I have to login to check my real stats everynoe and then..

    Make Money Blogging´s last blog post..Make Money Blogging Community Training – Part 1

    1. Truthfully, it’s why I’m more apt to just keep with Google Analytics, though it doesn’t tell me anything about feeds, but it does give me an idea of actual visitors, which is just as important.

  5. Have you tried getting Statistics from MyBlogLog? I think its rather detailed and accurate as well.

    Make Money Blogging´s last blog post..Make Money Blogging Community Training – Part 1

    1. No, I haven’t gone that route yet. There’s just so many ways to check stats and information, and that’s just another one. One day maybe, but not just yet.

  6. Feedburner is really very useful for syndicating feeds from other websites.”;”

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