February Statistics Report – Still Growing

Once again, time for a monthly finance report, and anything else I want to talk about. And the good news is that this is my best month ever online.

Let’s do the breakdown of making money, this month only talking about things I made money on. That means the list will be short, but the last item will be a small surprise. Here’s the list:

Adsense – $77.69
Commission Junction – $37.04
TLA – $32.30
TTZ Media – $.25
Kontera – $.06
Startup Rebel – $.00, with qualification
Grand Total – $147.34

So, it was my best month financially. Now, I did show Startup Rebel, which above shows no dollars. I actually made a sale, but the next day the customer asked for a refund from the program, and that brought it back down to zero. Still, it was a sale, and if it had counted, I’d have made another $23. So, the numbers show us that Adsense is kicking behind, and Commission Junction took a nice little step forward. Nothing much directly from this blog, though. Most of that Adsense money came from my medical site again; I need to think of another niche I care about and build another website at some point.

Of course, this is the first month where I changed the types of ads I was putting on the site, as well as moving my own products into the top left, which many people questioned. I did say I was testing, and of course most affiliate marketing books say one should try to market their own stuff first. It would seem that this blog isn’t a good source of traffic to any of my products, though. At least in the first 24 days, it didn’t drive a single visitor to any of these products pages; that either means no one cares, or I’m the worst marketer in the world, to not even drive one stinking visitor. Then again, overall it’s pretty pathetic; this blog drove only six people to visit my main site during the month, and only one person to visit my other blog. That’s in direct comparison to my main business website driving 161 visitors to this blog, but my business blog didn’t drive a single person here. That’s actually kind of weird, now that I think about it, but I’m not going to go crazy trying to figure it out.

What does that mean for the upcoming month? I’m not really sure. I love how Adsense is doing its thing, but I need to step up the affiliate marketing thing a bit more, and I’m not really talking about this blog as much. I’m about to do a minor redesign on one of my sites, and I also have a plan on adding some affiliate links to my medical billing site, topics that are related to what the site is about. On my finance blog, I’ve already added a couple more finance related affiliate products. I’ve got some other ideas in the pipeline also, but I’ll keep those to myself for now. And, oddly enough, last month I said I wasn’t going to promote Startup Rebel anymore, then I made a sale, though it was taken away. So, I’ve added it to my list of recommended products over there on the right, and of course you’ll see the little affiliate ad at the end of this post; strike while the iron is hot!

And there you go. Sure, I’m not in the stratosphere with the big boys, but I took a big step forward in February, and I can only hope to grow from there.

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25 thoughts on “February Statistics Report – Still Growing”

  1. Great results Mitch…proof that you are not alone in your endeavors! Great work pays off and will continue to grow for you!

    1. Thanks Brandon. I’m certainly giving it my shot, although, to be truthful, I know I’m not maximizing myself enough across the board.

  2. Congratulations, Mitch.

    I saw a bit of a rebound last month after the dramatic drop in September through December.

    It’s my belief that, once you start earning more than $100 per month, you’re working your way to the top of the affiliate ranks. Maybe not at the top of the list, but closer to the top than the bottom, for sure.

    Last month was the second in a row that I earned nothing from Amazon.com, and that’s unusual. I’m not doing well with CommissionJunction at all, and may close that account and stop promoting products through them.

    Everything’s always changing and we have to adapt.

    Act on your dream!


    1. Thanks John. I’m hoping I’m going to continue moving up, and I’m going to keep trying to figure out more and more things because I really would like this to be my life.

      1. I know exactly what you mean, Mitch.

        It is a good life. I love working at home and getting checks in the mail.

        You’re on your way.


  3. I love to have your adsense earnings Mitch as mine are still lagging behnd, but all in good time. I suppose it’s time to work out my stats, perhaps a little later this week.

    Sire´s last blog post..Chitika The Mark Of A Good Affiliate

    1. Thanks Sire. Always testing, of course, but look at that neat affiliate item I just threw up there on the right!

      1. The black Visa card; I’m going to have to write a post about it at some point. lol

    1. Thanks Rummuser. Of course, I still have a long way to go to consider myself a successful online marketer, but it’s not a bad way to go, right?

  4. Very nice figures! for the first time I have hit the $100+ mark 2 months running, for thenexus, though it is due to affil sales and not adsense as I would liek it to.

    Though my automated sites are doing well; averaging about $50 each hopefully with a bit more optimization I can squeeze more out of them!

    Though I repeat great figures keep it up and hope to see $300 end of march!

    1. Thanks Donace. February will be hard to top, especially since it about doubled January, but it gives me some encouragement.

  5. congrats Mitch, great to see your efforts are starting to pay off, nothing more motivational than seeing your ROI improve and realize you are on the right track!

    If you are thinking of adding affiliate products on your other sites you should have a look at the AdHop builder from clickbank (if you like CB that is…) maybe it rocks your boat;)

    I found it under settings in my CB account and starting to place a few on my sites to see how they are performing

    Mirjam´s last blog post..One Week Marketing Plan – Build Your Business Online and Start Earning Money

    1. Thanks Miriam. I’ve never seen that before, so I’m going to have to take some time to delve into it a bit. Great idea!

      1. you´re welcome 😀 it is really easy to set up, I´ve added it to some of my sites and it took only 5 minutes or so to set it up. Now we´ll see if it is any good LOL

        Mirjam´s last blog post..One Week Marketing Plan – Build Your Business Online and Start Earning Money

  6. Hi Mitch, this is the first time I come to your site. Congrats for your income and thanks for sharing your income status from which I can learn a lot.

    Your Money Online´s last blog post..Your Money Online Monthly Report February 2009

    1. Thanks for your comment, YMO. I appreciate it, and hope to continue getting better and sharing more.

  7. Heck, I had a nice check pop into my account last week, so if it continues at this rate, I’ll have my second check by the end of this month. That wouldn’t depress me any.

  8. Mitch,
    Those are very good numbers man…especially after the trauma during November – December.

    Mind sharing what kind of products are selling well from the commission junction? I need to really start putting affiliate links as my AdSense and private ad sales (once in a while referrals) alone are not sufficient to meet my goals.

    Ajith Edassery´s last blog post..SEO – Link Building Series: Arrest Page Rank leak & Optimize Your WordPress Blog

    1. Ajith, overall the stuff that seems to make me any money is things related to computers or the internet in some fashion. Right now, I’m also making a little bit of money on the financial stuff; seems, in this economy, looking for a job or checking on one’s credit is a wise thing to do.

  9. Man Mitch you had a pretty solid month! The good news is that February is the shortest month so you’ll at least have a little more time to beat it in March!

    In the future, can you also show how each site you run contributed to your bottom line as it’s always interesting to see where the money is coming from.

    In February, I did a little better than you, bringing in:

    Adsense: 96.17
    Infolinks: 113.83

    Like you, I’m still trying to come up with the best methods of monetization but your success with affiliate ads is great. I wish I could manage that.

    1. Hey Matt,

      No, I probably won’t do that for each site, mainly because I don’t have everything on every site, and man, I’m already doing a lot of work for y’all in coming up with this stuff! lol I do know, though, that most of my Adsense money comes from my medical site, and most of my CJ stuff comes from this blog.

      And that was a good month for you; from your site, I assume, since I can’t remember if you have ads on your blog; right?

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