Father’s Day Tribute, 2013

As this post goes live, it highlights the date and time that my dad passed away 11 years ago, on Father’s Day of all things. I’ve written about it over the years, saying similar and dissimilar things. However, I’ve never talked about it out loud, never done a video before, and, well, there’s something new I added that, in retrospect, puts a very interesting light on the day that I hadn’t thought about before until I did the video.


No one wants to ever lose a close relative, whether it’s father, mother, son, daughter, uncle, aunt or grandparent. No one ever wants to lose a close friend. For that matter, we’re always shocked when we hear of certain other people passing away. As this court case goes in it makes me keep reliving the day when I heard that Michael Jackson had passed.

I’ve written before about the connection between Michael Jackson and my dad and my life. The say my dad went to Vietnam was the same day I saw the Jackson Five on TV for the first time. Over the years it seemed like whenever I needed a boost or something else significant was going on in my life, it was either my dad or a song featuring Michael Jackson that came to the fore.

In this instance though, it was something else that happened, two things in fact, that seems to make the day and that time period something much different as I took this look back on what was indeed the worst weekend of my life. As you’ve seen these bits and pieces of what I’m saying before I post the video below, you’ll see links to other articles I’ve written about my dad and Father’s Day, and I hope you get the opportunity to check them out. In the meantime, as I share the video below, I wish everyone who is a father a happy day with your kids, and to those with or without fathers I hope your day is full of peace and love as well.



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11 thoughts on “Father’s Day Tribute, 2013”

  1. I am not sure, I have mentioned that, in my home country there isn’t “Father’s day” holiday, only mothers day, which is a bit sad. Even this fact, I celebrate it, though we are a bit far from each other. In the country where I am living now, there is and we don’t miss a chance to visit my wife parents and get a lot of presents for my son.
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  2. Most of my friends were posting their photos with their dads yesterday. Most were saying miss u……. Many of my friends were saying through phone. But I was not doing anything like these. My father left us 1 hours ago. I just prayed for him and even pray for him

    By the way….. nice post.
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  3. I wish that I could write so well about my father. I simply cannot. Perhaps I over compensated, as my son treats father’s day as a special one and I am happy with what he does on that day.

    I wonder if you have come across a phenomena called synchronicity. Your story is a classic case of synchronicity in action;
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    1. Rummuser, synchronicity would be my middle name if I didn’t already have one. I tend to believe that happens more often than most people realize and that if they’re open to it that it could happen & be a great thing more often.

  4. As a tribute to the Father’s day celebration what I did was I posted a photo of me and my father in social media sites and wrote a message of thank you to my father and how amazing he is. Well, if I’m not mistaken, most of us did that thing too, right?

  5. As you know Mitch, my Dad passed away a year later then yours but luckily it wasn’t anywhere near Father’s Day. I didn’t write a post about it this year since I did one around the time he passed since this was the 10 year anniversary.

    I’ve heard a little of what you shared like I remember you telling the story about the guy across the street consoling you and then later killing his wife. I don’t know why that one stuck but I guess that he had done such a violent act after being so supportive to you.

    I can’t talk about the time before, around or when my Dad passed. Too many really bad memories and although I don’t cry over the loss of my Dad anymore, if I start talking about everything that happened back then I will just lose it. It’s still so fresh in my mind and probably always will be for the rest of my life.

    I miss my Dad every single day Mitch but I’m so very sorry that you had to lose him on this particular day. Father’s Day should be a day to remember our Dad’s and you have that added burden of the day he passed. Wow, my heart goes out to you.

    I hope you had a “decent” day at least.

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    1. Thanks Adrienne. I did choke up slightly at the time but I didn’t cry; that’s 3 years in a row now so hopefully I’m done with that part. The video was tough to do but I’m glad I did it; also glad my mother will never see it.

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