Don’t Get Caught Looking Like Your Business Is Unethical

Imagine you’re searching the internet looking for someone to provide services for you. Imagine that you come across a website that looks pretty neat and professional. It not only offers the services you’re looking for but many others. And look, there are lots of testimonials on the site, and even pictures of the people who gave those testimonials, just like this one:


Looks pretty good, right? Now imagine you’re someone going about your business, and you find out about a site like this, go to take a look, and lo and behold, there’s your image clear as day, supposedly advocating for a site you’ve never heard of, with a totally different name and in a business that’s not your own.

In this case the lady’s name is Kristi Hines of Kikolani, not Pamela, and she’s one of the top internet writers in the country. She knows a lot about SEO, but that’s not her primary focus. She was stunned to find out that this company had someone obtained her image and used it in their advertising.

I’m not going to mention the website because I don’t want to give them the publicity; she might be trying to do something about removing her image as we speak. It’s possible that the company hired someone else to do the work and that company scarfed up the image from somewhere, figured no one would ever find out, and, well, it’s a super cute face with a great smile, so why not.

As you can imagine, within her circles this is getting a lot of buzz. And since these people profess to do something among their multitude of services that she does, and I’d have to say does better than them, word will be getting out all over the internet & social media circles (that’s where I learned about it), and it will put this company into a compromised situation because this is someone a lot of people like.

The point is that it shouldn’t have come to this. Most of us know that the people shown on many websites, especially in the header area, don’t really work for the company. We’re used to stock images and the like; we get it, because no one stands around posing like they do in some of these pictures.

There are so many sources for finding images that one can use for free that it’s amazing whoever decided to grab this image for its use didn’t go that route. It makes them look bad and, online, once word spreads that you’ve possibly done something unethical, even if it wasn’t specifically you, it’s hard to regain any momentum you or your business might have gained.

Remember, your website is your business, not the business of the person who created it. Don’t get caught up like this, and if you’re thinking about doing it don’t do it. I might say who this is one day… let’s see if someone comes along to identify them so I don’t have to.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Caught Looking Like Your Business Is Unethical”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    It is amazing what people will do! I found my picture and testimonial on two sites that I had no idea who they were. Luckily one of my buddies asked me if I was part of this Network Marketing system. Yikes! I never even heard of it. But someone swiped my image from a testimonial I had given to a friend – copied and pasted it on to theirs.

    Another time my Daughter was plugging in my name on Google for curiosity. There she found me on some crazy health product.

    You could imagine the rest of the story. I did contact these crazy folks. One site was shut down within minutes. The other tried to make excuses until I told them my Lawyer will handle it. They took my picture down the next day.

    I just had to share this one!


    1. Wow, they got you also eh Donna? It’s just amazing how these people think and what they’re capable of. You were able to shut down 2 businesses and pretty much ruin their reputation for their laziness and chutzpah; of all things!

      That’s the thing about being dishonest in business; it will eventually get out and be seen by someone who knows better. Good thing you were able to fix things before it came back on you in some way. Wow… the nerve… :-O

  2. This is really happening today, this is called identity theft. Violating this law is a serious case, but no worries, big companies like Facebook and Google are on the move to solve this social problems.

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