Do I Know Social Media Marketing?

You know, often we think we know something but we’re never really sure. I did that workshop on social media marketing in July, and I have another one in 9 days. Still, I acknowledge that I have a shortcoming or two.

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Actually, my main shortcoming is that I don’t know about all the technologies that are out there. For instance, there’s probably 50 different applications that can access Twitter, yet I found one that I liked and I’ve stuck with that one. There are many websites that one can sign up for that can access all your social media accounts, but that type of thing isn’t quite my style so I haven’t kept up with them. In other words, some of my technological knowledge is lacking.

Last Tuesday I found myself at a business meeting with an organization that I’m putting together a website for. Actually, it wasn’t quite confirmed that I was doing it, but I went to the meeting thinking that we were going to be talking about something else. Instead, the website and I turned out to be the topic of the entire meeting, especially talking about social media marketing. For 90 minutes I held court, giving advice and answering every question that came my way, and finally the guy who’d invited me told everyone there that they had just gotten a large amount of free advice that I could probably have charged big bucks for. One other guy there said that I had given him more information in 90 minutes than he’d been able to learn in 3 years. I also got some other platitudes later on; I just wish businesses realized that not everyone drinks coffee, so I need to remember to bring my own drinks.

So what did I tell them? Wouldn’t you like to know? lol I’ll give away a couple of things. One, I told them that trying to do a social media marketing plan takes time, no matter what type of plan they go for, and as a consortium of independent business people, they were going to have to agree on a plan and who would be doing what.

I talked to them about blogging and how it’s kind of a community, but that there are many ways to build your community. In their model, they’ll be sending out a once a month newsletter and a once a week email, so they can put links to blog posts there. I also told them how they could post their own article via the “pages” option within the blog, and that I would take that link and add it to their articles page. The blog will be put into a subdomain on their website. I recommended at least one post a week, and when asked what would happen if all of them wrote articles on the same day, not only did I say I didn’t see it happening, but that when they went to write actual blog posts that they’d see the previous blog articles with date and time, and could postdate articles so they’d post at another time.

And of course we talked about LinkedIn, Twitter, webinars, forums, etc. I don’t see them doing much of any of these things, but one never knows. Meanwhile, I felt good about myself as I left; it seems that I do know some of this stuff, and I’m happy about that.

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9 thoughts on “Do I Know Social Media Marketing?”

  1. Lol, I remember having a meeting where I gave over an hour of free advice, only for them to go in a “different direction”…

    Sounds like you need to start drinking coffee 😛

    1. Keith, I’ve had that happen to me as well; I actually wrote about it in an article some time ago when this guy asked for assistance in planning a commerce website. That kind of thing won’t happen again.

      And I’m the wrong guy to start drinking coffee! 😉

      1. Oh I have been there. I have built web sites for companies and given them lots of free advice only for them to go with someone else.

      2. I now have a time limit on just how much information I’ll give someone; for the most part, I have to say. Occasionally I still get caught up in giving people a lot of information that they either forget within days or decide to go with someone else, and thus I’ve lost money. It probably happens in most professions other than with lawyers. lol

  2. LOL – been there, done that!

    It’s funny- you know so much that you can teach someone tons of stuff in a few hours- then again you feel like you know nothing….

    …and of course, the Internet is ever changing- you have to be pretty quick to keep up sometimes!

    1. True, but truthfully, I don’t worry about keeping up with all new technologies, just the ones that I think will help enough so I can give people options. But beyond that, it’s nice to know that I’m not just writing stuff that I don’t know anything about.

  3. It is funny how much online it does not seem we know but then when we get out there and try to explain to others social marketing, blogging etc. it is like they are in the dark and we are geniuses…LOL

    1. And it feels pretty good being a genius, doesn’t it Jenny? 🙂 However, I’d rather say we at least know what we’re talking about and don’t look foolish.

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