DJ Funkmaster Flex Gets Real

I’ve never heard the name before today. I was checking out the Stereohyped blog and, if you click on the link, shows a post he made showing DR Funkmaster Flex, a radio DJ out of Detroit, going off on “everyone’s favorite child molester and pervert” (so I believe), R. Kelly. First, the video:

Yeah, I believe he did it. Yeah, I believe he’s got a past that proves it (the infamous marriage to Alliyah when she was only 15; we have an annulment on file, folks). Yeah, everyone acknowledged that the incident took place in his house. Yeah, it was 7 years ago and he’s now got a mole (I’ve got moles I didn’t have 7 years ago). Yeah, first his lawyers said it wasn’t him, then they said she was over 18, then they went back to saying it wasn’t him AND she was 18.

You go on with your bad self, DJ Funkmaster Flex. Heck, I wish I lived in Detroit so I could listen to your show, call you up, and give you props for this. This ain’t OJ; this ain’t Robert Blake. This is Rodney King trial all over again, because we got it on tape. Another group of 12 swayed by the argument “You gonna believe me or your lyin’ eyes?”

And there you go; now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

2 thoughts on “DJ Funkmaster Flex Gets Real”

  1. Man, that is unbelievable. If he is molesting kids and admitting it on TV and all, why isn’t he in jail. Or is that gaol? I much prefer jail.

  2. First Sire, I’ve made an assumption that everyone knows who R. Kelly is and what he was accused of. Check this out first.

    Second, he didn’t actually come out and admit it in the interview, but he looked bad in addressing it. If you’re interested in seeing that, you can check it out here.

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