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Sunday Question – What One Thing Do You Want For The World?

Today is the final Sunday Question, and I thought I’d take it out with a bang; well, if it gets any real attention that is. Back in January I posted the question asking What’s Your Most Audacious Wish. That question was supposed to be personal, as in what you wanted for yourself if you could have anything in the world.

by Renfield Kuroda

This time, the question is more magnanimous, and should be harder to answer than you might think it is. In my mind I can already hear the top 5 responses to this one, and in my opinion only one of them is really valid as a request. I’ll tell you what that one is after I talk about why this one really takes some thought.

Yesterday I did a review of the book 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. One of the things he talks about in the book, very briefly, that I didn’t mention was this idea of charity, helping others, and thinking about the consequences of some of those actions. He made a very interesting point about trying to fight diseases in this country and around the world, that being if you cure diseases and help people live longer, you then have other things you have to solve such as hunger, poverty and overpopulation. This doesn’t mean that you don’t wish for those things to go away, but it could be a consequence that you just might not be able to solve. For instance, many people in Africa perish because they don’t have food. If you could suddenly feed everyone they don’t have potable water. If you can solve that issue they still would live in poverty with no education; what kind of life is that?

Some people are passionate about animal causes; I happen to NOT be one of those people, though I don’t want to see any animals tortured. The thing is that if it comes down to man vs beast and life we’re going to save our own selves; that’s just how it is. That’s why hunting is allowed. Same with insects; letting them all live means we’re done for, since there are more of them and they procreate faster than us.

Want to save the environment? Who doesn’t want clean air? But with higher ecological standards comes higher prices because that stuff is expensive; aren’t some countries still having double digit unemployment as an issue?

As I said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t want these things and shouldn’t do these things. It does say that with every action there’s a consequence that we all have to be ready for if these things happen. I for one don’t want to know that one day there would have to be a real Logan’s Run going on. After all, China already has a one child regulation on the books that I think they’re having problems enforcing, and many countries have overpopulation and famine issues now.

That brings us to my request; world peace. I’m a Star Trek guy as you know; Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Eliminating the need for nuclear weapons would be a nice start. Ending terrorism or crime would make everyone happy. Not giving people a reason to have to get high so they can concentrate on other things that make their lives more fulfilling is a great dream. At least for me it is.

There you go; the last Sunday Question asking you to make a tough decision. Enjoy it!

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Sunday Question – What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

After a week of long training posts and stuff that made you think really hard, I figured it was time to lob an easy one at you. However, once you read the rules for this one you might not think it’s all that easy.

What’s your favorite flavor? This is a much different question than what’s your favorite food, although sometimes it could come out as the same. For instance, I’ll tell you now that my favorite flavor is chocolate, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. My favorite food is hamburger, hands down. Chocolate could be considered a food, since you can buy chocolate bars, but overall chocolate is a flavor. You can have chocolate flavored ice cream, chocolate flavored pudding, etc. I’ve never heard of a hamburger flavored anything.

And that also knocks out certain types of foods. For instance Chinese, Mexican, and ethnic stuff gets disqualified because, well, it’s a type of food, not a flavor. At least I’ve never heard of Chinese or Mexican flavored pudding; yuck, that just sounds nasty! But you can obviously throw in fruit flavors without it being the fruit.

As for me, why chocolate? There are literally thousands of things that have a chocolate flavor version of themselves. I’ve found few I didn’t like. I didn’t like chocolate flavored Twizzlers, and though I’ve never seen it, I know there’s a chocolate flavored Coke out there somewhere, and that just sounds nasty. But almost everything else I can think of, if you add chocolate to it, makes it at least palatable, even if it’s the nastiest thing on the planet. For me, chocolate wins hands down.

Okay, now you have rules, and I hope this is easy; what’s your favorite flavor?

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Sunday Question – Are Things Getting Better, Worse, Or The Same?

Talk about your tough questions. Or maybe for some people this really isn’t a tough question at all. For me it is because I tend to try to view the entire world and not just what’s happening in my own life. Sometimes that starts to make me more cynical about things, which isn’t always good, but every once in awhile I’m surprised by my thoughts.

Not today. I’m of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten better. I’m also of the overall opinion that things haven’t gotten worse. This obviously means I think things are pretty much the same. Certain things have shifted so that some are better and some are worse, but that just brings everything back to the middle for me.

What’s broken? Politics is broken. Religion is broken. Race relations are broken. Housing is broken. The economy is broken. The ecology is broken. The ozone is broken. The music industry is broken. Social mores are broken. Natural disasters seem to be happening with more frequency. And people are still finding both old and new ways to kill each other.

What’s working? Some people have finally had enough and are embracing their rights to self determination. Technology is getting better. Science discovers some of the coolest stuff almost on a daily basis. People can talk to each other all over the world, making it a much smaller place and, hopefully, gives us all a chance to open up true lines of communication without having to deal with the middle man, which has always been our governments. And blogging… strange as it may seem to throw it in there while we know about how many people have started and killed their blogs, is actually working. Even if it’s something we don’t want to see or hear, it’s hard to shut most of us up if we decide we really want to get our own version of the message out.

To me, maybe living a “centrist” life is just how things are supposed to go. We don’t get to get too high and stay there, and we’re never down forever; at least most of us. We all still have the opportunity to shoot for our dreams and about half of us actually see improvements in our lives. Even when things are really bad, like the earthquake in Japan, you see and hear so many miraculous stories, and you see people from other countries immediately offering help and shelter, and you’re reminded that at the worst of times we see some of the biggest hearts and minds.

Okay, I’m done; what do you have to say? And while you’re at it, would you consider this post as being controversial?

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Sunday Question – What Do You Look For In Reading Other Blogs?

When I first started blogging many years ago, I was just writing my posts and moving on. Eventually, after a couple of years, I figured out that maybe I needed to go looking for blogs that might help me increase visitors to my blog. I learned that from reading a blog, and learned it about the same time I learned about pinging.

by edenpictures

At the time I was stuck; what types of blogs did I want to visit? And what was it I wanted to get from other blogs other than potential interest in my own blog?

This was actually a major question for me, and it was something I took a little bit of time thinking about. I was lucky to have the time, as I’d just finished a long project, and thus I had a lot of money put aside for awhile.

I decided on two main areas at that time; leadership and internet marketing. Today most people see it as “make money online” but that wasn’t a term I knew. My plans were simple. I would post on leadership blogs, showing my expertise in the field, and then I would read internet marketing blogs to learn how to do it better, as I was interested in passive income streams after reading Robert Allen’s Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

You know what I discovered? Most of the blogs I read about leadership were boring, and most of the blogs I was reading on internet marketing didn’t teach me anything. That was really disappointing, and it left me with little to comment on. Now what the heck was I going to do?

I decided to see if I could find information on blogging to see what I was doing wrong. And suddenly, now I was seeing things that were a bit more interesting. I learned a few things here and there, and I finally had a bit more direction. I also realized that I needed a practice outlet, and I signed up on one of those vanity services. It wasn’t bad, as I was anonymous pretty much, but the first one closed, I went to another service and that one closed, and after the third one, where the owner pretty much messed things up, I decided on this domain name and blog. And I’ve never looked back.

I still read a lot of blogs. I look for information of all types. I look for opinions on the concepts of blogging and writing. And overall, I look for people who have something to offer, whether it’s funny people or people who tell great stories or people who rant about things I’m interested in. I look to grow as a person and as a contributor and as a blogger and in every other way that it’s possible to grow. So I read a lot of different things every day.

But that’s me; what do you look for in reading other blogs?

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Sunday Question – Aliens; Friend Or Foe?

Today’s question might seem like an odd one, but go with me for a moment. There are a spate of alien movies coming. Some are going to involve battles with aliens. One of those is going to have aliens battling cowboys; I hope Harrison Ford knows what he’s doing. In another movie that’s a comedy the alien is named Paul, and obviously he’s friendly.


We have this strange relationship with aliens. Whether they actually exist or not isn’t really a question anymore; of course they exist. Whether there are any aliens that have actually visited Earth is another matter. There’s a lot of mythology behind this one, and many ancient pictures have images of alien crafts and alien-like people in them. Unless the artists were stoned all the time, or we just don’t understand the concept, it’s something that could keep you up for hours.

And then we have no less a mind than Stephen Hawking, who not only believes there are aliens but believes some time in the distant future, if we haven’t killed ourselves, we will probably meet up with aliens, and they won’t be friendly. His belief is purely scientific. Since space travel would take a very, very long time to get from one place to the other, even if we could travel at the speed of light (which some scientists, including Einstein, said is impossible, yet other science disproves), and that if an alien culture were to do it then they’d be looking at the survival of their species. In other words, they’re not visiting and going home; they’re coming to stay. And since they’d have the technology to get here, they’d have the technology to just take over as well; nothing we could do.

Of course, it could be us as the aliens, the culture that just has to go exploring and messing with others. I can see that scenario; humans just can’t sit still, and we do love a good conquering or two.

Still, in my mind I have this vision of something like the first encounter between the Vulcans and people of Earth. They’d been watching, they’re mentally superior, and they’re too advanced to just come in and take anything, even if they want to stay. Nope, this won’t be an Alien Nation or District 9 either.

And get this; every major government in the world has a protocol for how to deal with the first alien contact. And trust me, it’s not necessarily friendly either. Then again, if governments believe like Stephen Hawking, they need to be wary.

So I put it out to you; if there are aliens and they did come to Earth, do you think they’d want to be friends or do you think they’d just want us gone, as in Independence Day?

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