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December Statistics Report – Everything

Last month I said that I was going to start giving my entire online profitability, not only the blog, because, well, truthfully, only reporting on the blog ends up being a bit depressing. So, I’m going to not only talk about the blog, but about my online income as well, since my overall goal is to make significant money online, and not only on the blog. Kind of a branching out for me, but hey, if Yan can talk about branching out, then so can I.

So, here we go. My total monthly online intake was $60.22. That’s down from November, but that’s okay because I noticed there wasn’t a lot of activity the last week due to the holidays. I was on a great pace, though. The blog income was $15.75, also down from last month. That might be incomplete, though, and I’ll get to why. I made $12 from Text Link Ads, 10 cents from Widget Bucks, 19 cents from Kontera, $3.00 from ScratchBack (thanks to Dennis and Sire), and 46 cents from Chitika. Link XL is the anomaly here, because it only has a report from November and nothing else, which is odd. I might have to reach out to John to find out what went wrong there, but most probably I didn’t make anything. Anyway, this tells me overall that I’m averaging about $500 a year online, which is more than enough to pay for my online expenses, so I’m seeing that as a positive. But, for those of you who saw my online goals for 2009, it means I have to increase that figure 4-fold. How will I do it? Not sure, but I’ve got a few ideas here and there.

Per Google Analytics, I had 992 visits to the blog this month, which is my first decrease in 10 months, and drastically so. My ISP also reported reduced numbers, down to 16,208. Very disappointing numbers, but the reduction explains why I made less income this month. However, since I still wrote 24 posts in the month of December, I think it starts to validate Peter Lee’s post about commenting on other blogs, since I didn’t get to visit as many blogs and make as many comments as I’m used to doing in December. I do believe now even more than before that there is a direct correlation between commenting on other blogs and the visits you get to your own blog.

It wasn’t all bad news, though. I did finally crack the Technorati top 100,000, hitting 96,562, although, as I check today, it’s done some weird readjustment and I’m now looking at 183,557; can one drop that far in less than a week? Especially when I’ve increased my authority and fans in the same time period? Well, it is what it is for the moment, but that’s really weird. I’d also hit a top number of RSS subscribers as of last week with 55, but today it’s down to 47; I guess I need to make sure to not miss as many days in a row, I suppose.

So, those are the numbers, fresh and honest. This is going to be a tough month because I’ve got some major travel coming up, but I’m going to see what I can do anyway.

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November Report; Be Very Scared

Time for the November blog report, which of course details how this blog did for the month of November. It should be interesting to compare it to the October report, because I added a bunch of programs, but it’ll be interesting for a different reason than one might imagine.

I do want to start with this, though it has nothing to do with the blog. I made just over $42 in general from Adsense in November, which is easily my best month. I made most of it from my medical billing site, which I introduced on this blog in early November. I didn’t quite double my best month to date, but I came very close. So, niche sites can generate pretty good monthly income.

Now, to this blog and its stats, starting with income. For the month of November, this blog earned $20.37, which is up almost $11 from last month. I made $12.00 from Text Link Ads, $6.83 from LinkXL, $1.31 from Adsense, .13 from Kontera, and .10 from WidgetBucks before I pulled it from this blog because it was affecting the speed of the blog. So, it’s going in the right direction, but I obviously have way more work to put into it.

Now, some other stats. Per Google Analytics, I had 1,602 visitors to this blog in November, up 432 from last month, another high for me. Per my ISP, I had 19,105 unique visits, up almost 7,000 visitors from October, which had been my previous high. That’s not so bad, if you ask me. I also added this widget, which you can see to the right, and as of right now it’s saying that this blog is ranked 284th under the category of internet marketing blogs; I’ll take that also. I’m ranked at 119,551 on Technorati, 163,921 on Alexa, and 445,334 on Compete, which I still don’t care about. LOL

So, everything’s moving in the right direction, and I can only have high hopes as we move into the holiday season, but based on my own analysis, December stats usually go down because people are concentrating more on the holidays than on being on the internet reading stuff. Still, I’m happy with the progress, and hope y’all continue helping to support me on my ventures. And I’m really close to post #300, which I’ll hopefully have an opportunity to hit at some point in the next two weeks. I could have hit it by Friday if I hadn’t had to go on the road; the things we’ll do for money.

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October Report; The Good And The Ugly

Well, this should prove to be interesting; nah. The stats are in for the month of October, and I’m only going to talk about what I made with the blog and nothing else. But I’m also going to talk stats.

So, for the month on the blog, I made,… $9.44. Hey, it’s a start, and for the blog, it’s my biggest month. Isn’t that a shame? Well, even with a number like that, there’s some positives. Even though I still am undecided on it, I made $7.60 from Text Link Ads, and that was for just over 2 weeks of being on the site. And I made .36 cents from Widget Bucks, and that wasn’t up long either. The other money was .98 cents from Adsense and .50 cents from one of my Commission Junction ads. That’s the first money I’ve made off a CJ ad, so I’ll take what I can get.

Now, some other stats. Per Google Analytics, I had 1,169 visitors in October, the most ever. Of all things, traffic started taking off with the first, then the second post about Blog Action Day, a very personal post on a very big day internationally. So, this shows that participating in a community effort can be good for your traffic, as well as your soul. Also, it’s the first month that visits to the blog surpassed visits to my business site or business blog; need to work on that some more, I see. Per my ISP, I had over 12,200 unique visitors for the month, another high, more than 4,000 more than last month, which had been a previous high for me. Here, however, it’s far lower than my business site, which was just 65 visits under 20,000, which is actually down from the highs I had over the summer; so be it. One day someone will be able to explain to me what these visits mean compared to Google’s Analytics, but for my purposes, I’m figuring Google’s telling me who’s actually stopping by.

And there you go. Of course, I’ve already said that I was going to step up marketing efforts this month, so maybe I can increase some of these figures more. But I still hope to provide intriguing content otherwise.

By the way, I’ve mentioned about the newsletters that I write for my main business on business topics, but I don’t think I’ve ever shared a link to a newsletter. So, I’d like to share one with you, the one previous to my latest one, on credibility; it was what led to this blog post on credibility. I guess I can even inspire myself sometimes.

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Number 201; The Next Update

Wow, I’ve reached 200 posts already, and I’m ecstatic and somewhat surprised by that, although I shouldn’t be. I made a new commitment to blogging and trying to earn more money and share more information and, in general, just have fun here since the last update, and I think I’ve done that.

When I wrote post Number 101, it was days under six months since I’d created this blog. It’s taken me about 4 1/2 months to write the second 100 posts. I’m not going to rehash everything I said on that post, since I just gave the link to it, but there are some things that changed drastically, and some that didn’t.

One thing that changed, though not as I’d have expected, were the general topics I wrote about. Four of my top 5 this time around were on the original list, but the orders have changed. My number one topic before was Marketing; this time it’s Blogging, with 25 posts about it. I’m sure a big part of that was when I wrote my Blogging Tips series, which really got me going on the topic. The other four top contenders were:

Internet 15

Marketing 12

Entertainment 10

Computing 8

Another thing that changed is the number of comments. At the time I hit the first 100 posts, I had about the same number of comments. For the next 100 posts I more than quadrupled that number, actually almost quintupled that number, with 486 comments on those 100 posts. That’s phenomenal, and I’m ecstatic about that, and I know that most of that traffic was driven from my going and commenting on other blogs. That’s been a lot of fun and very worthwhile also, and I thank all of you who have come by and posted comments, and allowed me to find your blogs and comment there also. Of course, I have to thank CommentLuv for a big part of that, because seeing topics that might interest you enough to go visit has been critical to my success and my fun. My top 5 posts in this period that got the most comments were:

Do People Ever Check Out Your About Page

What Will You Do To Get More Traffic

Fear Of The Hack

Website Outlook

Top Commentators Plugin

As a quick sidebar, the page that got the most comments was the second most visited page during this time period with 61 visits, but the number one visited page only had a couple of comments, but was visited 188 times, and that was my post called Be Responsible For Your Own Life. It resonated with people, but I guess they just didn’t want to touch such an emotional post. And really, I’ve spent more time over the past few months trying to be more personable and trying to reach out more to people, be real, while still maintaining my goal of generating income and being informative.

A quick mention of income, if I may. Google Adsense hasn’t been my best friend on the blog, but it’s doing something. I’ve probably made about the same amount of money through Adsense the past 4 1/2 months that I did the first six months, around $8. However, I’ve generated some other income through a couple of my affiliate ads, and now I even have some Text Link Ads showing up, though I now have to figure out why they’re not showing on every page, only the home page (always something, right?). The big boys don’t have anything to worry about from me just yet, but who knows, maybe I’ll soon move into the realm of being invited to speak at conferences, and get paid for it; yeah!

All in all it’s been a wonderful ride, and there’s plenty more to come. The diversity of the blog is like the diversity of my life; many interests, many things to say, many things to share. Then again, it is called “I’m Just Sharing” after all; and that’s not a link, just a highlight.

Mitch Mitchell signing off, and looking forward to the next 100 posts 🙂

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Number 101; What Have I Done Thus Far?

As the title says, this is post number 101 for me. With my other blog, I’ve always highlighted the actual hundred number, but I decided to do it differently for this one.

Instead, I wanted to take a quick look back at what I’ve done thus far on this blog, and that requires having a full 100 to look at.

So, let’s first look at how long it took me to get to 100 posts. I started this in the middle of December 2007, so basically 180 days ago, just estimating, I wrote my first post, and this means I averaged just over a post every couple of days. That’s not so bad if you ask me; sure, some people try to make sure they post something every day but I do have other work I have to do from time to time that takes me away from blogging. So, I’m pretty content with that for now.

Next, the categories. I try not to add categories all the time, though obviously it happens, but I’ve worked to stay true to what I’d hoped this blog would be about. My top five are:

Marketing – 29

Internet – 17

Blogging – 11

Entertainment – 10

Motivation – 8

I’m pretty content with that also. Of course, a part of me thinks that maybe I should add way more categories, but I keep shouting that voice down. Also, I’ve noticed that this version of WordPress also gives one the ability to add tags, and I think I’m going to stay away from that for the time being also because, on some blogs, it starts looking really messy, and I don’t need messy. If there was more control over how it looked then I might think about it some more.

Here are my favorite five first articles, which I hope you’ll go back and take a look at:

Sean Branagan Talks About Marketing

How Far Are You Willing To Go For Promotion?

Do You Avoid Scams?

Blogging Step One – What To Write About

Publish Your Own Book

Oh, and thus far I’ve earned about $8 from this blog as far as Adsense goes, but it’s the only thing I’ve earned money on so I’m not complaining. I figure it’s still very early, and as visitors grow things can only get better. But I’m going to keep marketing my few affiliate products with every post, and along the right side, because, after all, not only am I trying to inform and entertain, but I’m trying to make money! 🙂

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