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Lots Of Twitter Information

Okay, this time I got the video from Chris Brogan, and it’s a video put on by a group that calls themselves EpicFU. It’s all about Twitter apps first, then an interlude of some freaky stuff, some advertising, then more about how to use Twitter for different types of stuff. Overall it’s pretty good information, and follows up a previous post where I introduced Tweet My Blog.

Anyway, here’s the video; thanks Chris:

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A List Of Affiliate Networks

While needing to write a post to test whether I’m going to have a gravatar show up or not, I came upon this post on a blog called Traffikd titled 23 Affiliate Networks For Monetizing Your Website.

It’s a pretty good list, I have to say. I belong to the first two mentioned, Commission Junction and Clickbank, and I’d also signed up with Clickbooth a very long time ago, but have never been back; guess I should see if I still have the password for them.

Anyway, the name of the game is selling product, and these folks have stuff ready to go, whether it’s just banner ads or actual products. I exhibit some of both on this blog, especially something at the end of each post. But I share the above for your perusal.

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1&1 Is Killing Me

Let’s hope that this post actually goes through. Over the last four days, I’ve been having serious problems with my host, 1&1. All of my sites have been down more often than up, and I have no doubt that people have been visiting, not getting through, and moving on. I wonder how much money that’s cost me over the last four days.

The thing is, 1&1 is a large hosting company. They offer a bunch of services, but I’ve noticed over the last year outages here and there, but haven’t worried all that much because they’ve been short. This time, though,… well, it’s four days after all. I called four or five times, and on the last call I asked them why they didn’t just move my account to one of their other working servers. The person on the other end said she’d put through a formal request; I can’t believe they had to wait for me to suggest it, and I’m still not sure they did it. At least twice they asked for an email address and said they’d be sending some information as to their progress; never received a thing.

Obviously it’s working right now, but I’m not sure if it’s a permanent fix or a fluke. However, for the first time in 3 years, I’m thinking about moving my account elsewhere. At least this time they did back up all my information; three years ago I lost almost everything when the host I was using at the time totally crashed without any warning at all. It took awhile to recover all the posts for my blog, and luckily I’d backed up all the pages to my business site.

So, along with my friend Kelvin, we’re looking into some new hosts, just in case this is just a fluke and I only get a few more of these posts out. No sir, things aren’t supposed to be like this. 🙁

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Google Analytics Works Great

To me, the best way to track the traffic to all my sites is by using Google Analytics. It’s pretty easy to use if you’ve created your own sites. All you have to do is sign up, drop in the code they give you somewhere on each of the pages on your site (or only those you want to track), and you’re good to go.

As an example, I’m going to take a look at one day’s worth of traffic, instead of an entire month. On June 6th, I wrote my second rant against New York state and those stupid internet taxes. I guess it was a passionate enough topic for once because it got over 140 readers; that’s my best day ever for a blog post.

Google Analytics tells me how many visitors I got on that day for all my posts, though I can select just one to see the information on it. It tells me how many page views total, as well as an average of how many pages people read on average, the bounce rate (how many people left my site after the initial visit without checking anything else out), the average time spent on the site, and the percentage of new visits.

It then gives you an overview of visitors, which, for one day, doesn’t really tell me much, and a map overlay, which is really intriguing because you can break it down into countries, then states, and even cities. The folks in Cali seemed to love me on that day. Then you can see the traffic overview and the top 5 pages that were visited on that day, or that time period.

Of course, it goes deeper, as that was only the main page, but I just wanted to give you a flavor of the types of stats you can get. If you’re running an Adwords campaign you can use Analytics to track it for you also. And the visitor numbers are way more accurate and realistic than those numbers your host will give you.

All in all, I believe this is something people should be using, even though I also use Site Meter. This has so much more for you, and it’s free; can’t beat that! Home Page

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Subscribing To RSS Feeds

RSS stands for “really simple syndication”, and basically it gives people an opportunity to follow new content from websites or blogs that are often changing what’s being presented on the site. For instance, if you notice on the top right side I have a little icon giving people the option to syndicate my blog, so that they will be informed every time I write something new. I want people to subscribe to my blog so that my message will spread, but there’s reality that many people may not quite know what RSS feeds are.

The video below talks about it in a little more detail, as well as how to use it witnin Internet Explorer. I use a separate program that’s not associated with my browser called Feedreader to put all my feeds into, and it’s free.

After watching that, I hope you decide to subscribe to my feed; I won’t be mad if you do. 🙂 Meanwhile, I can’t take full credit for finding the video, so I thank Barbara Ling for writing about it on her blog.

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