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September Income Report – Better Than Expected

On the last monthly report, I wrote that I believed September was going to be a bad cash month. Well, it turned out better than I had hoped, but man, just a few more cents and I’d have been happier than I am, though I can’t really say I’m depressed about it all.

Here are the numbers:

Adsense – $93.86
Google Advertising Network – $3.77
Chitika – $1.03
Commission Junction – .70
Infolinks – .03
Grand Total – $99.39

So, just cents under the $100 mark; I’m not upset about that. What I am surprised about is that, though my blog grew in subscribers and readers for the month, I didn’t earn anything from this blog this month. And, once again, I really didn’t drive anyone to any of the things I wrote about this month. Well it’s possible I drove some to TalkBiz, but I’m still out of town and that’s the one password I forgot to send myself, so I can’t check it at all. But based on track record, I don’t have high hopes on that one.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice something missing. I earned nothing from TLA, better known as Text Link Ads. I dropped them pretty much after a few days of writing about it in my monthly update in September. I did so because the amount had gone down to a point where it didn’t make sense to have it anymore. So, I got rid of it, and have petitioned Google for page rank again. Now, I don’t know if I’ll get it or not, but it’s possible that one day I’ll look and see it there. I guess we’ll find out about that also; not worried, about it, though.

What I am worried about overall is that I have to increase my internet and affiliate marketing money, and fast. With what’s going on with my mother and my needing to be gone, I really need to ramp up the residual income thing in some fashion. I can keep up with some writing, but not all of it, as Mom and my grandmother need a bit more attention now than I can give to the writing. I’m not quite sure how I’ll get it done yet, but I’ve been working my way through Barbara Ling’s free Beginners Make Money Cookbook, which is more than 240 pages of stuff, and I’m hoping to pick something up from there. Hey, doesn’t hurt to try, right?

And I’m still hoping that my affiliate links will start generating income at some point, though it may take awhile to really get it going. After all, I’m still shooting for that $200 month; baby steps.

By the way, you’ll also see something a little different that I’m adding; I actually added it on another recent post. I don’t have my links underlined in my copy, as you’ve noticed, but that means when it’s a link to a product you might not know it from the others. So, you’ll see an dark blue underline whenever it’s a product from now on. If it links to a post that’s then pushing a product, it won’t; just to be clear. That should help you out, and thus, you might decide to check it out since it’s pointed out as a product. Or not; gotta try new things.

There you go; how did you do this month?

Update – Heck, I actually forgot something. I sold one of my products, my Management Training Program, for $39.99, which means I actually did surpass $100 for the month, finishing at $130.38. Okay, now I feel much better. 😉