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Social Media, SEO And Your Business in 90 Minutes

Talk about grabbing for opportunities when you can. Y’all remember the post on the two interviews I gave and talked about, right? Well, one of my friends listened to the one on social media and now we’re going to do a webinar on the topic, which you see the title of above, and you can get to the social media registration link here.

Okay, I’m actually doing the webinar, but I’m using the software of my friend Renee Scherer of Presentations Plus, who still has open her MS Word webinar for July, which you can still register for. It’s three weeks of seminars for one price, so you’ll be getting plenty of good information, for sure.

Anyway, back to me for a minute. I couldn’t be happier to see some of what’s been going on for me lately, what with the interviews I gave above, and now this new interview that I gave to Murray Newlands for his blog of the same name. He even put my picture big and prominent on his site; wow!

Of course, the big thing about it all is that I know it’s just my time to be talked about or to by so many people, and can only hope that it turns into bigger and better things down the road. No, I’m not believing the hype, so y’all don’t have to worry about my getting my head out the door.

Then again, I was in the local newspaper also, and someone else wrote a very nice blog post about me; maybe there is something to all of this. Somebody stop me! 😀

Okay, here’s the stop, and now the pitch and the request. Yes, there is a fee for the webinar, $37, but it’s 90 minutes, will have parts where questions can be asked, and answered of course, and, well, I expect it won’t be boring, and I’m betting that everyone knows someone who has asked “What’s Twitter” or “What’s all this noise about blogging” and the like. Well, I’m going to address all of that and more during the webinar. This is my first webinar ever, so it should be interesting to see if I’ll fail like a Twitter whale or succeed like David over Goliath; heck, those two references were the best I could do?

So, for SEO and marketing purposes, I have to put this one here one more time: Social Media, SEO and your Business in 90 Minutes; be there! 🙂

Webinar On Excel And Word

Every once in awhile, we all need help with something. In my case, I needed some help with how Microsoft Word and Powerpoint worked. And, it turns out, I also needed a brief bit of help on something in Excel, which I thought I knew fairly well.

The person I went to is named Renee Scherer, and her company name is Presentations Plus. She’s a Microsoft Office trainer, plain and simple. No matter the version, no matter which program, if it’s related to Microsoft and any of it’s office products, she’s the one to go to.

When it came to Powerpoint, I had to give a presentation, which I’m not sure I talked about here, on Celebrating Differences, which was a teleseminar on diversity. They wanted a powerpoint presentation, and I really don’t understand how powerpoint works. I can put text into it, but I can’t make it all stay the same size, I can’t make it move lines in separate ways, and I’m not even sure how the templates thing goes. I contacted Renee about it, and she actually came over and helped me do it.

Then, with Word, which I admit I only know as well as writing things, she showed me how to use Mail Merge, which turned out to work the same way on Publisher, and that’s easily helped me in my marketing, since now I don’t have to keep re-typing all those stupid addresses in either my letters or my envelopes. Man, I wish I’d known how to do that earlier. She keeps trying to teach me how to create tables in Word, but I keep rebelling.

I rebel because I’m more of a whiz in Excel. I don’t know Access, but I can create almost the same kinds of databases in Excel as needed in Access. However, every once in awhile, I have this problem where things just seem to lock up. I asked her about it today at lunch, and she immediately knew what my issue was; I had accidentally hit my “scroll lock” key on my keyboard; I didn’t even know that one still existed in today’s keyboards. I came home, found it, clicked on it once, and things were back to normal.

Anyway, I’ve taken all this time in talking about this because, one, it’s something we all need to know better, probably; two, I’m helping to promote her business because she’s good, and she can work with people anywhere in the world; and three, because she’s putting on a couple of webinars on Word and Excel, the first one called “Bag O’Lists & Tricks”, which is Excel, the second called “Dress Up Documents”, on Word. The first one is in June, running four consecutive weeks; the second in July, running three weeks. They’re not free, but for what she’s teaching, over the course of weeks,if you’re looking to learn more about these two programs, the price is worth it. You can learn more about them by clicking on the link.

Right now, I’m working with her to create little booklets of information to sell off her site, basically tips on how to do things, and the price point will be very affordable, but we’re not there yet. Anyway, I hope you check out her site, and her webinar info. And if you know of anyone who needs help with these programs, or anything else Microsoft Office, let them know about her.

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