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1&1 Is Killing Me

Let’s hope that this post actually goes through. Over the last four days, I’ve been having serious problems with my host, 1&1. All of my sites have been down more often than up, and I have no doubt that people have been visiting, not getting through, and moving on. I wonder how much money that’s cost me over the last four days.

The thing is, 1&1 is a large hosting company. They offer a bunch of services, but I’ve noticed over the last year outages here and there, but haven’t worried all that much because they’ve been short. This time, though,… well, it’s four days after all. I called four or five times, and on the last call I asked them why they didn’t just move my account to one of their other working servers. The person on the other end said she’d put through a formal request; I can’t believe they had to wait for me to suggest it, and I’m still not sure they did it. At least twice they asked for an email address and said they’d be sending some information as to their progress; never received a thing.

Obviously it’s working right now, but I’m not sure if it’s a permanent fix or a fluke. However, for the first time in 3 years, I’m thinking about moving my account elsewhere. At least this time they did back up all my information; three years ago I lost almost everything when the host I was using at the time totally crashed without any warning at all. It took awhile to recover all the posts for my blog, and luckily I’d backed up all the pages to my business site.

So, along with my friend Kelvin, we’re looking into some new hosts, just in case this is just a fluke and I only get a few more of these posts out. No sir, things aren’t supposed to be like this. 🙁

Chocolate Workshop in Your Home – Nationwide

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Emoticon Suicide

Oh no, not another video! I tell you, there are some folks out there finding this great stuff, and that’s what I’m sharing today.

On the Ambermac blog, she created a post called My Top 5 Internet Culture Videos On Youtube. Out of the five, my favorite, which means it made me laugh out loud, was this one on those favorite things of ours, obviously having a bad day:

Now, some of you may be wondering what’s with all these videos today. Basically, what I’m highlighting is the reason for checking out other blogs. Notice that every video I’ve shared thus far has come from someone else’s blog. What I’ve done while posting these videos is also given a trackback to each one of those folks, and at least one of those folks has stopped by to thank me for it.


Sedona Training Associates - The Sedona Method

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HFCS Is Good For You,… Not!

I did say it was video day, right? On Diabetesaliciousness blog, she wrote a post that I’m not going to link back to because, well, some of the initial language is pretty bad and I don’t roll that way. Anyway, it’s a rant that I approve of against a new series of commercials popping up on TV trying to convince the American public that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is actually good for us.

Trust me, nothing can be further from the truth. I can’t even believe I would have to begin telling a lot of people about this stuff, but it’s basically taking a lot of heat for many of the health issues most of us have, especially diabetes. I’m not going to start posting a lot of statistics here; instead, here’s some links you can check out if you’re really interested:

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

That should be enough for now. And, oddly enough, I didn’t copy the same link each time; all the articles have the same title, and there’s plenty more. So much for originality. Anyway, on the first blog I mentioned, along with her rant was this very sarcastic video, which I present to you now:

And there you go. The biggest problem we have is that it’s in almost everything processed, so you really have to check closely to see what the ingredients are in your foods. I’ve pretty much gotten most of it out of my diet at home, but who knows what I’m eating when I’m on the road. Do the best you can; I’m going to try.

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DJ Funkmaster Flex Gets Real

I’ve never heard the name before today. I was checking out the Stereohyped blog and, if you click on the link, shows a post he made showing DR Funkmaster Flex, a radio DJ out of Detroit, going off on “everyone’s favorite child molester and pervert” (so I believe), R. Kelly. First, the video:

Yeah, I believe he did it. Yeah, I believe he’s got a past that proves it (the infamous marriage to Alliyah when she was only 15; we have an annulment on file, folks). Yeah, everyone acknowledged that the incident took place in his house. Yeah, it was 7 years ago and he’s now got a mole (I’ve got moles I didn’t have 7 years ago). Yeah, first his lawyers said it wasn’t him, then they said she was over 18, then they went back to saying it wasn’t him AND she was 18.

You go on with your bad self, DJ Funkmaster Flex. Heck, I wish I lived in Detroit so I could listen to your show, call you up, and give you props for this. This ain’t OJ; this ain’t Robert Blake. This is Rodney King trial all over again, because we got it on tape. Another group of 12 swayed by the argument “You gonna believe me or your lyin’ eyes?”

And there you go; now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Since I Was On A Roll,…

Okay, I wrote that last post about upgrading technology, and indicated the issue I had with Firefox 3 the first time I loaded it. I decided that, since I was turning over a new leaf, that I would go ahead and reload Firefox 3 and work my way through issues I had back in July.

And, of course, I had issues. For one, it just wouldn’t work at first, and I’m not sure why. None of the pages would load, and I was frustrated as all get out. I closed the program, waited a few beats, then opened it back up; nope, nothing yet. So I decided to reboot the computer, hoping that might help.

It seemed to do the trick, though not immediately. It still thought about it for a minute, then everything clicked into place. I still can’t say I’ve noticed any major change in speed, but everything was working. Well, not quite. For some reason, the Excite page wouldn’t load. Rather, it wouldn’t load if I tried putting in my username and password, saying I either had javascript turned off or wasn’t accepting cookies. That was an issue I’d been having before, so I went into options to check things, and noticed that the options menu looks different. Still, I found what I was looking for, which turned out to be a list of websites that were immediately blocked by Firefox, and one of those sites was Excite. I deleted that, and Excite came alive once more.

And I had two other surprises. This time, not only was my Google toolbar right where it had been with Firefox 2, but all my add-ons worked. I only had to update one of them, that being Colorful Tabs. I did add a couple, though, one being Read It Later, which I’d had at some point in the past:

I also added Download Status, which puts a bar at the bottom of your browser rather than that big window that pops up when you’re downloading something. I tested that earlier this evening and I like that, as it only shows up when you’re downloading something, otherwise your status bar is clean.

So, now I’m totally upgraded on the main computer, and things seem to be working pretty well. I still have to do the laptop, but I have time for that. I wonder who this new person is,… oh yeah, it’s me!

Visconti Mazzi Landscape: New York Fountain Pen

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