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Stepping Up Marketing Efforts

So here it is, the end of the month, Halloween, and I’m taking a look back at the month for only one reason; commerce.

Do you know that, not counting this post, I’ve written 47 entries this month? Man, that’s astounding! At this pace I could hit that magic 300 number by early December, with a shot at ending the year barely under the figure of once a day posting.

Now the other side; how much money have I made off this blog from product sales; zero. Okay, I haven’t had hundreds of thousands of visitors, ’tis true, but this month I will have had almost 2,500 actual visitors, per Google Analytics, and I’m thinking that’s not sure a bad number. Every sales class I’ve ever taken says that you should average at least one sale per every 100 people that come your way; I’m nowhere near that.

Okay, I said I hadn’t sold a product; I’m not really sure if that’s true or not. I did have a couple of folks sign up for the $100 Million Dollar Challenge, and one sign up for Tweet My Blog, but I haven’t seen any indication that any funds have moved into my Paypal account. But that’s it.

So, in November, I’m going to mix it up just a little bit more. Every third post, on average that is, I’m going to post some kind of marketing item, talking about a product that I’m an affiliate with. Now, how am I going to manifest that? I’m not quite sure yet, as I’m just thinking about it off the top of my head. But I figure that I’ve been doing this for almost a year thus far, and I’ve made less money off my blog overall than $100 Million Dollar Challenge, who just started his blog two weeks ago. By the way, you should check it out; he’s kind of interesting reading, I must say.

Oh yeah; I’m probably going to add one of those tip jar programs to the blog also, just to see if anyone appreciates certain posts enough to say “hey, I’ll drop that guy a few dollars for that one”; vanity, thy name might be Mitch! Oh yeah, I can stomach sales; let’s hope some of you readers can also. But don’t worry; the sales isn’t going to get in the way of my other writing, including some more personal stuff and something else I just want to share with y’all; check the next post.

Of course, if you’d like to help put a couple of bucks in my pocket, while possibly learning how to make some money yourself, you can always go back and read my post on 20 Ways To Make $100 A Day, or just click on “Buy” below. Happy Halloween!

20 Ways To Make
$100 A Day Online

by Willie Crawford

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Small Town Ohio; I’m So Ashamed

First a disclaimer. I have tried to basically stay above the political fray this year, especially once Barack Obama became the Democratic presidential candidate. I did it for a couple of reasons.

One, I don’t really believe there is such a thing as “non-committed” voters. This means that I believe every person has a specific point of view on a lot of topics, and I believe they’ve actually already settled on which way they’re going to go, for the most part. The only reason a person might consider themselves non-committed is because they’re not so sure the person who’s supposed to be representing their values is the person they want to vote for. So, at that point, it becomes more of a popularity contest, not anything that’s going to change anyone’s minds, and I’d rather not deal with it all in public. I have my opinion and my position, and that suffices for me.

Two, because, well, I’ll just say it; Barack Obama is black, and so am I. This automatically means that if I say anything to support him, I’m going to be discounted because he’s black, and if I say anything that doesn’t support him, I’m a sellout. It’s pretty much that simple.

No matter what anyone says about this year’s election, it is really all about race. Race is the only reason Obama isn’t ahead by 15 points or more heading into the home stretch. He has won every debate by a large margin. His education is superior, his intellect is superior, and the only thing McCain has over him is over 30 years in the Senate; longevity has its place.

If the backgrounds were reversed, McCain would have clinched this race back in September, or Obama would have never gotten the nomination to begin with. Those are my feelings; don’t argue on it, because, as I said, I’m not out to change anyone’s minds on politics, and no one is going to change my mind as far as American history goes.

It is in this vein, though, that I have to post this particular video (the video’s been deleted; I wonder why…). This is what it all comes down to in this election; this is why the election is so close. And it’s for reasons like this that I, as a black man, know that America, whether it elects Barack Obama or not next week, has a really, really long way to go. This is sad; and yes, that man said “nigra”:

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Verifying Your Products Links

As you’ve probably noticed, at the end of almost every individual post I pop in an affiliate sales banner of some kind; there’s one on this post. A couple of posts ago, I was thinking of adding a banner for one of the products I market via my side panel, now named “Recommended Products”. I knew I’d seen a banner for that particular item, or site, and so I went to my main source to look for it.

The source is Clickbank, which is one of the top affiliate sources in the world; so I’ve been told. Anyway, I did my search for this particular entity, and it wasn’t there, anywhere. I put in different combinations, and nothing came up. I thought this was strange, because I’d initially gotten the link through them.

So, I sent their customer service a letter, because I just couldn’t find it. Then I went directly to the source, where they’re still promoting themselves through Clickbank, and found what I needed. Then, just a little while ago, I received email from Clickbank telling me that this particular company is no longer one they represent. Well, when the heck did that happen? I’ve been promoting this thing for over 2 years, and suddenly it’s no longer valid? How long has it not been valid? And, since I’m a member of Clickbank, and they knew who I promote, why didn’t I receive some sort of notification? That’s how both Commission Junction and Google Affiliate Network works.

No matter. I’ve removed the link from the side and replaced it with something else, and, after this post, now have to go back to the other post and remove that banner link and put something else there. Not a biggie, but a little notice would have been nice. Anyway, this is proof that, sometimes, we have to check our own stuff out, just to make sure it’s still valid, especially if we want to get paid. Word to the wise.

Guy Kawasaki’s ‘Reality Check’

For once, I get to scoop the blogger nation; well, most of it anyway. As of right now, it’s the date of the official release of Guy Kawasaki’s new book Reality Check.

Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki

You may be asking yourself how I get to scoop you if the book just came out. Because I read the book back in May as a test reader and early editor, and already had a copy of the book, though in an incomplete Word document form, and just today I received my free copy of the book in the mail; signed! I actually talked about it back then, when the only regular reader I had was Peter. 🙂
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Broken Link Checker

Okay, I’ll own up to it; I’m not perfect. Yeah, I know, I’m surprised myself! In this particular case, I did something that actually was a smart move, but in retrospect, I probably should have thought about before I did it.

I was reading someone’s blog awhile ago, who’s I just don’t remember, and it was talking about the permalinks for each blog post. Many people who are on WordPress blogs have the default setting such that our posts have dates in them. All well and good, or so I thought. But the article was indicating that, for SEO purposes, it messes up how search engines will look at your site, thinking those numbers are a part of what you’re trying to highlight. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, but if you take your blog post, right click on it, and slide down to Source, then left click, it will bring up a window that will show you the HTML of your site, even your blog. And, if you look for your H1 tag, you’ll see the title of your blog post.

So, I decided I wanted to change that, and I went into the permalinks settings on my WP blog and changed it so that the dates would no longer show. It was a manual change, near the bottom. When I clicked, I then went back to see some of my posts, and the dates were gone, and I was a happy guy.

The part I totally forgot about was that it would suddenly invalidate all the links on all the posts within my blog, all of which had those dates in them. I guess I hadn’t thought it would be retroactive, but it kind of makes sense. Also, it will invalidate those links if they happen to already have been cached in Google, although Google would adjust quickly enough. I didn’t pick up on this change, though, until I was writing a post the other day and wanted to check the links to my series on blogging. That’s when I realized that all of my internal links had changed, and I had to go back and take care of them.

What to do, what to do? I figured it was going to take a lot of time to go searching through every single post, as I’m over 200 at this juncture, and man, that was going to be a mess. Well, talk about serendipity. I happened to be reading another blog post (I really should write all these things down, just in case I need to go back to them), and it mentioned a plugin I hadn’t heard of before called Broken Link Checker.

That sounded promising, so I downloaded it, then uploaded it to this blog. It started running on its own, which kind of freaked me out because, at the same time, I had added another plugin, and it found 72 instances of bad links, with 67 of them being the result of my changing the permalinks. It took me awhile, but now my blog is totally up to date again, and if people click on a link within another post it’ll take them where they want to go. Whew!

There are definitely some smart people out there in WordPress land, and I appreciate every single one of them. I’d recommend getting this plugin if you ever add links into any of your posts, because it will let you know if a link is bad, as you get to set it to run every so many hours. Mine is set to 72 hours; that should be soon enough. Good luck. - $10 OFF Purchase of $29 or more!

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