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Problems Getting Into Google Adsense Account

So, just what is it with Google anyway?

Every once in awhile, I’ve had problems getting into my Adsense account. It will tell me that I have a Google Adsense account and to log into it, but it just doesn’t work.

Once again, tonight I’m having that same problem, and it’s irking me to no end. Usually after a few tries at it it’ll pop back and start doing right, although I have no idea what I’ve done. This time, it’s just not letting me in at all.

I went to the Google page and saw where, it seems, there’s a lot of people complaining about it this time around. Google says they’re working on it, but Google is one of those sites where they don’t often answer people’s questions. Kind of like how some of us complain about big time bloggers never responding to comments on their blogs. It reminds me of putting in my request to get my page rank back, knowing that they’ll never write me to tell me if I get it back or not, just that it’ll either show up one day or it won’t.

But not being able to get into my Adsense account is problematic. I can’t check my revenue. I can’t change any of my ads, nor add any new ads. Basically, I can’t do anything, and that stinks as much as the first week of August when I, and many other people, weren’t generating much revenue, if any at all, without any explanations from Google.

Anyone else having this problem tonight? Man, I hate when my money is being messed with. This stinks, so I need to take steps to get rid of the stink. What do you think about my ad below?

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Update – I finally found a workaround for this issue. It seems Google is doing something with the logins and acknowledges that they’ve messed up; in their own way, of course. So, the workaround is to log in, and if you get something telling you to go back and log in again click on this link and it’ll take you there:

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Update 2 – You know, Google’s just messing up these days. The above fix worked only for a day. Then they came out with a new messages saying to go to this site,, change your password, and all will work again. I went ahead and did that, and it’s working once more. I hope this is it.

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Archie Got Married! Or Did He?

Back in May I wrote a post titled Archie’s Picking A Bride. It was about the comic strip character named Archie Andrews finally deciding, after 70 years, to get married to one of his long time girlfriends.

We later learned that he had chosen Veronica, the spoiled rich girl, as the one he was going to marry, breaking the hearts of, it seems, nearly 80% of Archie readers who have always favored Betty (and a very small group who wanted him to marry Jughead; comic book readers have to have a sense of humor after all). And, as you see in the picture there, they really did get married.

Or did they? It seems that, in a very short time period, Veronica gets pregnant, has twins, and Archie is working for her father. And just as suddenly, we see Archie back at Riverdale High, and now he’s contemplating marrying Betty instead.

Yup, as I predicted in my original post, it was a dream sequence. Archie is still in high school, and he’s contemplating his future. Turns out the comic book signifying the proposal from Archie to Veronica was the first of a six story arc where Archie is thinking about what his future might be like, and he’s starting with thoughts about marrying either Betty or Veronica. The story editors are saying that at the end of the six story arc there will be a resolution of some kind, but of course they’re being close mouthed about the whole thing.

It also turns out that this was one brilliant piece of marketing. Upon release of comic book #600, they sold more than 54,000 copies; seems they were averaging around 2,500 copies before that. That doesn’t include the number they sell in grocery stores.

How slick, and what a boost. There’s talk of another cartoon on TV, and the possibility of an Archie movie. I guess many of us are still wondering what it is about Archie and the gang that still compels us to care, whether we see the comic books on a regular basis or not. For me, it’s that I grew up with hmi and his friends. I bought all of their albums; I’m not proud, but I’m not as ashamed as I once was. Sugar Sugar did go to number one after all, and it was a great song. And, if they can not only make two Scooby Doo movies and now a new TV series, why not Archie?

How will all of this resolve? Any bets on it? No predictions coming from me again; I’m going to wait to see what happens.

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10 Affiliates I’ve Talked About Before

I thought this would be somewhat interesting, for two reasons. I’m going to mention and link to posts where I’ve talked about affiliate programs or products that I’m trying to make money from. One reason is that some of these posts were pretty early, and didn’t get seen by a lot of people, and I’d like to reintroduce them to the masses. The second reason is that I’d like to do some internal linking, something I’ve talked about from time to time here that others should think about doing with their blogs and websites, as it’s an important part of getting the most out of your blogs and websites. I hope you visit the posts and the links throughout these posts, just to see what I’ve done, but it’s also to show you that, every once in awhile, there’s nothing wrong with marketing yourself, something else I’ve talked about often around here.

The first affiliate product I ever talked about on this blog concerned Ultra Diamonds. It’s interesting because I ended up having to write a follow up post months later because, like most things, there were a few people who didn’t like Ultra Diamonds and thought I was a bad person for helping to market them. Hey, no one’s perfect, but their stuff looks really neat. I’m marketing it off my Services and Stuff site, along with most of the other products and services I’ll mention here, and if you go to the original post, it’ll show you the link to the actual page so you can see what I’m trying to do with some of these things.

The second thing I wrote about was the Harry Potter series, and on that post I decided to market a water globe rather than what was, at the time, the upcoming 7-book series or the first 5 movies; missed the boat on that one.

The third thing I advertised was this affiliate of mine called Things You Never Knew Existed, which is, well, an amalgamation of strange and wonderful stuff that you just can’t get everywhere. It seems I made a sale from the page that I’ve linked to from here last week, which is great. If you check out the page on my S&S site, as well as the page from my Ultra Diamonds site, you’ll see that I just picked a few things, but if people click on any of those things they can search the actual websites for other things, and if they purchase I earn. Nothing wrong with that. By the way, those 3 things all came in the first month I had this blog, which was created in December 2007.

The fourth thing I introduced was something called X10 Home Security, a fairly nothing post that explains why no one wanted to bother with it, but one that you’ll see has been updated so that I at least said something about it. This post was written in February 2008.

The fifth thing I wrote about was Excalibur Gifts, which is a pretty neat site that markets a lot of knives and cutlery, which is pretty neat. It wasn’t all that long of a post, but at least it was accurate.

The sixth thing I wrote about was the Rich Jerk program. This was actually the first thing I ever bought, then started to market, through Clickbank. Right now, I think it’s one of the few things I still market on Clickbank, mainly because of this blog. I’m not marketing anything new through them because I just started feeling, last April, that I just wasn’t sure that I’ve been treated fairly by them as it pertains to sales. I could be wrong; let me know by maybe buying Rich Jerk’s $10 book. It’s actually very good.

The seventh thing I wrote about was my own product, called Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool. It was my first ebook, and, though I haven’t made a lot of sales, it’s still a product that I created, that’s at the top left of this blog. That, and I’ve written about it lots of times on this blog; hey, if I can’t talk about myself, who else will talk about me, right? This post and the previous two were originally written in April 2008.

The eighth thing I wrote about was a follow up product to The Secret that is also a Clickbank product. It was short but sweet, called Laws of Attraction Booster, and I have it and thought it was pretty good.

The ninth thing I wrote about was, a product I use and actually wrote a pretty good post about, if you ask me. And I’ve made money off this product, though I’m not sure if it’s because of this blog or another place where I wrote about it.

The tenth product I wrote about is my last Clickbank product, Error Doctor, and it was another pretty good post because I talked about a lot of different things, and there’s even pictures! I don’t do a lot of pictures, though some people say that you’ll attract more folks to your site with pictures.

And that’s that. There’s 10 products of mine that most of you have never heard about (though I’m betting many of you have heard of Rich Jerk and, and I got some internal linking in also; yeah! (update; the programs for Excalibur Cutlery & FreeCreditReport have expired, which is why there are no links)

Reebok NFL Equipment Indianapolis Colts #18 Peyton Manning Royal Blue Authentic Football Jersey

Reebok NFL Equipment Indianapolis Colts #18 Peyton Manning Royal Blue Authentic Football Jersey

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September Income Report – Better Than Expected

On the last monthly report, I wrote that I believed September was going to be a bad cash month. Well, it turned out better than I had hoped, but man, just a few more cents and I’d have been happier than I am, though I can’t really say I’m depressed about it all.

Here are the numbers:

Adsense – $93.86
Google Advertising Network – $3.77
Chitika – $1.03
Commission Junction – .70
Infolinks – .03
Grand Total – $99.39

So, just cents under the $100 mark; I’m not upset about that. What I am surprised about is that, though my blog grew in subscribers and readers for the month, I didn’t earn anything from this blog this month. And, once again, I really didn’t drive anyone to any of the things I wrote about this month. Well it’s possible I drove some to TalkBiz, but I’m still out of town and that’s the one password I forgot to send myself, so I can’t check it at all. But based on track record, I don’t have high hopes on that one.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice something missing. I earned nothing from TLA, better known as Text Link Ads. I dropped them pretty much after a few days of writing about it in my monthly update in September. I did so because the amount had gone down to a point where it didn’t make sense to have it anymore. So, I got rid of it, and have petitioned Google for page rank again. Now, I don’t know if I’ll get it or not, but it’s possible that one day I’ll look and see it there. I guess we’ll find out about that also; not worried, about it, though.

What I am worried about overall is that I have to increase my internet and affiliate marketing money, and fast. With what’s going on with my mother and my needing to be gone, I really need to ramp up the residual income thing in some fashion. I can keep up with some writing, but not all of it, as Mom and my grandmother need a bit more attention now than I can give to the writing. I’m not quite sure how I’ll get it done yet, but I’ve been working my way through Barbara Ling’s free Beginners Make Money Cookbook, which is more than 240 pages of stuff, and I’m hoping to pick something up from there. Hey, doesn’t hurt to try, right?

And I’m still hoping that my affiliate links will start generating income at some point, though it may take awhile to really get it going. After all, I’m still shooting for that $200 month; baby steps.

By the way, you’ll also see something a little different that I’m adding; I actually added it on another recent post. I don’t have my links underlined in my copy, as you’ve noticed, but that means when it’s a link to a product you might not know it from the others. So, you’ll see an dark blue underline whenever it’s a product from now on. If it links to a post that’s then pushing a product, it won’t; just to be clear. That should help you out, and thus, you might decide to check it out since it’s pointed out as a product. Or not; gotta try new things.

There you go; how did you do this month?

Update – Heck, I actually forgot something. I sold one of my products, my Management Training Program, for $39.99, which means I actually did surpass $100 for the month, finishing at $130.38. Okay, now I feel much better. 😉

An Interview With Jim Turner

I met Jim Turner on Twitter, just as I met the last person I interviewed, Diane Walker. He’s an internet marketer who’s done really well over the past 10 years, and since, for many folks, this is still a make money online blog at times, and because I’ve gotten to enjoy meeting Jim, I asked him to participate in my little interview series here. I hope you enjoy it; show him some love by commenting after you read what he has to say:


1. How long did it take you to make your first $10,000 via internet marketing?

That’s a pretty tough question to answer. My first attempts at marketing online were to attract my target market and begin building relationships. That s over 10 years ago, long before social networking was created. So, the money part was not at the top of my mind. But based upon the price of the item I was selling, a small marketing ebook, it could’ve been around 6 months.

2. When you first began, what kind of mistakes did you make that impeded you?

It was real popular to buy email addresses when I got started online back in 1998. So I wasted a lot of time with those purchased email addresses before I learned that it was best to build my own list through people who were interested in what I had to offer.

3. For someone brand new who has a product to sell, whether it’s their own or not, what are the first three steps they need to do to drive traffic to their product, or is that the most important thing to begin with in the first place?

Wow, I was ahead myself when I answered your first question. Creating sales should not be your primary goal from the beginning. In today’s climate, people are extremely skeptical. They’ve seen ALL the sales messages and angles. They are bombarded by sales messages throughout the day and night. So the first step should be to build relationships. The vast majority of the people I do business with are folks who I’ve become connected with online through social networking

4. What’s your general opinion on trying to make money selling affiliate products through companies like Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc?

It’s fine to have those as supplementary products and/or services. Many marketers have made a ton of money taking that route only. Those marketers are heavy into Pay Per Click advertising to drive traffic to your site. It can be done but just don’t think it’s a walk in the park!

5. Do you believe an autoresponder is important even for those who don’t have much traffic at the beginning?

Any targeted prospect you can capture is valuable, no matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran. The best time to start using an autoresponder is before you get a lot of subscribers.

6. Do you believe that most people have the opportunity to make good money via their blogs, or do you believe it’s best to have a website, then possibly direct traffic through a blog to the websites?

I view blogs as credibility enhancers. Unless you have a very unique niche it is extremely difficult to build heavy traffic volume to a blog. Use the blog to demonstrate your knowledge & expertise in the eyes of potential clients or business partners.

7. What do you think of programs like Jeff Paul’s Internet Millions that bring a lot of people into internet marketing that don’t really know what the internet is to begin with?

Not that familiar with his program. I’ve seen Jeff’s mail order programs before. Many times those programs are purchased by “dream chasers” and people looking to get something for nothing. There is a market segment out there who jumps on every ‘hot’ thing that comes onto the market. It’s a real market that has a need and if one can fill it – great!

8. Do you believe the market is getting too crowded, or is there room for everyone to make money online?

Have you ever seen a major intersection where you can find any and all kinds of fast food restaurants and other types of eateries? In those environments you have to distinguish yourself by doing something different than the other guys on the corner. Maybe you always get your customers order right the first time… or you don’t overcook the fries… or you make fresh coffee often. Your reputation will spread around and people will choose you over the other guys because they know what your special offering happens to be.

So you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd. There’s always room for a business that adds value at a higher level than the competition.

9. Take a moment for yourself; what are you working on now, or what would you like to promote?

During the last 18 months of marketing through social networking I picked up a lot of valuable experience. There is a method to the madness of social media marketing. I’ve put all my best practices into my social networking guide for home based business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s titled: “Social Networking: The 21st Century Way to Find New Clients!

10. Any final words of encouragement you’d like to give to my visitors?

I like to keep it simple. Start small and shoot for the stars. Do something in your business everyday of the week, month and year.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with your visitors and hopefully they have gained something from this short message. They can follow me on Twitter at on Facebook.

I thank Jim for taking the time to talk to us. I hope y’all enjoyed the interview as much as I did.

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